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Bucks Examiner: Toyah Willcox Comedy Coming To Wycombe

May 26th, 2013

A new interview with Toyah, by the Buckinghamshire Examiner, published on Friday.

If you were asked to name a housewife, Toyah Willcox would probably not be the first person on your list.

More of a pop princess or actress than a woman plagued by chores she may seem a strange choice to star in Julie Coombe’s hit show, Hormonal Housewives, but it’s a role she is cherishing nevertheless.

Now coming to the end of the tour Toyah says it’s been ‘emotional,’ the Wycombe Swan is the last stop on May 26. “I’ll be sad to say goodbye to it,” she said. “Wycombe is our last show so it’ll be emotional for me. I’ve really enjoyed it. Comedy isn’t something I tend to do, though I’ve done Shakespearean comedy and American comedy. It’s addictive though. I’m used to applause in stadiums, but it’s something quite different when you tell a joke and people applaud and laugh. I think I’ll have terrible withdrawal.”

• Continue reading at the Buckinghamshire Examiner. The three month Hormonal Housewives tour comes to an end tonight. View all of Dreamscape’s related news on the show here.