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Toyah & Robert: At Home/Objects Of Desire/Sunday Lunch

March 20th, 2022

Toyah At Home – Echo Beach: This week Toyah takes a look and gives us the story behind the hit – Echo Beach, and an exclusive live version of the song! – Watch here…

Toyah & Robert’s Objects Of Desire: Toyah and Robert take a look at some of the objects that surround them in middle England, direct from social medias most famous kitchen! – Watch here…

Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch – I Predict A Riot: Airing at Midday today!! This weeks Sunday Lunch is really a belter – and we predict a lot more than a riot!! – Watch here… (Images © Toyah Willcox)

Toyah At Home: Episode #19

October 28th, 2020

“I knock the phone from the table, and the room starts purring, smash the contents from a drawer, and a photo starts twirling…”

Last Saturday’s episode of Toyah At Home featured two more live archive performances: The 1987 single, from the Desire album, Echo Beach – also a single for Martha & The Muffins in 1980 – and the truly amazing Angel & Me, from the 1982 album, The Changeling.

Click below to watch/rewatch episode 19, with a guest appearance by Robert Fripp, and Toyah reminiscing about playing Calamity Jane, currently revisiting albums including The Blue Meaning, not being part of the Band Aid single in 1984, and more. Episode 20 of Toyah At Home airs this Saturday at 11am at Toyah’s official You Tube channel, and Facebook.

Toyah At Home: Episode #4

July 12th, 2020

Echo Beach was song of the week on the fourth episode of Toyah At Home, which aired at Toyah’s official You Tube channel yesterday.

Toyah and the band performed the 1987 single and Toyah discussed the song and the album it is included on, Desire.

Toyah also talked about the acting roles she rejected and others she has screen-tested for; the film she wished she had starred in; who would play her in a drama of her life; all things Sunday All Over The World; visiting America in 1985; duetting with other singers; Slave To The Rhythm; and the song that is closest to her heart.

• Click below to watch/re-watch Toyah At Home: Episode #4, which closes with an archive live performance of, the awesome, Little Tears Of Love

RSD2018: Toyah on Splash / Echo Beach Video

April 20th, 2018

desirered18bLess than one day to go until Desire is released on limited edition translucent red vinyl for RSD2018.

Here are another couple of Desire related posts to finish the countdown…

Splash: Toyah guesting on ITV’s, short-lived teatime pop show, Splash from 1987 – around the time of the release of Desire. Not great quality but worth a watch to see Toyah having some fun while discussing the album, Cabaret, her earlier career and more – Watch at You Tube… (NB: Not to be confused with this Splash!)


• Echo Beach: Watch/Listen to Toyah’s 1987 single, with remastered audio, at The Official Toyah You Tube channel – Desire, the album from which the single was taken, is also available digitally.


My Vinyl Dreams: Toyah – Echo Beach (12″)

August 19th, 2016

Toyah has a successful go at covering Martha & The Muffins classic. Released in 1987 this was off the album “Desire” and see’s her go for a more mainstream sound. Mike Hedges gives it enough weird synth sound and the vocal delivery is spot on. The track is remixed by English electro-dance duo, The Quick and it polishes up the original really well. B-side, “Plenty,” was written by Toyah even has a Motown feel to it with a horn section and a guitar solo, weird!

• Continue reading at My Vinyl Dreams.


Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

October 18th, 2015

• Echo Beach: Watch/Listen to Toyah’s 1987 single, with remastered audio by Toyah fan David Anning, at The Official Toyah You Tube channel – Desire, the album from which the single was taken, is available digitally now.


Gazette & Herald: Arts festival starts: Our headline performer this year is Toyah, who will be appearing at the Civic Centre on Sunday, November 1. Musical icon of the 80s and star of screen, TV and stage, Toyah will be playing acoustic versions of her hits, discussing her life story, and meeting and greeting after the show – Continue reading…

This is Wiltshire: Trowbridge comes alive with history and light for Arts Festival: Trowbridge Arts Festival, which runs until November 1, is heralded by a baronial event on Friday, one of many emphasising its status as a Baron Town in this 700-year celebration of the Magna Carta… The festival closes on November 1 at the town’s Civic Centre, where ’80s pop icon Toyah plays an acoustic, up close and personal set which wanders trough her musical life – Continue reading…

EDP: Celebrities create puppets to help support Norwich theatre: About 25 quirky characters – made by a mix of celebrities and artists – have been sent to Norwich Puppet Theatre ready for a celebrity puppet auction on November 25… Who has provided a puppet for the auction so far? Actors and comedians: Tom Conti, Anita Dobson, Jenny Eclair, Neil Innes, Maureen Lipman, Gwen Taylor, Toyah Willcox – Continue reading…

Toyah @ Twitter: Stay updated on Toyah, direct from… yes… Toyah herself at Twitter…

Desirable: New Digital Extra Toyah EP

October 1st, 2015

desirable15aTo mark the digital release of Desire, Prostitute and Ophelia’s Shadow a selection of “Bonus Features” – retro letters, interviews and performances, see the latest Breaking Through newsletter for full details – have been made available by Toyah’s official website. This includes a “new” EP, Desirable, compiling all other previously released Desire-era songs not included on the album.

Four songs from the Desire sessions, from Echo Beach and Moonlight Dancing b-sides, are on this free digital EP, with great new cover art, nicely referencing the original Desire album.

• Download or stream Desirable at The Official Toyah Discography. The full tracklist for the EP is as follows:

1. Echo Beach [Surf Mix] (Gane) | Originates from the 12″ single of Echo Beach
2. Plenty (Willcox) | Originates from the 7″/12″ single of Echo Beach
3. Sun Up (Willcox) | Originates from the 7″/12″ single of Moonlight Dancing
4. Re-Entry Into Dance (Willcox/Geballe) | Originates from the 7″/12″ single of Moonlight Dancing

Dreamscape You Tube: Breakfast Time 1987

January 19th, 2014

Just uploaded to Dreamscape’s You Tube channel, a short interview with Toyah from BBC Breakfast Time on the day that ‘Echo Beach’ was released as a single in 1987. Click on the caps below to watch and view larger versions of the screen caps here.


The Lost Turntable: Covers by Toyah and Cyndi

April 26th, 2013

Toyah: Echo Beach (Surf Mix, 7″ Mix), Plenty

This is a cover. The original was by a Canadian new wave band called Martha and the Muffins. There were actually two Marthas in that band at one point, so they really should have been called Marthas and the Muffins, but I guess that doesn’t really roll off the tongue. What are the odds of having two Marthas in a band anyways? Is that like some crazy common name in Canada or something?

I’m getting off topic. This version is by perennial UK oddball Toyah, and I prefer it to the original. It has less horns and more synthesizers.

• Continue reading at The Lost Turntable.

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