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Zoom Zoom: New Promo Video

July 18th, 2021

Watch Toyah’s new video Zoom Zoom. It’s the 2nd taste of the album Posh Pop released 27 August. Pre-order the forthcoming studio album here.

Toyah Talks ‘Zoom Zoom’ / Second ‘Posh Pop’ Release

July 18th, 2021

“We’ve explored a lot of pop media on this album. Zoom Zoom was a lightbulb moment in wanting to juxtapose today’s world with 1973. The title was a phrase of my co-writer and producer Simon Darlow’s who was spending eight hours a week on Zoom calls! It also refers to how we can start a revolution in our bedrooms now with smartphone technology.⁣

With the line “A hunter in the night has his eye on you” I wanted to show how young people are trying to create an ideal, the perfect image on a phone, when you haven’t got perfect people watching you: hunters are watching you.”

Releases: New Toyah Single – Zoom Zoom

July 16th, 2021

Toyah’s new single Zoom Zoom can now be streamed at Spotify. Click on the great digital cover art below to leap over and listen!

It’s the 2nd taste of the album Posh Pop released 27 Aug. Pre-order Posh Pop.

Do you want to start a Revolution? You can do it in your bedroom. Now everybody zoom zoom…

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Releases: Zoom Zoom – Out Tomorrow (16.07.21)

July 15th, 2021

What do you believe in now? / Bend the truth to suit the view / You created the fairy tale / If you’re the future I want to know

⁣ Are you ready to #ZoomZoom? 16.07.21 ⁣#Toyah #ToyahPoshPop #ToyahWillcox

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Official Toyah: Pre-Order “Posh Pop” New Studio Album

June 28th, 2021

Following the acclaim of the recent reissues of her early, groundbreaking albums, on Friday 27 August 2021 Demon Music Group will release the new album Posh Pop by British female music icon, Toyah.

Available on CD, 180g ‘Space Grey’-coloured vinyl, digital download and deluxe CD+DVD featuring a video album. LP and CD Editions including an exclusive signed print by Toyah are also available.

PRE-ORDER Posh Pop now

In recent times Toyah has seen something of a cultural renaissance with younger female artists acknowledging the huge Influence of her groundbreaking and uniquely singular career. Last year Shirley Manson of Garbage went as far as to write a moving, open letter, apologising for mocking Toyah to friends as a teenager when, in fact, she was a fan who “sucked at Toyah’s teat [but did] not have the strength of character to admit it.” Now recognized as a pioneer who’s remained defiant since acting in Derek Jarman’s punk classic Jubilee and her trailblazing uncategorisable debut album Sheep Farming In Barnet in 1980, Toyah sees this as a turning point and validation; she’d always been able to sell out venues, always had an audience, but never the back-up, feeling that in the past women were played against each other, in an industry where men made women enemies of each other.

That the world is ready for Toyah means that Posh Pop will be justly celebrated. The most complete, uplifting pop record of Toyah’s inspirational 41-year career, Posh Pop is a triumphant album, its 10 songs encompassing euphoric partying, redemption, glam rock, interplanetary exploration, industrial grooves, revolution, the fate of humanity as viewed by monkeys and, above all, anthems. Every song here is a masterclass in pop, condensing a world of wonder into barely 40 minutes. It’s maximum pop and it’s also classier than virtually any other music you’ll hear all year. It’s posh pop.

The album was made with Simon Darlow, who also co-wrote and produced Toyah’s previous solo album, 2008’s dramatic In The Court Of The Crimson Queen. They first worked together in 1977, brought together to write songs then again five years later when Simon played keyboards on Toyah’s album The Changeling in 1982, remaining friends ever since.

Posh Pop’s additional musician is Toyah’s husband, guitarist Bobby Willcox. Provided with just a chord sheet, he was in the studio for no more than half-an-hour a week. Told to do whatever he felt like, feeling free and completely spontaneous, within a few takes Bobby produced stunning guitar lines.

Whether channelling her glam roots on the addictive Zoom Zoom, celebrating the unity of mankind on the communal Take Me Home or offering solace in the achingly tender Barefoot On Mars, the only predictable aspect of Posh Pop is that a giant hook will be along shortly.

