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Dreamscape – Toyah.Net: You Tube Channel

August 11th, 2021

Dreamscape’s You Tube channel has a great selection of rare Toyah footage to view…

Our You Tube is pretty much what you’d expect from a fan based channel. We’ve compiled a selection of retro interviews, Toyah TV appearances and more from throughout Toyah’s career (which I believe is now in its 45/46th year if Glitter – filmed 1975, aired 1976 – is regarded as the very beginning!). Most of the footage is taken from my old VHS tapes, which I thought I’d do before they disintegrate!

We are rollercoasting towards 2K of subscribers, and our most popular video is Toyah: This Is Your Life, which as of writing has been viewed 360K times. Please click below to visit Dreamscape’s You Tube Toyah channel (which also includes some rare Madonna footage).