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Breaking Through: Official Newsletter #1

March 3rd, 2013

The first Breaking Through, Toyah’s new Official Newsletter, was mailed out to subscribers last night. and it included a plethora of information and Toyah goodies. Here’s a brief synopsis of just some of what’s included:

• A previously unseen Dean Stockings photo of Toyah, taken in 2007, you really won’t want to miss the full-size version of this; plus links to two exclusive live tracks: ‘Thunder In The Mountains (Ronnie Scott’s 2002)’ and ‘The Packt (The Changeling Resurrection 2012)’.

• There is also news on the re-print of In The Court Of The Crimson Queen (it now includes ’21st Century Supersister’ and revisions to the artwork); The Humans upcoming third album; a vote link to choose a song you’d like to hear on the Autumn Love Is The Law & More dates; Hormonal Housewives info and much more…

• At a later date the newsletter will also announce the forthcoming series of digital releases of some Toyah back catalogue titles, expanded to commemorate their digital debut.

• Toyah’s Gig Diary 2013: Three new PAs announced, and several gigs mentioned by Dreamscape over the last couple of months are now officially confirmed (see posts below).

• Sign up to Breaking Through: The Official Toyah Mailing List here.