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The New York Times: Robert Fripp Lightens Up

September 22nd, 2022

A new interview with Robert Fripp, including mention of Toyah and You Tube/Sunday Lunch

Robert Fripp Lightens Up
No one expected to see the leader of King Crimson dancing in a tutu on YouTube. In a rare interview, the guitarist explains “an entirely different trajectory.”

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NY Times: Coming Soon To A Stage Near You

February 15th, 2018

nytimes18aDerek Jarman’s punk-inflected “Jubilee” (1978), adapted by Chris Goode, opens at the Lyric Theater here on Thursday after earning rave reviews at the Royal Exchange in Manchester.

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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

June 5th, 2014

sohocreate14dSohoCreate: “Chaos at #SohoCreate HQ!” – Getting organised yesterday – View here…

The New York Times: Latest Incarnation of King Crimson Plans U.S. Tour: Robert Fripp, the founding guitarist and driving creative force of the British progressive rock band King Crimson, has declared the band dead several times since 1974, but this week he allowed that there was life in it yet – Continue reading…

Rotherham Council: Children’s Festival returns to Rotherham: The Once Voice concert returns on Friday 11 July and welcomes back the dazzling guest appearance of Toyah Wilcox, who will be singing two specially arranged songs to perform with the children – Continue reading…

Radio Times: Peter Pan: Episode Two – In The Mermaid’s Lagoon: The mischievous boy and the children arrive in Neverland. Dramatisation of JM Barrie’s classic tale, with Toyah Willcox. Ron Moody, Georgina Cates and Roy Hudd. Originally broadcast in 1995 – Visit here…

Pets At Home: Apparently there is a one page article on Toyah and Willyfred the rabbit in the latest issue of ‘Pets At Home’ magazine. I haven’t saw it but look out for it if you visit that store (Thanks to Jeff Agar)

New Wave & Beyond: Toyah: Rebel Run / To The Mountains High / Baptised in Fire: I give Toyah props for having the creativity to constantly reinvent herself. This post-apocalyptic skater look wasn’t one of her more memorable guises, however – Continue reading…

New York Times: ‘Quadrophenia’, Still A Flash Point For The Mods

August 24th, 2012

An excellent new article on Quadrophenia, and the Blu-ray release, from The New York Times.

“Quadrophenia,” which the Criterion Collection is reissuing in a restored version on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, concerns little more than a skinny 18-year-old West Londoner trying to track down some blues (speed) for one of these seaside gatherings turned tabloid-covered riots. But the emotions that “Quadrophenia” elicits and its role in converting troubled souls to smartly dressed members of a movement (one with its own chant: “We are the Mods! We are the Mods!”) can be as forceful as the waves that open both the film and the Who’s 1973 double album.

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