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Breaking Through: Official Newsletter #3

July 3rd, 2013

breakingthrough13iThe third issue of Breaking Through, Toyah’s Official Newsletter, was mailed out to subscribers at the beginning of the week. It included exclusive news, a previously unseen photo, and a competition. There were also hints about the forthcoming LITL&M tour outfit and mention of “even more exciting plans afoot behind the scenes“.

News included details on the ‘Club to Catwalk’ exhibition, Love Is The Law being digitally released (including a preview of the digital booklet), info on Toyah’s full Safari catalogue also now being available digitally, Toyah’s Gig Diary for 2013, the competition to win signed CDs from Toyah, The Humans and Weekend Guitar Trio, plus other news on The Humans third album, Fallen and Ladies Love The Beatles.

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Breaking Through: 20:13 / 01.07.13

June 29th, 2013

The next edition of Breaking Through: Toyah’s Official Newsletter will be on 20:13 / 01.07.13 – Sign up to the mailing list by clicking below.

Breaking Through: Official Newsletter #2

June 5th, 2013

The second Breaking Through, Toyah’s Official Newsletter, was mailed out to subscribers on Monday night. It includes news on the tour, Toyah’s Summer 2013 activities and more. Here’s a brief synopsis of what’s included:

• Love Is The Law & More: Full official details of Toyah’s Autumn tour dates. The tour is subtitled Greatest Hits | Fan Favourites | Cult Classics.

• Exclusive Downloads: Two live tracks, ‘Rebel Run’ and ‘I Explode’ (more info on that below).

• Summer 2013 Gig Diary: All of Toyah’s festival, PA and one off gigs. Details of these can also be found at the Official Gigs page.

• There is also news on the V&A: Club to Catwalk exhibition, and a linked appearance by Toyah, Weekend Guitar Trio’s new live album and more.

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Breaking Through: Official Newsletter #1

March 3rd, 2013

The first Breaking Through, Toyah’s new Official Newsletter, was mailed out to subscribers last night. and it included a plethora of information and Toyah goodies. Here’s a brief synopsis of just some of what’s included:

• A previously unseen Dean Stockings photo of Toyah, taken in 2007, you really won’t want to miss the full-size version of this; plus links to two exclusive live tracks: ‘Thunder In The Mountains (Ronnie Scott’s 2002)’ and ‘The Packt (The Changeling Resurrection 2012)’.

• There is also news on the re-print of In The Court Of The Crimson Queen (it now includes ’21st Century Supersister’ and revisions to the artwork); The Humans upcoming third album; a vote link to choose a song you’d like to hear on the Autumn Love Is The Law & More dates; Hormonal Housewives info and much more…

• At a later date the newsletter will also announce the forthcoming series of digital releases of some Toyah back catalogue titles, expanded to commemorate their digital debut.

• Toyah’s Gig Diary 2013: Three new PAs announced, and several gigs mentioned by Dreamscape over the last couple of months are now officially confirmed (see posts below).

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Breaking Through: The Official Toyah Mailing List

February 19th, 2013

The new Official Toyah Newsletter. Register here.

Join the official Toyah mailing list to receive receive Breaking Through, an e-mail newsletter and regular bulletins containing gig announcements, release news, links to buy Toyah products online and exciting exclusives direct from
A round-up of recently confirmed gigs means you can plan seeing Toyah live in concert and there will be news on any upcoming tour merchandise in the pipeline. Can you hear it……. breaking through.

• Sign up to the newsletter before 31st March and gain access to a previously unreleased exclusive track. There were 40 sign ups last night in the three minutes after the mailing list was announced on Toyah’s official webspaces!