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Fotofriends: Toyah Live by Ray Sears

September 11th, 2012

Over the last, almost, 13 years Dreamscape has been sent thousands of photos of Toyah from the numerous live gigs, tours and PA’s of the late 90′s, through the Noughties and into this decade (the Teenies?). Welcome to Fotofriends, an occasional feature focusing on the fans who took some of those photos.

Longtime Toyah fan Ray Sears has taken some stunning photos of Toyah over the years (give up the day job, Ray, and become a photographer!). Not only that but he has generously let Dreamscape feature many of them in our Gallery.

Photos from: 1/6/11: From Sheep Farming To Anthem Tour, Assembly, Leamington Spa (November 2011), 2/8: Blackpool Pride (June 2012), 3/12: Walk of Fame @ Hare & Hounds, King’s Heath (July 2012), 4: New Foresters, Nottingham (September 2010), 5/7: The Changeling Resurrection Tour, Robin 2, Wolverhampton (April 2012), 9: New Foresters, Nottingham (September 2011), 10. The Humans – Sugar Rush UK Tour, The Flowerpot, Derby (October 2011). That’s Ray with Toyah, bottom right.