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More Rebel Running on BBC4

April 18th, 2017

rebelrun15aMore airdates for Top Of The Pops, featuring the Rebel Run video.

Top Of The Pops: BBC4 
Saturday 22nd April: 0.00am/11.20pm
22.09.1983. Simon Bates and Mike Read present the pop chart programme, first broadcast in September 1983. Featuring Toyah Willcox, David Bowie, Nick Heyward, The Alarm, Howard Jones and Hot Chocolate.

Praying to the silent man…

‘Rebel Run’, released in September 1983, was Toyah’s 13th single in the UK.

This was one of only two singles to be released by Toyah in 1983 and was the debut from the album ‘Love Is The Law’. It was written by Toyah and Simon Darlow and reached number 24 in the UK Top 40.

Toyah made a memorable video for the single and promoted it with numerous appearances and interviews on shows including TVAM’s Summer Run, Hold Tight, The Saturday Show, Saturday Superstore, and German TV show Jugendabend. The video was also played on Top Of The Pops – being repeated later this month on BBC tv for the first time since the 1980’s.

Toyah said of the imagery: “This is the Rebel Run look. I was into armour. A friend, Simon, made a bronze headdress based on the skeletal structure of American football players.”

• Download ‘Rebel Run’ at iTunes, view the promo video, and the airing on Top Of The Pops. Watch Toyah perform the single on Hold Tight and Saturday Superstore. Listen to the song live at Hammersmith Odeon on the ‘Rebel Run’ Tour in December 1983. Andromeda Rising covered the song in 2005. Listen to their version here.

Toyah on the Radio: Inheritance Tracks

April 18th, 2017

Inheritance Tracks: BBC Radio 4 Extra: Saturday 22nd April: 2.10pm
Inheritance Tracks: BBC Radio 4 Extra: Sunday 23rd April: 2.10am
Toyah Willcox. Singer Toyah Wilcox has inherited ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and wants to pass on the track by Bjork, ‘Human Behaviour’.

The Reunion: Women of Punk at BBC iPlayer

April 18th, 2017

reunionwop17cListen to The Reunion: Women of Punk at BBC iPlayer.

Sue MacGregor reunites five musicians who embraced the anarchy of punk music and created a unique style of their own.

For many young people, Britain in the late 1970s was a place without hope. Unemployment was high. The value of the pound was low and, despite the feminist activity of the early 1970s, the most many girls aspired to was to marry well and look good. Female role models were hard to fine – especially in music. The only all-girl troupes on Top of the Pops were Legs and Co. Then punk happened.

Women could dress how they liked, behave how they wanted and develop their own sound without being manipulated by the mostly male gatekeepers of the record industry. Young women who didn’t fit the traditional mould of femininity found a new tribe in punk. A place where they could finally be themselves. But the movement attracted fear and aggression from straight society. And few made much money from the short-lived scene.


Sue MacGregor brings together five female punk pioneers: Gaye Advert, bass player in The Adverts, was described as the first female punk star. But the industry focus on her looks caused animosity in the band. Toyah Willcox, an aggressive tomboy, found her emotional rebellion in punk and appeared in Derek Jarman’s cult punk film Jubilee. Gina Birch of The Raincoats played her first gig in November 1977 a few weeks after forming her all-female band. Tessa Pollitt abandoned her A levels to join all girl punk band, The Slits. Vivien Goldman was in the The Flying Lizards and Features Editor on the weekly music paper, Sounds. She is now a Professor of Punk in New York. The guests discuss the impact and legacy of their movement.

Burning Shed: First Four From Toyah

April 18th, 2017

Burning Shed are now stocking the first four Toyah studio releases, Sheep Farming In Barnet (1979), The Blue Meaning (1980), Anthem (1981) and The Changeling (1982).

Featuring copious bonus tracks, these editions were pressed in 1999 and 2002 (N.B. These are not new pressings or remasters) and showcase Toyah’s adventurous and sophisticated fusion of Post-Punk and Art Rock at its very best.

The Changeling was produced by Steve Lillywhite and featured Be Bop Deluxe’s Andy Clarke on keyboards plus the formidable rhythm section of Phil Spalding and Simon Phillips (both soon to depart for Mike Oldfield’s band).

• Further info at Burning Shed. Pre-order for 21st April shipping.


Toyah on TV: Top Of The Pops: Rebel Run

April 13th, 2017

The video for Toyah’s power-pop 1983 hit Rebel Run airs on a retro edition of Top Of The Pops later this month… You’ve got to get away…

Top Of The Pops: BBC4: Friday 21st April: 7.30pm
22.09.1983. Simon Bates and Mike Read present the pop chart programme, first broadcast in September 1983. Featuring Toyah Willcox, David Bowie, Nick Heyward, The Alarm, Howard Jones and Hot Chocolate.


