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The Sun: Royal Return

March 7th, 2024

Royal Return: 80s pop legend stuns in see-through top as she returns to making bizarre home videos with rock star husband

Their latest performance is of a late ’60s classic

Their quirky cover versions kept spirits up through the dark Covid years.

But for months pop legend Toyah Wilcox, 65, and husband Robert Fripp, 77, of legendary prog rock band King Crimson, have parked their popular Sunday Lunch series of performances.

Instead fans have been treated to a ‘best of’ selection each week… until now.

The couple have relaunched for 2024, kick-starting their new run with a hard rocking version of Shocking Blue’s Venus inside their country home’s familiar kitchen.

The ever flamboyant Toyah performed in a see-through top with shiny love heart nipple pasties, while guitar God Robert wore space age eyeliner and had an F plastered to his forehead.

The rendition was a hit with fans who relished having them back.

One commented on YouTube: “Barking mad, the pair of them. Love every second of it!”

Another said: “You’ve certainly got it! Brilliant. You breathe wonderment, light and joy into our every Sunday.”

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Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted – Press

February 19th, 2022

More press – from the major UK newspapers – on the spooky events that took place in Toyah’s home in Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted. (Photos © Discovery)

Daily Mail: Moment terrified ghost hunter is ‘strangled by an evil spirit’ inside the ‘haunted’ home of ’80s pop icon Toyah Willcox in paranormal reality show: Toyah Willcox appeared on discovery’s Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted – The 63-year-old was convinced her Worcestershire home is haunted by ghosts. Paranormal expert Barri Ghai was seen choking and gasping for air in her attic Barri and his fellow ghost hunters confirmed that Toyah’s home is in fact haunted – Continue reading…

The Sun: Fright Night – I was choked by a violent ghost in Toyah Wilcox’s attic – I was sure I’d collapse and die on camera: A ghost hunter was left gasping for air after being violently attacked “by a ghost” in pop icon’s Toyah Wilcox’s home – Paranormal expert Barri Ghai claimed he was choked as he confronted an aggressive ghost called George in an upcoming scene on Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted – Continue reading…

Daily Star: Moment ghost hunter is ‘strangled by spirit’ inside haunted home of Toyah Willcox: A ghost hunter says he was throttled by an “evil spirit” in the home of 1980s pop star Toyah Willcox in a terrifying episode of Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted. A spine-tingling video shows a paranormal expert being “throttled by an evil spirit” as ghost hunters investigate paranormal activity inside the home of 1980’s pop icon Toyah Willcox – Continue reading…

The Masked Singer: The Sun/Birmingham Mail Press

February 10th, 2022

The final of the third series of The Masked Singer airs this Saturday on ITV. Following press stories a few weeks ago about the possibility of Toyah being, one of the three finalists, Panda, The Sun and Birmingham Mail both published stories yesterday repeating this. (Photos © ITV)

The Sun: Unmasked? Masked Singer fans convinced Panda is 80s pop legend after spotting ‘clues’ in her voice

Masked Singer fans are convinced the celebrity identity behind Panda is none other than 80s pop legend Toyah Willcox. The ITV show’s grand finale is set to air this Saturday with Panda, Robobunny and Mushroom all battling out to be crowned the winner of The Masked Singer 2022.

And while several names such as Natalia Imbruglia and Alesha Dixon have been bounced around, fans of the series now believe the person behind the costume is none other than Toyah, 63, after hearing her distinctive lisp.

Taking to Twitter to share their guess, one fan penned: “Sorry people, Panda is Toyah Willcox. Panda has a lisp. “Toyah also has done theatre, has been in bands as well as solo and is tiny.”

“Watching masked singer for first time. Panda is def Toyah Willcox,” another remarked. “No idea who most of the suggestions even are but Toyah featured heavily in youth tv watching and convinced!!!”

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Birmingham Mail: Panda’s identity rumbled after viewers spot ‘lisp’ on ITV The Masked Singer

The ITV show is set to return for its grand finale this Saturday with three celebrities left in the competition. The Masked Singer viewers think they’ve worked out who Panda is – after they are convinced they have spotted the star lisping.

The ITV show is set to return for its grand finale this Saturday with three celebrities left in the competition. Panda, Robobunny and Mushroom are still battling out to be crowned the winner of The Masked Singer 2022.

Several names have been put forward over the competition for who could be behind the Panda costume. Popular guesses include Natalie Imbruglia, Cheryl Cole and Alesha Dixon, but another name has emerged after viewers heard a distinctive lisp.

