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Reviews: Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch Tour – Liverpool

October 18th, 2023

Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
16th October 2023

Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp bring their Bonkers Web show Sunday Lunch to the stage and Del Pike is there to watch the madness unfold.

What started as a fun diversion from the horrors of Covid – Toyah and Robert’s Sunday Lunch has bloomed into an ongoing project with an army of cult followers – who’d have thought it?

Their appearance at Glasto cemented the idea that their online videos were more than a passing fad, and this was a piss-take that had actual legs.

The premise; Robert Fripp, he of King Crimson fame, stares intently at a static camera, seated in his kitchen, strumming along to a classic pop/rock hit, whilst his wife, Toyah Willcox frantically sings along, manically striking shapes and dancing feverishly around the domestic studio. And all this happens at midday every Sunday.

The results are hilarious mainly, unnerving often, but always entertaining. Toyah’s outfits, which are always comically revealing, are as much a feature as the songs and performances, and often there may be a masked collaborator to add a bit of meat to the musical bones.

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Louder Than War: New Toyah Interview

August 16th, 2022

Toyah – Interview With Nigel Carr at Louder Than War

Toyah talks with Nigel Carr at Louder Than War about her Anthem 40th Anniversary tour, Playing Cropedy Festival this week with a surprise appearance by husband Robert Fripp (Thursday 11th August 2022), and supporting Billy Idol on his UK Arena tour alongside Television.

“I helped Franc Roddham out by putting John Lydon through the screentest for Quadrophenia. Lydon was absolutely astonishing. He’s a great actor waiting to be discovered”

Toyah was the face of 1981 with her startling looks, big hair and stadium slaying voice. After 5 years of juggling acting and singing, and after scoring an indie number one, she finally broke through into the mainstream with Four From Toyah, which included the hits, It’s a Mystery and I Want To Be Free. The ensuing album Anthem topped the charts around the world. Here, Nigel speaks with Toyah about her tough start in the music business, her impressive and award winning acting career and her return to the bigtime through the colossally popular Sunday Lunch show on YouTube, the 40th+1 anniversary of Anthem tour and supporting Billy Idol on his The Roadside Tour 2022.

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Louder Than War: Watch this! Tonight Matthew…? Episode 10

August 4th, 2020

Watch this! Tonight Matthew…? episode #10 ft Toyah Willcox

The newest and sunniest episode of Tonight Matthew…? is ELO’s Mr Blue Sky, featuring 80s punk princess Toyah Willcox, alongside usual suspects James Atkin (EMF) and Richard March (PWEI) and a bunch of friends from Supergrass, The Lightning Seeds and Pendulum.


Toyah Willcox – Vocals; Peredur ap Gwynedd – Guitar (Pendulum); Rob Coombes – Piano (Supergrass); Keith York – Drums (The Lightning Seeds / The Orb)
Helena Britten – Violin; Richard March – Bass ( Pop Will Eat Itself / Bentley Rhythm Ace); James Atkin- Vocals (EMF / Bentley Rhythm Ace).

In aid of Help Musicians – donations welcome if you can.

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Louder Than War: Jubilee: Manchester, Royal Exchange – Review

November 18th, 2017

louderthanwar17aJubilee, originally a film by Derek Jarman released in 1978 is updated for the 21st century at The Royal Exchange, Manchester. Nigel Carr reports back for Louder Than War.

Denounced by Vivienne Westwood at the time of its original release in 1978 as failing to represent punk, Derek Jarman’s Jubilee was a social statement on the breakdown of modern society. Anarchy ruled, policemen got firebombed and Queen Elizabeth, transported from the sixteenth century by the occultist John Dee, surveyed a decaying dystopian, modern Britain.

Fast forward forty years and ‘nothing has changed’, ‘nothing has worked’. Gloriously narrated by Travis Alabanza’s Amyl Nitrate, the themes are brought bang up to date in a dense, visceral allegory of a still decaying Britain with references as disparate as Brexit, Grenfell – ‘Tower blocks are built to kill the poor’ and ‘Isis, Isis Isis!’

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Louder Than War: Interview: Jordan Mooney

January 19th, 2017

ltwjm17aInterview: Jordan Mooney : the iconic face of punk on then and now and Star Trek

Certainly personifying and symbolizing the face of “Punk” from a female point of view, “Jordan” caused a sophisticated anarchy that revolutionized equality in music for women at a time when it pretended to be a male profession. Beyond that she was, and still is a, heroine who dares to evoke the threat of imagination. Jordan defied sensibility and at the same time defined it.

Celebrated for her audacious fashion sense, her musical abilities, and her courageous and tantalizing artistic view, Jordan was privy to the most sacred Punk bands to ever emerge, including a close relationship with “The Sex Pistols”. She was also the very first manager of “Adam and the Ants”. She had a supreme role in Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s SEX boutique, and starred as the lead in one of the most impacting films of the time, Derek Jarman’s ” Jubilee”.

• Continue reading at Louder Than War. View details on Jordan in Conversation, with John Robb, taking place at Home Cinema, Manchester on Saturday 21st January, here.

Louder Than War: Toyah in Conversation

October 18th, 2012

Birmingham’s very own punk queen Toyah Willcox returns this month (Oct 31st) to perform a very special Halloween show at the Birmingham Ballroom.

LTW’s Ross Cotton took the chance to ask Toyah about her memories whilst recording her album ‘The Changeling’ and her future plans.

The iconic pop star, actress and TV personality is reigniting her triumphant forth album ‘The Changeling’, to celebrate its 30th anniversary and the mark of the gothic era. After a sell-out touring stint earlier this year, and a well deserved star awarded at the ‘Kings Heath Walk of Fame’, it comes as no surprise that our local girl is in high demand.

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