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Homes Under The Hammer: BBC iPlayer

December 18th, 2023

Homes Under The Hammer, 20th Anniversary special, with Toyah and Dion Dublin aired this morning on BBC1, and will be repeated this Friday on BBC2. It’s also available to watch for the next year at BBC iPlayer.

TV: House Of Games – Toyah Wins Tuesday!

October 5th, 2023

I’m just catching up with this week’s Richard Osman’s House Of Games, with Toyah guesting.

Highlights, so far: House Of Games host, Richard Osman revealed (on Monday) his first ever gig was seeing Toyah on The Changeling Tour in 1982 at The Brighton Centre.

Toyah was Tuesday’s champion – choosing a decanter as her prize. Richard said: “If you’d said to me at The Brighton Centre, at 11 years old, one day you’ll be presenting Toyah with a decanter with my face on it as a prize in a three-way tie-break, I’d have been like huh? I’d have liked it though. Toyah, well done!

• Click below to watch Richard Osman’s House Of Games at BBC iPlayer. (Screenshot/Image © BBC)

Toyah On TV: BBC Breakfast TOMORROW!

August 30th, 2021

Toyah guests on BBC Breakfast tomorrow to talk about the album Posh Pop. The programme airs on BBC1 from 6am, and runs for just over three hours.

BBC Breakfast: BBC1: Tuesday 31st August: 6am
The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC’s Breakfast team.

• Watch as it airs on BBC1, or post-broadcast, on Catch Up at BBC iPlayer.

NB. This news was announced by Official Toyah with another, previously unseen online, new Posh Pop photo. (Photo © Toyah Willcox)

French & Saunders 1988: Because The Night

October 10th, 2020

It’s the vicious circle... Episode 2 of Series 2 of French and Saunders, which originally aired on 11th March 1988, is currently available to watch online at BBC iPlayer. This episode features Toyah, performing a great version of Patti Smith’s Because The Night and participating in a French and Saunders sketch. Click below to watch (requires a UK TV Licence)

Brum: Complete Collection at BBC iPlayer

September 28th, 2020

Toot Toot! Brum is now on BBC iPlayer. There are hours to watch of old school Birmingham. Toyah narrates the first two series which originally aired in 1991 and ’94. Take a look by clicking below to visit iPlayer. See Brum‘s Wikipedia page here.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire: Toyah Interview

February 28th, 2019

bbclincoln15aMissed This! Toyah guested on Carla Greene’s show on BBC Radio Lincolnshire on 31st January. This guest spot was in relation to the Doncaster Dome gig on 2nd February. Please be quick as the interview is only available for another two days at BBC Sounds.

Hits & Heads from 1984 & a mystery year, Toyah, the music of Buddy Holly & The Cricketers.

Toyah talks about her career, new album, her Mother, the differing generations, being lucky at the start of her career and more.

• The interview begins at approximately 1hr 43minutes into the show, with a play of It’s A Mystery, and runs for around 10 minutes. Listen here.

Celebrity Mastermind: Congratulations Toyah!

December 23rd, 2018

Toyah won last night’s episode of BBC1’s Celebrity Mastermind. She braved the famous black chair, became a mastermind and won a donation for her chosen charity. Fantastic, and you can watch it at BBC iPlayer by clicking below.


Fleetwood Mac: A Musical History – Watch at BBC iPlayer

December 22nd, 2018

Toyah was one of the celebrity fans on last night’s Fleetwood Mac: A Musical History which aired on BBC Four. There’s another chance to see the 60-minute programme on Christmas Eve, or watch now at BBC iPlayer by clicking below.


Toyah on the Radio: BBC R4 Extra: The Personality Test

October 16th, 2018

bbcr4ex17aToyah hosting The Personality Test, the 30-minute radio quiz that’s, essentially, all about her, airs again later this month on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

The 30 minute radio show was originally broadcast in 2007, on BBC Radio Four, with guests including Sue Perkins and Robin Ince. It will be available at BBC iPlayer post-broadcast.

