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ITV: Lorraine: Toyah Willcox On Keeping The 80s Alive

April 13th, 2015

lorraine15bToyah Willcox has enjoyed a successful career as a singer and an actress for nearly 40 years. Now she is going back to her roots to embark on a UK tour with rock band The Humans.

Toyah joins Lorraine on the sofa to talk about her forthcoming tour, why 80s music is still in demand and why she is still relevant after almost four decades in the business!

Toyah and The Humans telling strange tales tour

14/04/2015: GLOUCESTER 
100 CLUB; 19/04/2015: CHATHAM, KENT 

• Continue reading/Watch the interview at ITV/Lorraine.

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Toyah on Lorraine: Screen Caps/Twitter

April 13th, 2015

Screen caps from this morning’s Lorraine. Click below for larger. Watch Toyah’s interview here.


Lorraine on ITV tweeted this morning: “‘Keep working and love life!’ says @toyahofficial as she prepares for her new tour“, and Toyah tweeted: “THANK U 2 @ITVLorraine 4 A FUN MORNING TALKING ABOUT THE HUMANS XXX“.

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Toyah on TV: Lorraine

April 12th, 2015

lorraine15aToyah will be talking about The Humans, Telling Strange Tales, tour tomorrow morning on ITV’s  Lorraine. Her appearance will be at 8.50.

Lorraine: ITV/STV: Mon 13th April: 8.30am
Morning show with a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour, as well as featuring the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip.

• Visit the Lorraine website at

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Toyah @ Christmas: Cluedo (1990) (14 Days To Go)

December 11th, 2014

christmas14fThe first Christmas of the 1990’s saw Toyah play Miss Scarlet in a special festive edition, “Christmas Past, Christmas Present”, of ITV’s Cluedo.

You are invited to a murder: Arlington Grange – home of wealthy widow Elizabeth Peacock; society hostess and patron of the arts. A woman with a reputation she would rather forget.

Colonel Mustard: Secret lover of Mrs. Peacock. A dashing military hero who’s glitering career hides a tarnished past. The Reverand Green: Pastor of the parish who’s means of raising money are not heaven sent. Though a man of the cloth, he has feet of clay. Professor Plum: Nuclear physiscist and government advisor. But would his research methods stand the scrutiny of a microscope. Miss Scarlett: vivacious step-daughter of Mrs. Peacock; who’s lust for the high life will let nothing or no-one stand in her way. And Mrs White: for the past 15 years, friend and housekeeper to Mrs. Peacock. But what what dark secret did she bring to Arlington Grange?

Six people, all with murder on their minds.


Here are the thoughts of a Cluedo fan: “The show producers must have realised that they needed strong characters by now, as the casting of vivacious Toyah Willcox showed.

Toyah was great in the part, with all of the men drooling over her; yet still being a complete b*tch to everyone – especially her step-mother. Like others in the Christmas Special, she was made to look very similar to her card equivalent – especially her hair style.

Toyah is best known for being an 80’s rock singer (“It’s A Mystery” and more); but she also has a very strong acting career behind her. Major parts for her have been as Miranda in “The Tempest”, but she has narrated a couple of children’s television series (e.g. “The Teletubbies”) and has made many guest appearances in shows as herself.”

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Toyah on TV: Who’s Doing The Dishes?

August 26th, 2014

Who’s Doing The Dishes: ITV: Wednesday 10th September: 4pm
On today’s programme, will it remain a mystery that Toyah Willcox is their celebrity host when she throws a dinner party for four strangers? Join Brian McFadden to find out!

ITV Press Centre: Who’s Doing The Dishes?

August 26th, 2014
wdtd14aWho’s Doing The Dishes? is a brand new daytime series for ITV presented by Brian McFadden featuring a host of celebrity faces all trying their hand at cooking…or cleaning as the case may be.

Each week, the programme follows four guests as they attend five dinner parties secretly hosted by different mystery celebrities in their own homes. Celebrity cooks include a host of stars from the world of TV, music and sport including; Louis Walsh, Claire Richards, Amy Childs, Jo Wood, Tina Malone, Wes Brown, Dane Bowers, Alison Hammond, Toyah Willcox, Sian Lloyd, Vincent Simone, Cheryl Baker, Martin Offiah, Michelle Heaton, Gillian McKeith and Jo McElderry.

As the diners tuck in and deliver their culinary verdicts, they must try to work out who’s cooking with the help of clues, which are hidden in the food as well as around the house. The guests don’t know each other, but they must work together to try and figure out at the end of the evening who their celebrity host is. If the team can successfully guess the name of the celebrity every night they can win a pot of cash to split between them and the celebrity will be putting their marigolds on. If they don’t, they’ll be doing the dishes!