Building from simple acoustic guitar chords, Summer Of Love builds to an instantly catchy chorus, on a deeply ironic anti-war song, exploring the concept of women on the battlefield. Continuing the exploration of serious themes, over a refrain Toyah initially started on the piano, The Bride Will Return is about the tragic bride of Beirut’s wedding day, when the warehouse blew up, catching both the moment of explosion and Israa Sablani’s beauty. Space Dance explores our burgeoning efforts to begin colonising other worlds, wrapped around an infernally catchy chorus that wouldn’t be out of place in The Rocky Horror Show.

Every song on Posh Pop is accompanied by a video that feature on the Deluxe CD+DVD Edition. All 10 videos were created and directed by Toyah during the lockdown of spring 2021 and edited by Darren Shortt, inspired by the phenomenal success of Toyah’s weekly YouTube video performances with her husband. These creatively inventive videos were lovingly made at home, in the garden and in a nearby abbey. Viewed together they present an escape into Posh Pop, journeying to surprising places, virtual worlds, and Toyah’s kitchen.

The refrain “You’re never too old to shine” from the song Rhythm In My House applies to Toyah’s life and career. “That’s absolutely the message of this album,” Toyah emphasises. “It’s never too late. Life is about the journey, from birth to your last day. It’s not about doors closing.”

Written by Toyah Willcox & Simon Darlow
Produced by Simon Darlow
Levitate | Zoom Zoom | The Bride Will Return | Space Dance | Barefoot On Mars | Rhythm In My House | Summer Of Love | Monkeys | Kill The Rage | Take Me Home

Posh Pop: Amazon UK Best Sellers

June 26th, 2021

Congrats to Toyah and, her new studio album, Posh Pop. As of right now at Amazon UK the album’s release formats hold the top four positions in their Pop Rock Best Sellers and the top three on the Dance Pop Best Sellers. It is also at positions 3, 4 and 31 in the Rock Best Sellers, and number 7, 8 and 11 in CDs & Vinyl Best Sellers. Astounding stats!

Levitate: Stream at Spotify / Watch at You Tube

June 26th, 2021

Stream Toyah’s new single… at Spotify. Watch the video at You Tube.

The Ghosts Of Borley Rectory: Official Trailer (2021)

June 26th, 2021

The Ghosts Of Borley Rectory, a supernatural horror based on terrifying true events: a hopeful paranormal investigator attempts to illuminate the truth behind Britain’s most haunted house, with chilling consequences. Watch the official trailer.

Toyah Announces New Album “Posh Pop” out 27 August 2021

June 26th, 2021

Toyah introduces the announcement of new studio album “Posh Pop” out 27 August 2021. The album is available on CD, space grey-coloured 180g vinyl, digital download and deluxe CD+DVD including a video album with a video for each of the 10 songs. Pre-order now!

Releases: New Toyah Single ‘Levitate’

June 26th, 2021

The cover art for Toyah’s new single, Levitate. The first track to be taken from Posh Pop.

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Posh Pop: A New Toyah Studio Album

June 25th, 2021

Welcome to Posh Pop Day. Expect lots of news over the next few days. Visit Toyah at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for numerous Posh Pop updates and links to press. Details on how to pre-order the new album (released on Friday 27th August), tracklist, artwork and previews of new songs can be browsed at by clicking below.

Record Store Day 2021: Mesmerised – Rarities & Remixes 85-94

June 8th, 2021

Official Toyah are excited to announce two very special releases from Toyah for Record Store Day 2021. Both exclusive releases will be available as part of RSD Drop 1 on Saturday 12 June. Visit the RSD website to find a participating store near you.

Mesmerised – Rarities & Remixes 85-94
• Released by Demon Records for #RSD21. Mesmerised compiles rarities and remixes spanning 1985-1994.

• Side 1 starts with Lion Of Symmetry, Toyah’s collaboration with Tony Banks of Genesis originally recorded for the motion picture Lorca & The Outlaws. It then features the Mike Hedges-produced ‘Desire’ album’s B-sides and an outtake Mesmerised. Side one closes with the 12″ Surf Mix of “Echo Beach”.

• Side 2 features Phil Nicholas-produced rarities and remixes, all on vinyl for the very first time, including Tears For Ellie and the “Weybridge Mix” of “It’s A Mystery” which features re-recorded vocals and Friday Forever.

• Rare imagery taken to accompany the Desire album and singles feature on this exclusive compilation which is pressed on 180 gram vanilla coloured vinyl and will be made available exclusively from participating stores on Saturday 12 June.