The Personality Test: BBC Radio 4 Extra: Friday 26th October: 9am/4pm
The Personality Test: BBC Radio 4 Extra: Saturday 27th October: 4am
Toyah Willcox chairs the comedy quiz in which all the questions are about the guest host. Panellists are Sue Perkins, Caroline Quinlan, Robin Ince and Will Smith.

Toyah on the Radio: BBC Radio 4 Extra: The Lee Mack Show

September 16th, 2018

leemack14aThe Lee Mack Show: BBC Radio 4 Extra
Saturday 22nd September: 10pm
Episode 6 of 6. Toyah Willcox joins the sharp comedian for stand-up, sketches and music. With Angela McHale and Steve Brown. From April 2005. Includes a great performance of Guns N’ Roses ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ by Toyah.

• Listen online at the BBC website. The programme will also be available, post-broadcast, at BBC iPlayer.

Toyah on Celebrity Eggheads: Watch at BBC iPlayer

September 1st, 2018

As previously reported, Toyah guested on Celebrity Eggheads on BBC2 yesterday evening. Watch the 45-minute episode for the next four weeks at BBC iPlayer. See larger versions of the screen caps from the programme by clicking on them.


Jeremy Vine hosts a special celebrity edition of the show where every day, a new team of challengers take on arguably the greatest quiz team in Britain – the Eggheads. Can a team from the world of arts and entertainment, featuring actor Simon Greenall, singer Toyah Willcox, arts correspondent Nick Higham, award-winning saxophonist YolanDa Brown and Proms presenter Katie Derham, triumph over the general knowledge goliaths and win the cash prize for their charity?

Toyah on the Radio: Beautiful Britain

August 20th, 2018

Beautiful Britain: BBC Radio 4: Saturday 1st September: 10.30am
Over the sound of ripping wax-strips, nail drills, clippers and trimmers, Toyah Willcox invites us to eavesdrop on usually private conversations taking place in hair and beauty salons across the UK. Duration: 30 minutes. (Photo © BBC)


Toyah on the Radio: BBC WM: The Other Side Of…

August 4th, 2018

bbcwm12aToyah guests on BBC Radio WM’s The Other Side Of… tomorrow at Midday, discussing her career, early years, the music of Kate Bush and more. The programme has a running time of 60 minutes.

Listen to a short excerpt from the show – “I was not scared of being disliked by men” says Toyah.

The Other Side Of…: BBC Radio WM: Sunday 5th August: 12pm
Celebrating 40 years in show business in her 60th year. She talks about growing up in Kings Heath, how Top Of The Pops helped her stay alive and the power of Kate Bush’s music.

• Listen to the interview live while it airs or post airing at BBC iPlayer Radio. (Photo © BBC)


BBC iPlayer: Beautiful Britain

May 13th, 2018

Listen to Beautiful Britain, presented by Toyah, at BBC iPlayer. (Photo © BBC)


Toyah on the Radio: BBCR4 – Only Artists

March 6th, 2018

Only Artists: BBC Radio 4: Wednesday 7th March: 9am/9.30pm
Alice Lowe and Toyah Willcox. Series in which two artists discuss creative questions. Director and actor Alice Lowe, acclaimed for slasher film Prevenge, meets Toyah Willcox who by the age of 20 had played the National Theatre as well as starring in Derek Jarman’s film Jubilee. (Series 4)

• Listen live at or catch up later on BBC iPlayer.


The Old Grey Whistle Test Live: BBC iPlayer

February 25th, 2018

Watch Friday night’s mammoth three-hour 30th Anniversary edition of The Old Grey Whistle Test at BBC iPlayer. A fantastic retrospective programme packed with great music, interviews and memories – Catch Toyah’s appearance, alongside Chris Difford, at approximately 2hrs 22m in.


Radio: Toyah Talks Jubilee on BBC R4 Woman’s Hour

February 21st, 2018

bbcr4wh18bToyah guested on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour yesterday. Listen to the, 45-minute, show at BBC iPlayer. (Photos © Toyah Willcox/BBC)

Toyah, Sandra Bernhard, Sister Helen Prejean

Toyah Willcox made her screen debut 40 years ago in Derek Jarman’s iconic punk film Jubilee. It’s now been adapted for the stage set in the social and political backdrop of today. She joins us to talk about disenfranchised youth, and her own life and work, both then and now.