The Reunion: Women of Punk

April 13th, 2017

See further information on The Reunion at (Photo © BBC)


Toyah on the Radio: BBC Radio 4: The Reunion

April 13th, 2017

The Reunion: BBC Radio 4: Sunday 16th April: 11.15am
The Reunion: BBC Radio 4: Friday 21st April: 9am
Women of Punk. Sue MacGregor presents the series that reunites a group of people intimately involved in a moment of modern history. Women of Punk: Sue reunites five musicians who embraced the anarchy of punk music and created a unique style of their own.


Live 2017: Maspalomas Pride

April 13th, 2017

Toyah is playing a live PA at Maspalomas Pride 2017 on 12th May. Click below for info and ticket links. (Thanks to Michael O’Brien for the photos)


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Official Toyah: April 2017 Blog

April 13th, 2017

Toyah’s blog for April 2017 is available to read at


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Toyah on TV: Tales Of The Unexpected

April 13th, 2017

Tales Of The Unexpected: Sky Arts: Monday 24th April: 5pm
Tales Of The Unexpected: Sky Arts: Tuesday 25th April: 8am
Tales Of The Unexpected: Sky Arts: Tuesday 25th April: 1pm
Blue Marigold. Series 5, Episode 1. Dropped by her agency for her diva-like behaviour, supermodel Marigold’s mental health deteriorates. Years later, she plots a comeback. Director: Giles Foster. Starring: Toyah Willcox, Ralph Bates, Sharon Duce, Helen Fraser, Billy Hamon, Edward Jewesbury.


Toyah on TV: Trailblazers: New Romantics

April 13th, 2017

Trailblazers: Sky Arts: Wednesday 26th April: 2am
New Romantics. Toyah Willcox and Billy Bragg are among those examining the New Romantic movement, from The Human League and Adam Ant, to David Bowie and Ultravox. (Series 1, Episode 16)


Toyah on TV: Quadrophenia

April 10th, 2017

Quadrophenia: Sky Greats HD: Sunday 16th April: 00.15am
The Who wrote and produced this energetic story of a young man disillusioned with his life in 1960s London. Phil Daniels excels as the alienated anti-hero Jimmy Cooper. Director: Franc Roddam. Starring: Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Toyah Willcox, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, and Ray Winstone.


Toyah on TV: Kavanagh Q.C. (A Family Affair)

April 10th, 2017

Kavanagh Q.C.: ITV Encore: Wednesday 19th April: 12.55pm
Kavanagh Q.C.: ITV Encore: Thursday 20th April: 7.05am
A Family Affair (1995). Kavanagh finds himself caught up in a bitter family feud when he represents a frustrated father who has kidnapped his son in a desperate attempt to win custody. On the home front, Kavanagh’s daughter wants to let her boyfriend stay overnight. Directed by Renny Rye. With John Thaw, Holly Aird, Robert Ashby, Toyah Willcox and Lisa Harrow.

Toyah on TV: Who’s Doing The Dishes?

April 10th, 2017

Who’s Doing The Dishes?: STV: Friday 14th April: 1.45am
Brian McFadden presents the dining challenge. Will it remain a mystery that Toyah Willcox is the celebrity host when she throws a dinner party for four complete strangers?


Toyah on TV: Trailblazers: Punk

April 10th, 2017

Trailblazers: Sky Arts: Saturday 15th April: 2am
Punk. Narrated by Noddy Holder, this eye-opening series turns its attention to the origins of punk music. With Toyah Willcox and DJ Annie Nightingale. (Episode, Series 1, Episode 5)


Toyah on TV: Maigret & The Hotel Majestic

April 10th, 2017

Maigret: ITV Encore: Saturday 15th April: 3.35pm
Maigret: ITV Encore: Sunday 16th April: 3.45am
Maigret: ITV Encore: Sunday 16th April: 8.50am
Maigret and the Hotel Majestic. Crime series featuring Georges Simenon’s celebrated Parisian detective. Maigret is called to the scene when a beautiful woman is found dead in the basement of the Hotel Majestic with a gun in her handbag. The Chief Inspector’s investigations initially centre around the staff at the hotel – until he discovers that the woman’s husband booked a trip to Rome that he never made. Starring: Michael Gambon, Geoffrey Hutchings, Michael Shannon, Toyah Willcox (1993). Also airing on ITV Encore HD and Plus 1.