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Posh Pop: Song Snippet Personalised Artworks by Toyah

July 28th, 2021

Toyah has created three new limited edition versions of the Song Snippet Personalised Artworks to celebrate the upcoming release of Posh Pop.

Select your artwork style, choose from any of the songs released from Posh Pop (two so far) and make your dedication – to a friend, loved one or just from Toyah to you!

• Order now by clicking on the previews below.

Spotify: Follow Toyah For New Music & Playlists!

July 26th, 2021

Follow Toyah on Spotify to be the first to hear new music. Check out the new playlist ‘Toyah Top Tracks’ featuring new singles Levitate, Zoom Zoom, classics and greatest hits. More to come!

ITV News: Toyah On Being A Woman In Punk

July 23rd, 2021

Toyah on being a woman in punk in the 1980s, her new album, and the Sunday Lunch sensation

This is Unscripted – a podcast brought to you by ITV News Arts Editor Nina Nannar. In each episode, Nina speaks to a leading name from the world of arts and entertainment.

Her guests talk about their life and work, plus Nina asks them where they see themselves in five years.

On Unscripted this week, Nina is joined by eighties icon Toyah.

Toyah talks life in the music industry as a woman in punk in the 1980s – and challenging the business now 40 years later.

She chats to Nina about her new album Posh Pop.

And, of course, the pair chat about Toyah and Robert’s Sunday Lockdown Lunch – the internet sensation that sprung up in lockdown imagined by the singer and her husband, guitarist Robert Fripp.

• Continue reading/Listen to the interview at ITV News.

Dreamscape Toyah Fanzine: Issues 41 – 43 – Last Chance To Order!

July 20th, 2021

Today is the last chance to order the new Posh Pop/The Blue Meaning fanzine bundle. Click below for the info/order page.

Retro Pop: Toyah Drops ‘Zoom Zoom’ From New ‘Posh Pop’ Album

July 18th, 2021

Toyah is back with a second slice of ‘Posh Pop’.

The ’80s icon has released Zoom Zoom as the second single from her forthcoming album, due August 27.

It’s the star’s first original collection since 2008’s ‘In The Court Of The Crimson Queen’, and was produced in collaboration with Simon Darlow and her husband, King Crimson’s Robert Fripp.

Zoom Zoom follows lead single Levitate, which was released across digital platforms in June.

• Continue reading at Retro Pop.

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Culture Fix: Toyah Releases ‘Zoom Zoom’

July 18th, 2021

Toyah Releases Zoom Zoom, Inspires Bedroom Revolution Ahead Of New Album ‘Posh Pop’

Toyah gives us the next taste of her upcoming studio album Posh Pop (scheduled for August 28th) with new track Zoom Zoom – an anthem that sings of starting a revolution from the comfort of your bedroom. The ode to technology was inspired by Toyah spending hours over Zoom working on the album.

The singer shared: “We’ve explored a lot of pop media on this album. Zoom Zoom was a lightbulb moment in wanting to juxtapose today’s world with 1973. The title was a phrase of my co-writer and producer Simon Darlow’s who was spending eight hours a week on Zoom calls! It also refers to how we can start a revolution in our bedrooms now with smartphone technology.⁣”

The album, Toyah’s 25th album since 1979 and her first studio album since 2008’s In the Court of the Crimson Queen, sees her collaborate with Simon Darlow (guitars, keyboards, cello), Bobby Willcox (guitar) and Jeremy Stacey (drums) on ten tracks.

• Continue reading at Culture Fix.

Zoom Zoom: New Promo Video

July 18th, 2021

Watch Toyah’s new video Zoom Zoom. It’s the 2nd taste of the album Posh Pop released 27 August. Pre-order the forthcoming studio album here.

Toyah Talks ‘Zoom Zoom’ / Second ‘Posh Pop’ Release

July 18th, 2021

“We’ve explored a lot of pop media on this album. Zoom Zoom was a lightbulb moment in wanting to juxtapose today’s world with 1973. The title was a phrase of my co-writer and producer Simon Darlow’s who was spending eight hours a week on Zoom calls! It also refers to how we can start a revolution in our bedrooms now with smartphone technology.⁣

With the line “A hunter in the night has his eye on you” I wanted to show how young people are trying to create an ideal, the perfect image on a phone, when you haven’t got perfect people watching you: hunters are watching you.”

Toyah At Home: Season 2, Episode 28

July 18th, 2021

There was music, chat + more fan Qs in this week’s Toyah At Home which included an emotional goodbye as Robert sets off for a US tour. There’s the video premiere of new single Zoom Zoom + a new performance of Angel In You (one of the standout songs on In The Court Of The Crimson Queen). Watch/Rewatch at You Tube by clicking below.

Releases: New Toyah Single – Zoom Zoom

July 16th, 2021

Toyah’s new single Zoom Zoom can now be streamed at Spotify. Click on the great digital cover art below to leap over and listen!

It’s the 2nd taste of the album Posh Pop released 27 Aug. Pre-order Posh Pop.

