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Toyah Unboxes: Warrior Rock Remastered 3CD & 2LP

May 3rd, 2024

Toyah takes a look at the forthcoming remastered and repackaged editions of Warrior Rock, the 1982 live album set for release on Friday 17 May.

• Pre-Order Warrior Rock 3CD + 2LP at Cherry Red Records. See more Toyah Unboxes posts and videos here.

Toyah Tuesday: Toyah Unboxes The Changeling SD Box Set

September 19th, 2023

Toyah unboxes The Changeling‘s gorgeous Super Deluxe box set… Click on the screenshot to watch at You Tube. (Image from a video that is © Toyah Willcox)

With just over 1 week to go until the release of the remastered and expanded editions of The Changeling, we get an advance sneak preview of the Super Deluxe Edition of the album, unboxed by Toyah herself.

• Pre-order The Changeling Super Deluxe Box Set & other formats.

Toyah Tuesday: Toyah Unboxes The Changeling Super Deluxe Edition

September 16th, 2023

A very exciting entry for The Changeling series of Toyah Tuesday episodes is coming this, yup, Tuesday.

Toyah will be unboxing the Super Deluxe Edition of the forthcoming release of the classic 1982 studio album, which is now less than two weeks away – on Friday 29th September!

Official Toyah say: With just over 1 week to go until the release of the remastered and expanded editions of The Changeling, we get an advance sneak preview of the Super Deluxe Edition of the album, unboxed by Toyah herself.

• Pre-order The Changeling Super Deluxe Box Set & other formats.

Releases: CQ Rhythm Deluxe – Toyah’s Message/Unboxing

February 2nd, 2023

Toyah’s message – and unboxing – for the Rhythm Deluxe Edition of the Crimson Queen album, out Friday 10th February on Demon Music on 2LP red vinyl and CD and featuring Robert Fripp on 4 tracks including Slave To The Rhythm. Pre-order the album. Click below to watch Toyah’s CQ message.

Toyah At Home: Unboxing Rainbow & Vintage Neon Womb

October 30th, 2022

It’s been another exciting week for Toyah with the finale of the Billy Idol Tour. In this episode Toyah unveils the Rainbow formats and reacts to Neon Womb from a rare German TV performance.

• Click below to watch yesterday’s Toyah At Home. See Toyah Unboxing more releases here… (Screen cap from a video that is © Toyah Willcox)

Toyah At Home: Toyah Unboxes Anthem + RTS Reaction!

July 10th, 2022

See Toyah unbox the, incredible, Anthem Deluxe releases on yesterday’s Toyah at Home

Releases: Toyah Unboxes Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! CD & Vinyl

April 17th, 2022

Watch Toyah unbox the upcoming new colour vinyl and CD+DVD release of Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! by clicking below (to go to Toyah’s Official Facebook). Pre-order the album, which is released on 13th May, here. (Screen caps from a video that is © Toyah Willcox)

• Browse Dreamscape’s “Toyah Unboxes” archive. This includes Toyah unboxing Toyah Solo, The Blue Meaning, Posh Pop and more.

Releases: Toyah Unboxes Posh Pop Vinyl & CDs

August 23rd, 2021

Toyah unboxes her new album Posh Pop which is released on Friday. Click below to watch. Pre-order the album, which is available on CD, CD+DVD, colour vinyl and download, here. (Screen caps from a video that is © Toyah Willcox)

Releases: Toyah Unboxes The Record Store Day Toyah Vinyl LPs

June 6th, 2021

Toyah unboxes the Four From Toyah – 40th Anniversary Mini-Album and Mesmerised | Rarities & Remixes 85-94, two very special releases from Toyah for Record Store Day 2021. In-stores ONLY as part of RSD Drop 1 on Saturday 12th June.

• Visit to find a participating store near you.

Releases: Toyah Unboxes The Blue Meaning 2CD+ DVD Edition

May 25th, 2021

Toyah unboxes the new 2CD+DVD edition of The Blue Meaning, released by Cherry Red Records this Friday, 28th May 2021. Pre-order this or the neon pink vinyl LP edition at Cherry Red.

Limited Edition Official Anthem Candle: Toyah Unboxes

March 20th, 2021

In honour of the 40th Anniversary in 2021 of the Toyah album Anthem, Toyah is pleased to have partnered with Evoke Candle Co. & Cherry Red Records for this limited-edition candle.

