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20:13 / 03.06.2013

May 31st, 2013

20:13 / 03.06.2013 – A teaser from Official Toyah – I’m assuming LITL dates announced… ?

Toyah on the Radio: The Older Woman (Ep 3)

May 31st, 2013

The second episode of The Older Woman is now available to listen to at BBC iPlayer. It will remain online until early next Friday morning.

Episode Three airs next Thursday morning/afternoon and very early Friday morning.

The Older Woman: BBC Radio 4 Extra 
Thu 6th June: 7am & 5.30pm/Fri 7th June: 5.30am Episode 3 of 6. Roy’s quest to insinuate himself further into Jane’s good books gets a new lease of life when she requests his help to save a tree. Stars Zoe Wanamaker, Martin Clunes and Toyah Willcox. From January 1993.

Toyah on TV: The Corn Is Green

May 31st, 2013

The Corn is Green: True Movies 1: Thursday 6th June: 1.00am
The Corn is Green: True Movies 2: Thursday 6th June: 9.00am
Academy Award winner Katharine Hepburn stars as a schoolteacher determined to help the people of a turn-of-the-century Welsh mining town. With Ian Saynor, Bill Fraser, Patricia Hayes, Anna Massey, Artro Morris, Dorothea Phillips, Toyah Willcox, Huw Richards, Bryn Fon, Dyfan Roberts and Robin John. Directed by: George Cukor (1979).

Mayhem: CD Reprint & Digital Edition

May 29th, 2013

As previously mentioned, the 2013 reprint of the 2005 CD reissue of Toyah’s 1985 Safari Records album ‘Mayhem’ is now available to pre-order at Burning Shed and will ship from 3rd June. This is the same edition as the ’05 CD, but the album is also now available digitally for the first time. Here’s a new Dreamscape “advert” for Mayhem. Please click for a larger version.

This fascinating album gives an insight into late 70s/early 80s works in progress by Toyah and comprises finished songs not included on EPs and albums.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

May 28th, 2013

It’s A Mystery: Following on from the fantastic ‘Mystery’ (Soft Mix by The Sonic Healer) comes another two, unofficial, remixes of ‘It’s A Mystery’, both just made available online this week. These don’t stray too far from the original, simply just extending the classic song. Listen at Magnum’s 1980s Extended Edits & Remixes.

Uncut: Robert Fripp steals the show in David Bowie documentary: I don’t know if you saw it, but BBC2’s David Bowie documentary, Five Years, screened at the weekend, was very entertaining.

Louder Than War: Top 10 Punk Rock Films: Jubilee: Derek Jarman’s 1978 film is as utterly ridiculous and campily bizarre as one of the several strands of early punk itself, Jubilee is a fascinating and ageing curio of the times and the reflection of one of the UK’s most imaginative film directors.

Jubilee Art: While on the subject of Jubilee, some digital art by Neveryan at

Tanzi Libre: The original production, Trafford Tanzi, premiered at Contact Theatre in Manchester in 1980 before playing at the Edinburgh Festival and touring. It played at West End’s Mermaid Theatre starring Toyah Willcox in the title role and then later, on Broadway, as Tuebrook Tanzi: The Venus Fly Trap, starring Debbie Harry with Andy Kaufman as the Referee.

Night Fever: Meanwhile in the 90s, Toyah and Sam Kane perform ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ in this, long forgotten, Channel 5 show presented by Suggs.

In The Fairground: Love Is The Law

May 28th, 2013

Love Is The Law in the 21st Century… An update to In The Fairground.

Remember 1983: Love Is The Law 30

May 27th, 2013

There’s a certain anticipation in the air… Love Is The Law, a wonderful album by Toyah, is about to be celebrated in style. The horns of elfin land are calling you…

Classic Toyah: Popcorn Magazine 1982

May 26th, 2013

A rare 1982 article from German music magazine Popcorn, featuring great photos of Toyah, Joel Bogen and Phil Spalding from ‘The Changeling’ Tour. Would any German visitors care to translate? Click below to view a larger version. (Thanks to Glyn Whelan for this great scan)

Bucks Examiner: Toyah Willcox Comedy Coming To Wycombe

May 26th, 2013

A new interview with Toyah, by the Buckinghamshire Examiner, published on Friday.

If you were asked to name a housewife, Toyah Willcox would probably not be the first person on your list.

More of a pop princess or actress than a woman plagued by chores she may seem a strange choice to star in Julie Coombe’s hit show, Hormonal Housewives, but it’s a role she is cherishing nevertheless.

Now coming to the end of the tour Toyah says it’s been ‘emotional,’ the Wycombe Swan is the last stop on May 26. “I’ll be sad to say goodbye to it,” she said. “Wycombe is our last show so it’ll be emotional for me. I’ve really enjoyed it. Comedy isn’t something I tend to do, though I’ve done Shakespearean comedy and American comedy. It’s addictive though. I’m used to applause in stadiums, but it’s something quite different when you tell a joke and people applaud and laugh. I think I’ll have terrible withdrawal.”

• Continue reading at the Buckinghamshire Examiner. The three month Hormonal Housewives tour comes to an end tonight. View all of Dreamscape’s related news on the show here.

V&A: Club To Catwalk: More Info

May 26th, 2013

More info on the forthcoming V&A Club To Catwalk exhibition, in which Toyah’s ‘Thunder In The Mountains’ sleeve will be included, is now available at Toyah’s Official Website.

Toyah on TV: Celebrity Ghost Stories UK

May 26th, 2013

Celebrity Ghost Stories UK: Bio: Sunday 9th June: 00.00am
Sue Cook reveals creepy encounters with a malevolent nutcracker and a UFO, Toyah Willcox speaks of a spooky apparation, and Alex Fearns discusses sinister sounds he caught on tape.

Live At Kings Place: Available Now

May 25th, 2013

‘Live At Kings Place’ by Weekend Guitar Trio, Toyah & Jan Bang was released yesterday on CD and Download.

The six songs on the album were recorded in London in February 2011 and each is co-written by Toyah.

Tracklist: 1. Let’s Make A Bomb, 2. Don’t Even Try, 3. Break The Mould, 4. Toyah Bang, 5. How A Group Is Born, 6. Boredom Is A Killer.

• Listen to samples and download the album here (at a very reasonable $7)

The Perfect Sphere…

May 25th, 2013

A Toyah fan and supporter of many years is promoting unsigned bands with gigs in Brighton, and also paying tribute to Toyah’s impressive 35 year live career with the name of the nights.

Calling them The Live Music Zooberon and Zooberon Calling!, fans of Toyah and IEYA will no doubt identify the link immediately.

Numerous unsigned bands and up-and-coming singer/songwriters are already gaining followings thanks to Zooberon and the music nights are quickly becoming the place to check out great new music in and around Brighton.

King’s Heath Walk Of Fame: Laying Toyah’s Star

May 25th, 2013

The story of Toyah’s star, by the King’s Heath Walk Of Fame, just uploaded to You Tube.

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Toyah on the Radio: The Older Woman (Ep 2)

May 24th, 2013

The first episode of The Older Woman is now available to listen to at BBC iPlayer. It will remain online until early next Friday morning.

Episode Two airs next Thursday morning/afternoon and very early Friday morning.

The Older Woman: BBC Radio 4 Extra 
Thu 30th May: 7am & 5.30pm/Fri 31st May: 5.30am
Episode 2 of 6. Can Roy impress Jane by joining a green pressure group? Meanwhile, Pavarotti appears in his dreams with some invaluable advice. Stars Zoe Wanamaker, Martin Clunes and Toyah Willcox. From January 1993.