They now think it is 80s pop legend Toyah Willcox behind the mask. Taking to Twitter to share their guess, one fan said: “Sorry people, Panda is Toyah Willcox. Panda has a lisp. Toyah also has done theatre, has been in bands as well as solo and is tiny.”

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The Sun/Bizarre: Toyah’s Backing For The Brits

December 5th, 2021

Pop icon Toyah Willcox has welcomed the Brit Awards going gender neutral.

Toyah, who was nominated for four Brits in the Eighties, thinks the move is a positive step towards inclusivity.

She said: “I think the Brits are ahead of the game and I think it’s an amazing thing to do. We have to protect every individual.

“People must not be pushed into labels, and I think it’s going to empower a whole new generation.”

The It’s A Mystery singer is starring in London’s Proud Embankment Cabaret All Stars show. Despite her 63 years she shows no sign of slowing down.

Toyah said: “My advice to people of all ages is to grab life by the horns and have confidence in yourself.”

We can’t argue with that . . .

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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces! – Richard Madden Interview

December 5th, 2021

Mirror: Eternals star Richard Madden says he was ‘fat and shy’ as childhood photos unearthed: The outlet reports that the Golden Globe Award winner has shared a photo from his teenage years, with one image from the time showing him with musician Toyah Willcox. The pair are understood to have appeared together in children’s comedy series Barmy Aunt Boomerang, with the show having ran on the BBC between 1999 and 2000 – Continue reading…

The Sun: Mad Transformation – The Bodyguard star Richard Madden unrecognisable in ‘fat and shy’ pics from his bullied schooldays: Richard, who is famed for being in Game of Thrones, shared a picture from his school days with fans, showing him looking cherubic. He is pictured with musician Toyah Willcox, who he appeared with in Barmy Aunt Boomerang in 1999-2000 – Continue reading…

(Photos © BBC)

The Sun: Rebel Run – Toyah Is Still A Musical Powerhouse

November 25th, 2021

Rebel Run – Toyah Willcox proves she is still a musical powerhouse at 63 in Cabaret All Stars

Toyah Willcox might be 63 years old but she is still a musical powerhouse who doesn’t drop the ball for a second.

The original punk rocker has started her stint at Proud Cabaret as one of their resident celebs for the All Star shows.

She comperes in between the burlesque, circus and magic acts and takes the time to share some of her favourite moments in her career spanning more than 40 decades.

Toyah doesn’t hold anything back, cracking jokes including “These are the feet that ran away from Jimmy Saville” and did her best imitation of Princess Margaret and the Queen mother. The singer also shared that she wrote an early draft of her song I Want To Be Free when she was nine and had jailers telling her lags were singing it behind bars.

When she sang it live, it was hard to tell that it had been decades since she first sang it on record. She was accompanied by the dazzling Katrina Louise who was doing aerial work suspended by chains – her first time back with this prop since giving birth.

Each time Toyah came on stage she had a new getup from a different coloured breast plate to her hair in a new style – the singer certainly got into the spirit of cabaret.

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Dancing On Ice (More Speculation): Newsy Bits & Pieces!

August 31st, 2020

The Sun: Outen On Ice: Denise Van Outen ‘signs £40,000 Dancing On Ice deal after impressing bosses’ – The reality TV contingent included Love Island’s Dr Alex George, 30, and Luke Trotman, 23, Towie’s Billie Faiers, 30, Made In Chelsea’s Olivia Bentley, 24, and Ru Paul’s Drag Race star Baga Chipz, 30. Singer Toyah Willcox, 62, tried out alongside This Morning’s Lisa Maxwell, 56, comic Rufus Hound, 41, vlogger LadBaby, 33, and Tattoo Fixers’ Stephen “Sketch” Porter – Continue reading…

Telly Mix: Denise Van Outen ‘signs up to Dancing On Ice line up’ – Those said to be in talks include ‘WAG’ Rebekah Vardy, reality star Katie Price, singer, footballer Wayne Bridge, comedian Rufus Hound, Love Island’s Alex George and Luke Trotman and The Mummy Diaries’ star Billie Faiers. Also linked to a place on the cast are RuPaul’s Drag Race queen Baga Chipz, Blue star Antony Costa, Made In Chelsea’s Olivia Bentley, singer Toyah Willcox and actress Lisa Maxwell – Continue reading…

Punk: Chaos To Couture

May 9th, 2013

Toyah has written an article due to be published in ‘The Sun’ today.

The piece is in response to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York exhibition Punk: Chaos to Couture, running from today to 14th August. This will possibly only be available in the print edition of the paper.