Toyah & The Humans: Live At Scala London Vinyl

July 6th, 2020

Toyah reveals the final vinyl by Toyah & The Humans, Live At Scala London. The album features Robert Fripp as guest human with Toyah, Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong. It’s out now on translucent purple vinyl (as are We Are The Humans (orange vinyl), Sugar Rush (olive vinyl) and Strange Tales (red vinyl). Click below to watch. (Screenshots from a video that is © Toyah Willcox)

Toyah & The Humans: Strange Tales Vinyl

July 4th, 2020

Toyah gives a sneak peek at the first ever vinyl release of the Toyah & The Humans album Strange Tales. Pressed on translucent red vinyl, the album was released yesterday. Click below to watch. (Screenshots from a video that is © Toyah Willcox)

Toyah & The Humans: We Are The Humans/Sugar Rush Vinyls

July 2nd, 2020

Toyah unwraps the first ever vinyl pressings of We Are The Humans (translucent orange vinyl) and Sugar Rush (translucent olive vinyl). Both of these are released tomorrow. Click below for links to all Toyah & The Humans new releases. (Screenshots from videos that are © Toyah Willcox)

Noise In Your Head: Unboxing Toyah & The Humans Box Set

June 14th, 2020

Toyah unboxing her second box set release of 2020 – Noise In Your Head by Toyah & The Humans. The retrospective set, which looks yet again fantastic, is comprised of four CDs, a DVD and comprehensive information booklet. The set is dedicated to, the late, Bill Rieflin. Click below to watch the unboxing at You Tube. (Screenshots from a video that is © Toyah Willcox)

Colour/Clear Vinyls: A Velvet Lined Collection!

March 11th, 2020

Last but certainly not least, the Velvet Lined Shell 10″ purple vinyl. Making its debut on the format, see Toyah reveal the album, originally released back in 2003, at Instagram. Click on the photos to pre-order Velvet Lined Shell purple vinyl. (Photos © Toyah Willcox)

Colour/Clear Vinyls: Four (So Far!) From Toyah

March 10th, 2020

This Friday sees the release of five Toyah solo studio albums on amazing colour/clear vinyl, including two – Take The Leap! (1994), in clear vinyl; Velvet Lined Shell (2003), in purple vinyl – which have never been available on any sort of vinyl previously.

The former is a double album and the latter Toyah’s first ever 10″ release.

Also coming on Friday are Minx (1985), in translucent red vinyl; Prostitute (1988), in translucent yellow vinyl, and Ophelia’s Shadow (1991), in translucent aqua vinyl.

In the lead up to their release, Toyah has been showcasing the gorgeous new vinyls via photos and video clips at Instagram, with just Velvet Lined Shell still to be previewed this week…

• Click on each or any of the photos below for further info or to pre-order the new colour/clear Toyah albums. (Photos © Toyah Willcox)

Toyah Solo: Toyah Unboxes Her First Box Set!

February 12th, 2020

Toyah unboxing Toyah Solo. It looks great. A much better looking box set than Madonna’s Complete Studio Albums released in 2012 (and that one was really good!)

“I am so excited. This is the first ever Toyah box set… The first of a few to be announced. Enjoy!” TOYAH

Toyah Solo is a new 7 CD + DVD anthology of collected works by Toyah, released 28 February 2020 by Edsel Records

An Amazon Exclusive edition featured a signed print and was strictly limited to 500 copies. (Now Sold Out!)

The first Toyah box set ever features six studio albums (Minx, Desire, Prostitute, Ophelia’s Shadow, Take The Leap!, Velvet Lined Shell).

The set also boasts 44 bonus tracks, including rarities, B-sides, collaborations, and several unreleased tracks, plus a DVD of promo videos and a brand new exclusive interview filmed in December 2019 with Toyah talking about her solo albums.

RELEASE DATE: 28 February 2020 | FORMAT: 7 CD + DVD in wallets in 2-piece box with 48 page booklet.

Toyah Solo is available to pre-order now from Amazon. See Dreamscape’s Toyah Solo News Archive and our new Toyah 2020 Releases page which will, hopefully, be updated with each release this year. (Screen caps taken from a video clip that is © Toyah Willcox).