Record Store Day 2021: Four From Toyah – 40th Anniversary

June 8th, 2021

Official Toyah are excited to announce two very special releases from Toyah for Record Store Day 2021. Both exclusive releases will be available as part of RSD Drop 1 on Saturday 12 June. Visit the RSD website to find a participating store near you.

Four From Toyah – Fortieth Anniversary
• Cherry Red Records is delighted announce the newly remastered 40th Anniversary release celebrating Toyah’s 1981 hit EP Four From Toyah as a special expanded coloured vinyl mini- album exclusively for Record Store Day 2021.

• Produced by Nick Tauber and introducing a new band line-up the EP was led by the song ‘It’s A Mystery’ which became a hit and entered the top 40 UK singles chart, rising to no.4 in February 1981 and earning a silver certification from the BPI in March 1981. ‘It’s A Mystery’ became one of Toyah’s signature songs and is still performed to this day.

• This expanded release presents all four tracks from the original 7” EP on side one of the vinyl – remastered from the original mastertapes for the first time ever.

• Side Two includes the four original demo/incarnations of the songs which all started life in previous recording sessions, and again are remastered from the original mastertapes for the first time ever.

• The release carries stunning new artwork including previously unseen shots from the classic photography for “Four From Toyah” which saw Toyah in four different striking and meticulous looks representing all four songs and is pressed on ‘jungle green’ coloured vinyl echoing Toyah’s make-up from the front sleeve shot.



Releases: Toyah Unboxes The Record Store Day Toyah Vinyl LPs

June 6th, 2021

Toyah unboxes the Four From Toyah – 40th Anniversary Mini-Album and Mesmerised | Rarities & Remixes 85-94, two very special releases from Toyah for Record Store Day 2021. In-stores ONLY as part of RSD Drop 1 on Saturday 12th June.

• Visit to find a participating store near you.

Super Deluxe Edition: Toyah Willcox on The Blue Meaning

June 3rd, 2021

“I was very reliable” Toyah tells SDE

Toyah Willcox, the new queen of ‘Sunday Lunch’ lockdown videos talks to SDE about the reissue of Toyah’s 1980s album The Blue Meaning. This is the second major release in Cherry Red’s reissue campaign, since the label acquired Safari Records in early 2020.

SDE: You’ve been keeping busy during lockdown – I’ve seen the videos – but you must have missed playing live, since you used to do it so much?

Toyah Willcox: Yes, that’s true, but I managed to build a pretty phenomenal… brand name in lockdown. So we’re going to continue with it. It’s been a phenomenon we never expected, and it’s still growing. In a couple of years we’ll have our own TV channel, doing our own TV broadcasts. What seems to have struck home is the very basic truth and simplicity of what we do. We’re not in hi-tech studios or anything like that, but we’ll actually be broadening the whole of that.

• Continue reading at Super Deluxe Edition. Browse Dreamscape’s SDE news archive.

The Blue Meaning: Pink Vinyl LP

June 2nd, 2021

Buy the gorgeous pink vinyl edition of The Blue Meaning. It is sold out at Cherry Red but is still available, in all of it’s pink glory, at Amazon UK.

Releases: Toyah Unboxes The Blue Meaning 2CD+ DVD Edition

May 25th, 2021

Toyah unboxes the new 2CD+DVD edition of The Blue Meaning, released by Cherry Red Records this Friday, 28th May 2021. Pre-order this or the neon pink vinyl LP edition at Cherry Red.

The Blue Meaning: Jack and Jill

May 22nd, 2021

A new video to previously unreleased Jack & Jill including footage of Toyah in Park Gates Studio with producer Steve James. This track is a bonus track on the deluxe edition of The Blue Meaning, out 28 May. Pre-order the three-disc set here. Click below to watch the video.

Releases: Miniatures 2020/Future Dreaming

March 22nd, 2021

A new Toyah track with Simon Darlow and Bobby Willcox features on the album release Miniatures 2020. The track Future Dreaming is what Simon Darlow describes as a “theatre production in 3 parts that had to fit in a minute … from star birth to the peace of the infinite.”

Former Mott The Hoople keyboardist Morgan Fisher released an obscure underground album in 1980 called “Miniatures”. It was effectively a collection of 52 “miniature masterpieces”, i.e. tracks of one minute length or less by a myriad of music legends and cult figures. Although at the time, the album flew pretty much below the radar it has over the years had a lasting and continually growing influence.

