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Toyah @ Christmas: Cluedo (1990) (14 Days To Go)

December 11th, 2014

christmas14fThe first Christmas of the 1990’s saw Toyah play Miss Scarlet in a special festive edition, “Christmas Past, Christmas Present”, of ITV’s Cluedo.

You are invited to a murder: Arlington Grange – home of wealthy widow Elizabeth Peacock; society hostess and patron of the arts. A woman with a reputation she would rather forget.

Colonel Mustard: Secret lover of Mrs. Peacock. A dashing military hero who’s glitering career hides a tarnished past. The Reverand Green: Pastor of the parish who’s means of raising money are not heaven sent. Though a man of the cloth, he has feet of clay. Professor Plum: Nuclear physiscist and government advisor. But would his research methods stand the scrutiny of a microscope. Miss Scarlett: vivacious step-daughter of Mrs. Peacock; who’s lust for the high life will let nothing or no-one stand in her way. And Mrs White: for the past 15 years, friend and housekeeper to Mrs. Peacock. But what what dark secret did she bring to Arlington Grange?

Six people, all with murder on their minds.


Here are the thoughts of a Cluedo fan: “The show producers must have realised that they needed strong characters by now, as the casting of vivacious Toyah Willcox showed.

Toyah was great in the part, with all of the men drooling over her; yet still being a complete b*tch to everyone – especially her step-mother. Like others in the Christmas Special, she was made to look very similar to her card equivalent – especially her hair style.

Toyah is best known for being an 80’s rock singer (“It’s A Mystery” and more); but she also has a very strong acting career behind her. Major parts for her have been as Miranda in “The Tempest”, but she has narrated a couple of children’s television series (e.g. “The Teletubbies”) and has made many guest appearances in shows as herself.”

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