Do you want to start a Revolution? You can do it in your bedroom. Now everybody zoom zoom…

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Releases: Zoom Zoom – Out Tomorrow (16.07.21)

July 15th, 2021

What do you believe in now? / Bend the truth to suit the view / You created the fairy tale / If you’re the future I want to know

⁣ Are you ready to #ZoomZoom? 16.07.21 ⁣#Toyah #ToyahPoshPop #ToyahWillcox

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Toyah On TV: BBC Midlands Today

July 15th, 2021

Toyah guested on BBC Midlands Today yesterday evening. Discussing Posh Pop and much more.

Interviewer, Ben Sidwell tweeted: I’ve spent the morning at home with the lovely Toyah talking about lockdown videos, gaining millions of new fans & her brand new album ‘Posh Pop’. Great cup of tea too! Hear what Toyah has to say on BBC Midlands Today. (Photo © Ben Sidwell/BBC)

Toyah At Home: Season 2 – Episode 27

July 11th, 2021

This weekend’s Toyah At Home, which aired yesterday, included an acoustic session of Levitate with Toyah and Simon Darlow. The first track to be released from the album Posh Pop.

• Watch Toyah At Home, Season 2 Episode 27, by clicking below. (Image © Toyah Willcox)

Dreamscape Toyah Fanzine: Issues 41 – 43

July 8th, 2021

The info/order page for the new issues of Dreamscape’s Toyah fanzine is now online. This is a bundle of three issues for Summer 2021 (Issues 41 – 43). 2021 is the ninth year of the fanzine!

Two are dedicated to Toyah’s forthcoming, and highly anticipated, new studio album, Posh Pop, and the third is focusing on The Blue Meaning, and specifically the recent deluxe reissue of the album. Two of the fanzines are mini issues (Posh Pop and The Blue Meaning, Issues 41 and 43) and one is a main issue. (Posh Pop, Issue 42).

I’ve been working on these new fanzines recently and have already completed a few of the features that will be included. Above is a preview of a completed four page feature on Posh Pop‘s various CD and vinyl releases.

• Click here or any of the images above to browse the info/order page.

Dreamscape Toyah Fanzine: Posh Pop

July 3rd, 2021

Extremely happy to announce another issue (or two) of the fanzine – In celebration of Toyah’s forthcoming new studio album, Posh Pop. More news soon!

Pocklington Post: 80s Icon Toyah To Perform Classics

July 2nd, 2021

80s’ icon Toyah to perform her classic hits at the arts centre

Get ready to re-live some of Toyah’s much-loved greatest hits when the iconic 80s pop star plays live at Pocklington Arts Centre (PAC) in March next year.

Toyah’s live show, on Thursday, March 3, will follow hot on the heels of the release of her brand new album ‘Posh Pop’ this Autumn.

The show will feature Toyah performing her hit singles and classic songs, alongside recalling stories from her career.

PAC director Janet Farmer said: “What better way to spend a night than by experiencing an 80s’ icon like Toyah live on stage. We’re expecting toe tapping, shoulder shuffling, singing and a lot of reminiscing when Toyah takes to our stage to take us on a journey through her 40-year career. What a fabulous and unique event this will be for everyone.”

• Continue reading at the Pocklington Post.

Toyah Live 2021: Posh Pop Tour

June 28th, 2021

It looks like tickets are selling fast for Toyah’s forthcoming – and just very recently announced –  Posh Pop Tour.

The Half Moon in Putney, London, where Toyah brings Posh Pop to on 25th September 2021 – the third date of the tour – tweeted this very exciting news earlier today: “Hurry! Less than 30 tickets left for our show with Toyah Sat 25 Sept 2021! Do not miss this intimate London gig from a true musical pioneer. Hits & classics plus new gems from Toyah’s Posh Pop album”.

In a career spanning over 40 years Toyah has amassed thirteen top 40 singles, recorded twenty-four albums, written two books, appeared in over forty stage plays, acted in twenty feature films and presented hundreds of television programmes.

This is a unique chance to experience Toyah in an intimate venue performing a set of her loved hit singles and classics alongside modern days classics Sensational and Dance In The Hurricane and songs from her eagerly awaited new studio album “Posh Pop”.

• Buy tickets here. For the full Posh Pop Tour schedule, plus ticket links for the dates currently on sale, visit

Official Toyah: Pre-Order “Posh Pop” New Studio Album

June 28th, 2021

Following the acclaim of the recent reissues of her early, groundbreaking albums, on Friday 27 August 2021 Demon Music Group will release the new album Posh Pop by British female music icon, Toyah.

Available on CD, 180g ‘Space Grey’-coloured vinyl, digital download and deluxe CD+DVD featuring a video album. LP and CD Editions including an exclusive signed print by Toyah are also available.

PRE-ORDER Posh Pop now

In recent times Toyah has seen something of a cultural renaissance with younger female artists acknowledging the huge Influence of her groundbreaking and uniquely singular career. Last year Shirley Manson of Garbage went as far as to write a moving, open letter, apologising for mocking Toyah to friends as a teenager when, in fact, she was a fan who “sucked at Toyah’s teat [but did] not have the strength of character to admit it.” Now recognized as a pioneer who’s remained defiant since acting in Derek Jarman’s punk classic Jubilee and her trailblazing uncategorisable debut album Sheep Farming In Barnet in 1980, Toyah sees this as a turning point and validation; she’d always been able to sell out venues, always had an audience, but never the back-up, feeling that in the past women were played against each other, in an industry where men made women enemies of each other.