Toyah on (Future) TV: Who’s Doing The Dishes?

July 26th, 2014

Toyah will be guesting on a future edition of the new ITV show Who’s Doing the Dishes? She recently tweeted about filming with Brian McFadden. Dates and times unknown at present.

Brian McFadden is hosting a new ITV daytime show. Who’s Doing the Dishes? will feature four diners trying to guess which celebrity’s house they’re in and whose food they’re eating each day for a week. Each episode will see a different celebrity cooking up meals for their guests, while the host will watch from the kitchen via a monitor.

Toyah on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’ Today

June 25th, 2014

Screen caps from Toyah’s guest appearance on this morning’s Lorraine. The interview, with Toyah discussing the 35th anniversary of Quadrophenia, is available to watch at ITV Player, or at the ITV website. Click on the caps to view larger versions.


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ITV: Toyah Celebrates 35 Years Of Quadrophenia

June 25th, 2014

lorraine14bToyah Willcox joins Lorraine on the sofa to talk about the 35th anniversary of the film Quadrophenia, in which she starred alongside Sting, Ray Winstone, Leslie Ash and Phil Daniels.

The book marking the 35th anniversary of the release of the film, Quadrophenia: A Way Of Life – Inside The Making Of Britain’s Greatest Youth Film, by Simon Wells is out now.

Catch up on Lorraine with ITV Player

• Continue reading at

Toyah on TV: Lorraine

June 19th, 2014


Lorraine: ITV/STV: Wed 25th June: 8.30am
Morning show with a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour, as well as featuring the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip.

Maureen Lipman talks about her role in the play Daytona, which transfers to the West End this month, plus Toyah Willcox recalls her starring role alongside Ray Winstone, Sting, Leslie Ash and Phil Daniels in the classic film Quadrophenia, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

• Visit the Lorraine website at

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Toyah Makes Another Splash!

February 16th, 2014

Toyah returned to Splash! last night for the 2014 final. Alongside other competitors from the series she was in the audience to see Perri Kiely, of Diversity, win the competition, Watch the final at ITV Player or STV Player. Browse all of Dreamscape’s Splash! Toyah News.


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Splash!: Screen Caps

January 12th, 2014

A few screen caps, of Toyah looking fantastic, from last night’s Splash! Toyah tweeted after the show, saying: “Thank you! Thank you! I had the time of my life and I hope u enjoyed it too. Love toyah“. Click on the caps to view larger versions. More coming soon!


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Splash! @ ITV, STV & UTV Player

January 12th, 2014

itvplayerLast night’s second heat edition of Splash! is now available to watch online (UK residents only). The programme is at ITV Player, STV Player and UTV Player for the next 28 days.

It’s also being repeated on ITV (and ITV + 1) today at 2.20pm/3.20pm.

Vernon Kay and Gabby Logan present the diving series under the guidance of Olympic medallist Tom Daley, as celebrities dive live for the viewer vote and to impress the judges.

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Splash! Toyah’s Dive!!

January 11th, 2014

Toyah did brilliantly on this evening’s Splash!, scoring 24/30 from the judges and making it into the Splash Off. She was narrowly beaten by Anna Williamson to go into the semi final. The programme will be available to watch online at ITV and STV Player soon and is also repeated tomorrow afternoon on ITV at 2.20pm. Here’s a screen cap of Toyah preparing to take her dive, please check back tomorrow for a full Splash! news round-up. (Thanks to Damon King for the cap)


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ITV Press Centre: Splash! Heat 2 Interviews

January 9th, 2014

splash14eInterviews With Heat 2 Celebrities: Toyah Willcox

Q: What inspired you to participate in this year’s Splash!?

A: Since I was a teenager, I have fantasised about high diving. It’s always been a dream of mine. I was very lucky that at school I learned how to dive, but I haven’t done it since. The only problem is that I have probably left it about 40 years too late! Diving at the age of 55 is a radically different experience. But I will be hurling myself off a three metre board on live television because I want to prove that just because you hit 50, it doesn’t mean you should slow down. All in all, working on this show has been exhilarating.

Q: How have you found it working with Tom Daley?

A: He is a consummate gentleman. He is a wonderful teacher. He’s amazingly patient – he sees nobody’s age or gender or ability. He’s very easy on the eye, and he has none of that usual teenage angst. He’s very calm, and I think that may come from the inherent danger of what he does. You can’t do it if you’ve just had a night on the tiles. If you are feeling distracted when you dive, you’ll simply hurt yourself. Tom is a fantastic role model and a superb asset for the show.

Q: Which board have you dived off already?

A: I’ve gone off the three metre board twice. It was an incredible experience. Beforehand, you don’t realise just how fast you travel into the water. Afterwards I was elated. It felt like a massive step forward and a huge achievement.

