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Dreamscape – Toyah.Net: You Tube Channel

August 11th, 2021

Dreamscape’s You Tube channel has a great selection of rare Toyah footage to view…

Our You Tube is pretty much what you’d expect from a fan based channel. We’ve compiled a selection of retro interviews, Toyah TV appearances and more from throughout Toyah’s career (which I believe is now in its 45/46th year if Glitter – filmed 1975, aired 1976 – is regarded as the very beginning!). Most of the footage is taken from my old VHS tapes, which I thought I’d do before they disintegrate!

We are rollercoasting towards 2K of subscribers, and our most popular video is Toyah: This Is Your Life, which as of writing has been viewed 360K times. Please click below to visit Dreamscape’s You Tube Toyah channel (which also includes some rare Madonna footage).

Fotofriends: Toyah by PAC Photography

September 19th, 2012

Over the last, almost, 13 years Dreamscape has been sent thousands of photos of Toyah from the numerous live gigs, tours and PA’s of the late 90′s, through the Noughties and into this decade (the Teenies?). Welcome to Fotofriends, an occasional feature focusing on the fans (and photographers) who took some of those photos.

Photographer Paul Crutchley, of PAC Photography, has captured some great shots of Toyah over the last few years; at gigs, premieres and events. Paul has also kindly let Dreamscape feature some of his work in various news posts, at our Gallery and as part of the Toyah: Thru A Photographer’s Eye feature. (Thanks again to Paul & PAC Photography)

Photos from: 1/4/6/7/8: The Changeling Resurrection Tour at The Robin 2, Wolverhampton (April 2012), 2: The Humans at Birmingam’s HMV Institute, a special gig that was filmed for online broadcast (October 2011), 3/9: The Changeling Resurrection Tour at The Ruby Lounge, Manchester (April 2012), 5: Toyah attending The Power Of Three film premiere at the Everyman Theatre, London (November 2011), 10: Toyah receiving her Walk Of Fame star in King’s Heath (July 2012), 11: Walk Of Fame @ Hare & Hounds, King’s Heath (July 2012), 12: The Humans – Sugar Rush UK Tour, at The Public, West Bromwich (October 2011).

Fotofriends: Toyah Live by Ray Sears

September 11th, 2012

Over the last, almost, 13 years Dreamscape has been sent thousands of photos of Toyah from the numerous live gigs, tours and PA’s of the late 90′s, through the Noughties and into this decade (the Teenies?). Welcome to Fotofriends, an occasional feature focusing on the fans who took some of those photos.

Longtime Toyah fan Ray Sears has taken some stunning photos of Toyah over the years (give up the day job, Ray, and become a photographer!). Not only that but he has generously let Dreamscape feature many of them in our Gallery.

Photos from: 1/6/11: From Sheep Farming To Anthem Tour, Assembly, Leamington Spa (November 2011), 2/8: Blackpool Pride (June 2012), 3/12: Walk of Fame @ Hare & Hounds, King’s Heath (July 2012), 4: New Foresters, Nottingham (September 2010), 5/7: The Changeling Resurrection Tour, Robin 2, Wolverhampton (April 2012), 9: New Foresters, Nottingham (September 2011), 10. The Humans – Sugar Rush UK Tour, The Flowerpot, Derby (October 2011). That’s Ray with Toyah, bottom right.

Fotofriends: Toyah Live by Brian Marsh

September 6th, 2012

Over the last, almost, 13 years Dreamscape has been sent thousands of photos of Toyah from the numerous live gigs, tours and PA’s of the late 90’s, through the Noughties and into this decade (the Teenies?). I’m thinking of maybe celebrating the generous photographers by looking back at some of their photos in a new feature I’m considering calling ‘Fotofriends’ (hey! stop sniggering). To begin with… Brian Marsh, and just a few of his great Toyah photos.

These are from: 80’s Weekender, Camber Sands (March 2010), The Faerie Ball, Canterbury (April 2011), The 48 Hour Party, Camber Sands (March 2009), Battle Abbey, Hastings (August 2007), and the main photo is from The Best Of The 80’s UK Tour (October 2004). That’s Brian with Toyah at Target 30: The Quadrophenia Convention (April 2008), bottom left.

Toyah Timeline | 1976 – 2012

April 19th, 2012

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Awash With Colour (2001): Watch Online

April 17th, 2012

Awash With Colour, from BBC2 September 2001, with Toyah learning to watercolour, has just been uploaded, in three parts, to ‘You Tube’. Click on each cap below to view each part.

The scenery in this programme is stunning. Presenter Dermot Cavanagh and Toyah visited Yeats’ country, Co. Sligo in Ireland. Toyah talks about her career. Toyah and Dermot then paint the picturesque Glencar Loch, set in the shadow of the majestic Benbulben Mountain. Toyah recalled an artist using watercolour on her face to create her ‘Brave New World’ look.

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Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll by Chris Charlesworth

April 11th, 2012

Not exactly “breaking news”, but I just very recently discovered that one of the shots of Toyah from the 1979 Simon Fowler photo shoot is included in this book. The cover boasts it contains “over 400 x-rated photos”. The photo of Toyah can hardly be classed as x-rated and, especially, by today’s standards is relatively conservative.

‘Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll’ by Chris Charlesworth was published by Omnibus Press in 1993 and again in July 2009. It includes photos of Madonna, Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Elvis and numerous others.

This is a bumper collection of photographs, mostly of rock and pop stars in situations where in hindsight, they would probably have preferred the cameramen to be elsewhere at the time. It is also a collection of shots in which sex has been used to sell the artist, or their records, or both, in the days before sexism was a political issue. Apart from the album sleeves themselves, these pictures have not been touched up or airbrushed. Neither were the negatives consigned to the darkroom bin or locked away in safety deposit boxes.

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Calamity Jane: 10th Anniversary: Secret Love

April 5th, 2012

2012 marks 10 years since Toyah took on the lead role of Calamity Jane, the musical that toured the UK and also enjoyed a residency at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London’s West End.

The, highly successful, production ran for over a year and, ultimately, played to more than 200,000 people through the UK, receiving numerous positive reviews along the way.

Toyah was great in the musical, and really took on the role of ‘Calamity’, giving an incredibly physical performance, but there were also tender moments. The pivotal scene, and song, of the show was ‘Secret Love’. The song is legendary and forever associated, just like Calamity Jane, to Doris Day. As you’ll hear below Toyah sang the song beautifully and her voice soars.

NB: This is a low-quality audience recording I’m uploading for fans to listen to. It’s highly unlikely that the mooted ‘Cast Recording’ of Calamity Jane will ever be released. Visit Dreamscape’s Calamity Jane mini-site here. (Thanks to Alec Kelly)

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Dreamscape You Tube: Life & Times Of Toyah Willcox (2000)

April 5th, 2012

Life & Times of Toyah Willcox aired in either late 2000 or early 2001 (can’t remember!) on BBC1. Vanessa Feltz interviews Toyah about her life and career. Unfortunately this is incomplete. I rescued just over 20 minutes (of approx 26 minutes) from a damaged DVD and thought I’d upload it anyway as it’s worth watching, there’s not too much missing and it includes numerous clips and photos from Toyah’s career. Click on the caps to view larger versions.

Cult Queens: Toyah

March 18th, 2012

The ‘Cult Queens’ blog, “Psychotronic Eye Candy!”, featured Toyah, in Devil Queen mode, this week. Quite right.

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