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Toyah 60: London Marquee, 1979!

October 22nd, 2018

On This Day, 21 Oct in 1979, Toyah played at London Marquee with Joel Bogen, Pete Bush, Steve Bray & Charlie Francis. This slideshow includes images from that evening, set to an audio clip of the early (abandoned) song “Watch Me Sane” from a bootleg of the gig. Get your tickets for Toyah’s four anniversary gigs this autumn.

A fantastic treat for Toyah fans yesterday from Official Toyah. Click here for a gallery of the images. and below to view the post at Instagram.


Granada What’s On: Debut Toyah Band TV Appearance

April 13th, 2016

It’s long been rumoured that the Toyah band’s debut TV appearance was on Pebble Mill at One sometime in late 1978 – That now appears to be a myth…

Flashback to 12 April 1979… Toyah make their first music appearance on UK television on Granada’s What’s On, a cultural round up programme. The TV spot captured Toyah and the band performing Race Through Space inside ‘Mayhem’, Battersea some three months before any music was released on vinyl.

• Visit the Official Toyah Facebook and Instagram pages for more photos and info. (Thanks to Official Toyah)


Classic Toyah: Live 1979

February 4th, 2013

Photos of Toyah taken in 1979 during the soundcheck/rehearsal for the gig at Hammersmith Riverside Studios, West London, on 18th July. Thanks to Craig Watkins. (Photos © Philip Grey)

Classic Toyah: ‘SFIB’ Toyah 1979: Rare Photo

January 22nd, 2013

A very rare, and fantastic, photo of Toyah from around the time of the release of ‘Sheep Farming In Barnet’ (AP, not album) in 1979, along with a mini-poster by Dreamscape. Please click to zoom on that. (Thanks to Andi for the original photo)

Classic Toyah @ Dreamscape: Celebrating Toyah’s unique, colourful and exciting past while reporting the bang up-to-date Toyah news and views too. The Best Of Both!  ;))

Classic Toyah: Quadrophenia: A Way Of Life!

January 22nd, 2013

Quadrophenia, which airs this week and next on ITV4, was filmed 35 years ago! It’s as popular now as it ever has been. Here’s a rare promo photo of Toyah. Click to view the original and a couple of “A Way Of Life!” inspired tributes. (Thanks to Andi for the photo)

Classic Toyah: More Rare-ish 79/80 Photos

January 20th, 2013

Return to Dreamscape soon for more rare-ish photos of Toyah from 1979 and ’80, including publicity shots for Quadrophenia and The Tempest. (Thanks to Andi)

In the meantime do take a look at some of our recent Rare Toyah Photos updates.

Classic Toyah: Rare 1978/79 Photos

December 18th, 2012

There’s just over a week until Christmas Day! Here’s an early Christmas present from Dreamscape (courtesy of the brilliant Andi Westhorpe – This site would have been far less interesting over the years without Andi – Think a Christmas tree without any colourful baubles and you get the idea ;)). Two highly rare photos of Toyah from the same session as the photo that was used on the cover of Record Mirror in January 1979. These were either taken in late ’78 or January ’79, probably the former. Please click on each to zoom. (Thanks again, and a Merry Christmas, to Andi)

Classic Toyah: Rare 1979 Photo

November 19th, 2012

An incredibly rare Toyah photo from 1979. This was only ever used during Toyah’s Neon Womb performance on PopRock in 1980. (A huge thank you to Andi)

Classic Toyah: Rare ’79 Photos

October 24th, 2012

A, low quality, mini-gallery of previously unseen Toyah photos from 1979. Great shots!

Toyah @ Mayhem/Battersea 1979

September 8th, 2012

Three more photos of Toyah from another late 70s session, and this one is definitely 1979. These were taken in, and around, Toyah’s famous Mayhem warehouse in Battersea, London. The first photo has been around for a few years but the others have just recently surfaced online. Click on each to zoom. (Thanks to Craig Watkins/1, and Andi/2&3)

Toyah @ Mayhem 1978/79: Full Session?

September 8th, 2012

Another old/new photo from the late 70s (fourth along). Here is the full, or at least what’s available of the, photo session, of Toyah at Mayhem in, either, late 1978 or very early 1979! Excellent early photos of Toyah – Click below to view larger. (Thanks to Andi who has sent these to Dreamscape as they became available over the years – a great collection)

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Toyah In The Neon 70s!

May 2nd, 2012

Two photos of Toyah from the late 70s. The first is a very rare shot taken on the stairs outside Mayhem in Battersea, and the second is a fuller length version of a shot I previously added to Dreamscape. Amazing photos! Click on each for larger versions. (Thanks to Andi)