Sister Helen Prejean is known around the world for her work to end the death penalty and has been instrumental in encouraging dialogue around the world and in shaping the Catholic Church’s newly vigorous opposition to all executions. She talks about her optimism that the death penalty will be abolished.

Sandra Bernhard began her career on the comedy circuit in the 1970s. She also starred alongside Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese’s King Of Comedy and played one of the first openly lesbian characters on American network television in the hit sitcom Roseanne. The performer, comedian and singer is also a pioneer of the one woman show. She joins Jane to talk about her new show Sandemonium at Ronnie Scott’s London.


Radio: Sounds Of The 70s at BBC iPlayer

February 15th, 2018

Toyah shares her memories of growing up as the “only punk in the village” and finally finding her people at a Sex Pistols gig. In this candid interview with Johnnie, Toyah reflects on the challenges she faced as a young teenager: born with a twisted spine, one leg longer than the other, a club foot and no hip sockets, she spent many years undergoing painful operations and countless physical therapies. This never dimmed her spirit however, and she recalls a host of almost-careers including time spent as a department store hair model and a missed chance to be an ice skating superstar. After defeating the bullies at school, she carved out a niche for herself as a punk – before the term had even been invented.

Listen to Toyah guesting, and talking to host Johnnie Walker, on BBC Radio 2’s Sounds Of The 70s at BBC iPlayer by clicking below.


BBC Radio 4: PM: Toyah Talks Jubilee

November 6th, 2017

bbcr4logobToyah guested on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme on Thursday afternoon, discussing Jubilee at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester (and Teletubbies) with Colin Paterson.

• The interview begins at around 46 minutes into the show and runs for approximately five minutes, including a very short play of It’s A Mystery. Listen at BBC iPlayer Radio.

BBC Radio Manchester: Becky Want Show

November 1st, 2017

bbcrmanc17aToyah guested on Becky Want’s BBC Radio Manchester show yesterday, chatting about Jubilee, turning 60, performing gigs all year, punk and more.

Becky speaks to Toyah Willcox about her return to the stage in Jubilee, an adaptation of the Derek Jarman film, which first came out for the Queen’s Jubilee.

• The interview begins at around 1hr 47m into the show, after a blast of It’s A Mystery, and runs for approximately 30 minutes (includes a break for news/music). Listen at BBC iPlayer Radio.

The Reunion: Women of Punk at BBC iPlayer

April 18th, 2017

reunionwop17cListen to The Reunion: Women of Punk at BBC iPlayer.

Sue MacGregor reunites five musicians who embraced the anarchy of punk music and created a unique style of their own.

For many young people, Britain in the late 1970s was a place without hope. Unemployment was high. The value of the pound was low and, despite the feminist activity of the early 1970s, the most many girls aspired to was to marry well and look good. Female role models were hard to fine – especially in music. The only all-girl troupes on Top of the Pops were Legs and Co. Then punk happened.

Women could dress how they liked, behave how they wanted and develop their own sound without being manipulated by the mostly male gatekeepers of the record industry. Young women who didn’t fit the traditional mould of femininity found a new tribe in punk. A place where they could finally be themselves. But the movement attracted fear and aggression from straight society. And few made much money from the short-lived scene.


Sue MacGregor brings together five female punk pioneers: Gaye Advert, bass player in The Adverts, was described as the first female punk star. But the industry focus on her looks caused animosity in the band. Toyah Willcox, an aggressive tomboy, found her emotional rebellion in punk and appeared in Derek Jarman’s cult punk film Jubilee. Gina Birch of The Raincoats played her first gig in November 1977 a few weeks after forming her all-female band. Tessa Pollitt abandoned her A levels to join all girl punk band, The Slits. Vivien Goldman was in the The Flying Lizards and Features Editor on the weekly music paper, Sounds. She is now a Professor of Punk in New York. The guests discuss the impact and legacy of their movement.