Q: Did Tom help you prepare for it?

A: Yes, he was brilliant. He told us to take it slowly. You have to prepare yourself mentally and physically – you don’t just climb the ladder and dive in. You need to take a moment beforehand to get your mind and body exactly right. Diving is the art of falling forward and entering the water correctly. So preparation is vital. It’s very easy to be off the mark. That’s why we’re doing so much training, so we won’t be distracted by the cameras and the huge audience when it comes to the live shows.

Q: What do you think about doing the live shows?

A: I’m feeling, “Oh my God!” I’ve got a large hurdle because I’ve never been seen in public in a bikini before, and I feel rather disturbed about the prospect. I don’t do beach holidays , and I’m not confident in a bikini. It’s cruel that Linda Barker set the bar so high last year in the way she looked! Even as a teenager, I never looked as good as Linda! But I just have to get on with it. After all, this isn’t a bikini competition.

Q: Does your background as a performer help?

A: Yes. With my band I’m on stage three times a week – I do more than 100 shows a year. When you’re on stage, you learn to get on with it; you just work through any distractions or worries. If you have a costume malfunction, you don’t stop the show. So in a strange way, I’m looking forward to the live shows in Splash!

View the full ITV Press Pack for Splash! Heat 2 here.

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Toyah on TV: Splash!

January 7th, 2014

Splash!: ITV: Saturday 11th January: 7.00pm
Splash!: ITV: Sunday 12th January: 2.20pm (Repeat of Saturday’s show)
Vernon Kay and Gabby Logan host the second round of the celebrity diving contest, which sees Boyzone’s Keith Duffy, presenters Paul Ross and Anna Williamson, singer Toyah Willcox and former England rugby player Martin Offiah vying for the next two semi-final places, under the tutelage of Tom Daley. The scores are awarded by judges Andy Banks, Jo Brand and Leon Taylor as well as the voting public – and while the bottom two are eliminated immediately and the highest-scorer gets an automatic semi-final place, the other two are forced to dive again in the all-important Splash Off. Who will join last week’s successful contestants Perri Kiely and Michaela Strachan in the next stage of the competition? (Also airing on ITV +1 and HD)

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Toyah To Appear on ITV’s Splash!

January 7th, 2014

splash14bIt was announced at the weekend that Toyah is appearing in the second round of the new series of ITV’s hugely popular Splash!. She will dive this Saturday on the show which airs from 7pm.

There has already been a lot of press about this: Digital Spy: Tom Daley’s Splash!: Meet the five stars taking the plunge in heat two, Female First: Splash heat two contestants pictures revealed, Telly Mix: PICTURES! Splash! 2014 line up: Celebs taking part in second heat!, Luton on Sunday: See the next group of contestants who preparing to dive into Splash! View more info on this second series of Splash! here. (Photo © ITV)


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Toyah on TV: Saturday Cookbook

August 29th, 2013

This was only repeated a few weeks ago but it’s showing in the tv listings again for next week:

Saturday Cookbook: ITV1: Saturday 7th September: 9.25am
Nadia Sawalha and Mark Sargeant are joined by chef Phil Vickery and Toyah Willcox to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Nadia prepares a raspberry and hazelnut meringue, Toyah cooks baked fish with warm beetroot and new potato salad.

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Toyah on TV: Saturday Cookbook

August 2nd, 2013

The edition of Saturday Cookbook Toyah guested on last June, a Diamond Jubilee special, is being repeated later this month on ITV.

Saturday Cookbook: ITV1: Saturday 10th August: 9.25am
Nadia Sawalha and Mark Sargeant are joined by chef Phil Vickery and Toyah Willcox to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Nadia prepares a raspberry and hazelnut meringue, Toyah cooks baked fish with warm beetroot and new potato salad, and Phil and Mark take part in a street party food recipe challenge – will Mark’s coronation gala pie win over Phil’s spectacular butterfly cakes?


Toyah Guests on ITV Daybreak

July 16th, 2013

Toyah made another guest appearance on ITV’s Daybreak yesterday morning. She was on the programme to discuss her experience of the Liverpool Care Pathway, which is in the news again as it’s been announced it is soon to be abolished. The programme is available to watch at ITV Player (UK viewers only) for the next six days. View larger versions of the caps by clicking below. (Thanks to Tony Ames)


Toyah on ‘Daybreak’

June 25th, 2013

A screen cap of Toyah guesting on ITV’s early morning breakfast programme Daybreak last Wednesday. She appeared alongside Dr Hilary Jones to discuss palliative care. I’ll add a few more caps from the programme soon. (Thanks to Alec Kelly)