That the world is ready for Toyah means that Posh Pop will be justly celebrated. The most complete, uplifting pop record of Toyah’s inspirational 41-year career, Posh Pop is a triumphant album, its 10 songs encompassing euphoric partying, redemption, glam rock, interplanetary exploration, industrial grooves, revolution, the fate of humanity as viewed by monkeys and, above all, anthems. Every song here is a masterclass in pop, condensing a world of wonder into barely 40 minutes. It’s maximum pop and it’s also classier than virtually any other music you’ll hear all year. It’s posh pop.

The album was made with Simon Darlow, who also co-wrote and produced Toyah’s previous solo album, 2008’s dramatic In The Court Of The Crimson Queen. They first worked together in 1977, brought together to write songs then again five years later when Simon played keyboards on Toyah’s album The Changeling in 1982, remaining friends ever since.

Posh Pop’s additional musician is Toyah’s husband, guitarist Bobby Willcox. Provided with just a chord sheet, he was in the studio for no more than half-an-hour a week. Told to do whatever he felt like, feeling free and completely spontaneous, within a few takes Bobby produced stunning guitar lines.

Whether channelling her glam roots on the addictive Zoom Zoom, celebrating the unity of mankind on the communal Take Me Home or offering solace in the achingly tender Barefoot On Mars, the only predictable aspect of Posh Pop is that a giant hook will be along shortly.

Building from simple acoustic guitar chords, Summer Of Love builds to an instantly catchy chorus, on a deeply ironic anti-war song, exploring the concept of women on the battlefield. Continuing the exploration of serious themes, over a refrain Toyah initially started on the piano, The Bride Will Return is about the tragic bride of Beirut’s wedding day, when the warehouse blew up, catching both the moment of explosion and Israa Sablani’s beauty. Space Dance explores our burgeoning efforts to begin colonising other worlds, wrapped around an infernally catchy chorus that wouldn’t be out of place in The Rocky Horror Show.

Every song on Posh Pop is accompanied by a video that feature on the Deluxe CD+DVD Edition. All 10 videos were created and directed by Toyah during the lockdown of spring 2021 and edited by Darren Shortt, inspired by the phenomenal success of Toyah’s weekly YouTube video performances with her husband. These creatively inventive videos were lovingly made at home, in the garden and in a nearby abbey. Viewed together they present an escape into Posh Pop, journeying to surprising places, virtual worlds, and Toyah’s kitchen.

The refrain “You’re never too old to shine” from the song Rhythm In My House applies to Toyah’s life and career. “That’s absolutely the message of this album,” Toyah emphasises. “It’s never too late. Life is about the journey, from birth to your last day. It’s not about doors closing.”

Written by Toyah Willcox & Simon Darlow
Produced by Simon Darlow
Levitate | Zoom Zoom | The Bride Will Return | Space Dance | Barefoot On Mars | Rhythm In My House | Summer Of Love | Monkeys | Kill The Rage | Take Me Home

Toyah At Home: Toyah Talks Posh Pop & Levitate

June 28th, 2021

This weekend’s Toyah At Home included Toyah revealing the inside track on how the single Levitate came about and more insights into the making of the album, Posh Pop.

Music, chat and more of your questions which this week come from Toyah’s flower-filled garden! There’s a classic song, some chat about shooting on location for The Tempest…. AND It’s a special episode celebrating the newly released Levitate, the first single from the forthcoming album Posh Pop. See the video in full, get some insights into the creation of the song and its video and the inside track on some of the songwriting on the album.

• Season 2, episode 25 of Toyah At Home aired on Saturday. Watch/Rewatch by clicking below.

Posh Pop: Amazon UK Best Sellers

June 26th, 2021

Congrats to Toyah and, her new studio album, Posh Pop. As of right now at Amazon UK the album’s release formats hold the top four positions in their Pop Rock Best Sellers and the top three on the Dance Pop Best Sellers. It is also at positions 3, 4 and 31 in the Rock Best Sellers, and number 7, 8 and 11 in CDs & Vinyl Best Sellers. Astounding stats!

Retro Pop: Toyah Rises Up With ‘Levitate’

June 26th, 2021

Toyah rises up with ‘Levitate’ from first album in 13 years

Toyah is back with Levitate, the lead single from her first studio album in 13 years.

The ‘80s icon will release her 16th LP ‘Posh Pop’ on August 27, featuring 10 brand new tunes produced by the star, alongside Simon Darlow and her husband, King Crimson’s Robert Fripp.

Of the track, available now on digital platform, she tells NME: “It was the second song Simon and I wrote for the album. I went into the studio with a few chords and started singing a song which was very thrashy and punky and that slowly evolved over two weeks. Levitate was something I wanted to connect to people who are educating their children at home in a two-bedroom flat.”

• Continue reading at Retro Pop.