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Releases: The Blue Meaning 2CD + DVD/Colour Vinyl LP

March 20th, 2021

Toyah and Cherry Red Records are delighted to announce the newly remastered and expanded release of Toyah’s 1980 album “The Blue Meaning” on 28 May 2021. This is the second in a reissue programme of Toyah’s entire Safari Records catalogue.


Produced by Steve James with arrangements by Steve James and ‘Toyah’ the band (Joel Bogen, Pete Bush, Toyah Willcox, Steve Bray and Charlie Francis), the album reached number 1 on the UK Independent Album Chart and charted in the main UK Top 40 album chart in June 1980.

Remastered by Nick Watson from the original mastertapes and original sources, overseen and approved by Joel Bogen. The album features the ultimate fan favourite ‘Ieya’ considered a signature song by the band, which was also released as a single.

2-CD+DVD digipack with a fully illustrated 24-page booklet containing a brand new introduction note from Toyah plus rare and unseen imagery including album cover outtakes taken at Wykehurst Place, a gothic revival mansion in Bolney, Sussex.

This expanded edition features 27 remastered bonus tracks including single mixes, live tracks, rarities and unheard demos compiled by Craig Astley. Amongst the 20 previously unreleased tracks are the final recordings made by this band line-up including ‘Silence Won’t Do’ and ‘Jack & Jill’, as seen being recorded on the 1980 ITV documentary “Toyah” and have been long awaited by fans for forty years.

The very first demo of ‘Angels & Demons’ recorded at Eel Pie Studios, an Alternate Vocal take of ‘Blue Meanings’ with the previously unheard original longer song outro and three tracks recorded live at the ICA London all make their release debuts.

Includes the early original version of ‘It’s A Mystery’ by Blood Donor feat Toyah Willcox that a ‘new’ line-up of Toyah ‘the band’ went on to record and enjoy their first hit single with in 1981.
A sleevenote by Toyah’s archivist Craig Astley, with input from Toyah Willcox and Joel Bogen, chronicles the creation of the album and reveals the recording origins of the bonus material.

Includes a DVD (NTSC/Region Free) containing three brand new features with Toyah Willcox, an interview about the album/period, a track-by-track album commentary and an exclusive acoustic three-song session of songs from the era – all filmed October 2020.

The DVD also includes rare archive BBC TV performances of ‘Mummies’ and ‘Danced’ from Friday Night, Saturday Morning (November 1980) available on DVD for the first time ever.

Strictly limited edition neon pink coloured vinyl echoes Toyah’s hair colour from the back sleeve and the colourful glow surrounding the gothic mansion, Wykehurst Place in Sussex on the LP’s front cover. The vinyl LP features the original album track listing and features rare unseen imagery plus full album lyrics.

Initial copies of the Vinyl LP from Cherry Red website come with a signed postcard by Toyah – design exclusive to the LP pre-order. Initial copies of the 2CD+DVD from Cherry Red website come with a signed postcard by Toyah – design exclusive to the 2CD+DVD pre-order.

• Continue reading at to see the full tracklist, hear a preview track and read further details on the release. Pre-order The Blue Meaning, 2CD/1DVD Deluxe Edition, and Limited Edition Colour Vinyl LP here.

Super Deluxe Edition: Sheep Farming In Barnet

October 3rd, 2020

1980 debut reissued as 2CD+DVD set & coloured vinyl

Toyah’s debut album Sheep Farming In Barnet has been remastered and expanded and will be reissued in December. Cherry Red bought the Safari Records catalogue earlier this year and Sheep Farming In Barnet represents the start of a planned reissue programme of Toyah’s entire output on that label, including 1981’s hit-packed Anthem.

Originally a six-track EP issued in August 1979, Sheep Farming In Barnet was expanded to full album status the following year with the addition of five further tracks, including both sides ‘Victims Of The Riddle’, Toyah’s first single (released in 1979).

The reissue is fairly straightforward, with two formats on offer: 2CD+DVD and an LP pressed on white vinyl. The former offers the newly remastered album, plus 30 bonus tracks made up of non-album singles, rarities and demos (20 previously unreleased).

• Continue reading at Super Deluxe Edition.