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TV: House Of Games – Toyah Wins Tuesday!

October 5th, 2023

I’m just catching up with this week’s Richard Osman’s House Of Games, with Toyah guesting.

Highlights, so far: House Of Games host, Richard Osman revealed (on Monday) his first ever gig was seeing Toyah on The Changeling Tour in 1982 at The Brighton Centre.

Toyah was Tuesday’s champion – choosing a decanter as her prize. Richard said: “If you’d said to me at The Brighton Centre, at 11 years old, one day you’ll be presenting Toyah with a decanter with my face on it as a prize in a three-way tie-break, I’d have been like huh? I’d have liked it though. Toyah, well done!

• Click below to watch Richard Osman’s House Of Games at BBC iPlayer. (Screenshot/Image © BBC)