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Christmas Countdown 2023: Day 8: Invasion Planet Earth

December 12th, 2023

Christmas 2019, Invasion Planet Earth – in which Toyah had/has a starring lead role and also performs the end credits title song, Step Into The New World, released as a digital single simultaneously as the film premiered – was screening in numerous cinemas around the UK.

With the tagline: They’re coming, and reviews boasting “British sci-fi at its best” and “A British classic… War Of The World meets Independence Day“, the film was being compared to enduring sci fi movie blockbusters, and is now considered a cult film.

Invasion Planet Earth – originally titled Kaleidoscope Man – had been an enduring, mammoth, film project and a labour of love for its creator, Simon Cox, for many years.

• See much more info on Invasion Planet Earth, here and here. The film is available on DVD and in digital format. NB. A few months after the original release of Step Into The New World, the song was also released on the Planetary Invasion Mix.