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TCR @ London: Toyah by Mark Evans

June 20th, 2012

A great selection of photos of Toyah from ‘The Changeling Resurrection’ gig at Bush Hall, London (22nd April 2012). Toyah looking fantastic in monochrome. Click below to view them all at Dreamscape Changeling Resurrection Gallery. (Thanks to Mark Evans for the photos)

• View all of our ‘Changeling Resurrection’ news, photographs and the London gig updates.

TCR @ London & Wolverhampton: More Photos

May 12th, 2012

Coming Soon: More fantastic photos from ‘The Changeling Resurrection 2012’ tour, courtesy of Mark Evans and Kevin McNamara. Great shots of Toyah onstage in London and Wolves.

The Changeling Resurrection: Gallery Now Online

April 28th, 2012

‘The Changeling Resurrection 2012’ gallery is now online at Dreamscape. View it here.

Tonight Toyah plays Wolverhampton’s Robin 2, the fourth gig of the, highly acclaimed, UK tour.  Doors open at 7pm with first support on 7:05pm. There is no curfew at the venue, so after the gig you can stay for drinks up until 1am. It’s sure to be yet another great gig.

Thanks to everyone who generously sent photos to be included in the new gallery page. I’ve added over 200 and there are some fantastic shots in there, including set lists for each gig so far (Spoilers! don’t click on them if you don’t want to know what’s been played), some fun and quirky London photos (Thanks Damon:)) and lots and lots and lots of… Toyah!

These amazing photos below are by Mark Evans. View these and many more by clicking below. (Thanks to Lärwi for her help with photos, and to all the cups of coffee that helped keep me awake to compile the TCR gallery)

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The Changeling Resurrection: Gallery Coming Soon

April 26th, 2012

I’m working on The Changeling Resurrection gallery and hoping to have it online before the fourth gig of the tour on Saturday. Here’s a few more photos from the Bush Hall concert. Please click on each to zoom. (Thanks to Francesco Carli, Lärwi & Damon King)

Toyah News Briefs

April 24th, 2012

• As expected with a sold out London gig, a lot of footage has been uploaded to ‘You Tube’ over the last couple of days. Check out Steve Day’s, up close and personal, Warrior Rock. It has the distinction of being the very first clip made available online, from a gig that is already being compared to some of the legendary Toyah concerts.

The Birmingham Press: What’s On At The Robin: On Saturday there’s the return of eighties icon Toyah, who since her chart days has honed her act into a top-line live performance. She’ll be celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of her influential album The Changeling, which itself spawned the live follow-up Warrior Rock. There are four support acts and the fun starts at 7pm. Tickets £19.50,

Lost Turntable: Tony Banks’ Soundtracks: In 1984 he composed the score for a low-budget sci-fi flick called Lorca And The Outlaws (it was released as Starship on VHS). In addition to the score, he also composed the original songs, “You Call This Victory” featuring vocalist Jim Diamond and “Lion of Symmetry” featuring vocals by the amazing Toyah Willcox.

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TCR @ London: Toyah by Damon King (Preview)

April 23rd, 2012

Just a preview of a few more of Damon’s photos from last night’s gig. All of these and more, plus all the others I’ve received from the London, Bristol and Brighton gigs, will be added to the new ‘TCR 2012’ page at Dreamscape’s Gallery – Coming Soon! (Thanks to Damon King)

TCR @ London: More Toyah by Damon

April 23rd, 2012

More fantastic shots of Toyah. These will all be added to the gallery. (Thanks to Damon King)

TCR @ London: Amazing Toyah by Damon King

April 23rd, 2012

An am-aaz-ing shot of Toyah from last night’s gig. Click to zoom. (Thanks to Damon King)

TCR @ London: More Photos Soon

April 23rd, 2012

Return later for more photos from last night, by the wonderful Damon King. In the meantime click below to view all of ‘The Changeling Resurrection’ London news and photos… so far!

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TCR @ London: Toyah by Greg Fowler

April 23rd, 2012

Fantastic photos of Toyah onstage last night at Bush Hall, London. ‘The Changeling Resurrection’ certainly made its mark on the capital! Please click on each of the below to view larger versions. (Thanks to Greg Fowler for the photos)

The Changeling Resurrection: You Tubing @ Bush Hall, London

April 23rd, 2012

An amazingly positive post-gig response for last night’s London concert, the third date of ‘The Changeling Resurrection’ tour. Footage from the gig has already been uploaded to ‘You Tube’. View a selection here and here.

Official footage from last night’s sold out gig will be available at soon.

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Toyah @ Twitter: A Highlight Of My Life

April 23rd, 2012

A lovely tweet from Toyah, summing up what last night’s London ‘Changeling Resurrection’ gig meant to her: “Thank u 2 u all. That was a highlight of my life! The Packt sent shivers down my spine.”

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Changeling Resurrection: Toyah Takes London… into Nightflight

April 22nd, 2012

Andrew York’s stunning art, celebrating ‘The Changeling Resurrection 2012’ playing London (it’s sold out dontcha know!). Andrew generously created this Toyah masterpiece especially for Falling To Earth, helping us to mark the occasion in style! Toyah tweeted late this afternoon: “At last! At bush hall! Very busy. There’s 2 film crews in tonite. Can’t wait 2 rock“. Fitting that, the incredible, ‘The Changeling’ is finally being celebrated as it always should have been.

This evening, as Londoners mark the album’s 30th with Toyah, I’ll be consoling myself by ploughing through my new Doctor Who: Revisitations 2 box set (a pressie from a brilliant mate – Thanks Mark!). Please click above to view a larger version of the “Toyah Takes London” art, and here for a version without text. (Thanks again to, the amazingly talented, Andrew and to Dean Stockings/Sean Chapman for the wonderful photo/imagery • Original photo © Toyah Willcox/Dean Stockings | Art by Andrew York • View more from the shoot at

TCR: Filming Tonight: Footage For ‘Official Toyah’

April 22nd, 2012

Yet more exciting ‘Changeling Resurrection’ news on this, already, very exciting day!

Two film crews are at Bush Hall, London tonight. One is there there to capture some exclusive footage to be made available at a later date @

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TCR @ Bush Hall, London: Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!

April 22nd, 2012

‘The Changeling Resurrection’ good news keeps coming: Tonight’s gig at Bush Hall. London is now officially confirmed as Sold Out! Fantastic news for Toyah. What a night it will be! Doors open 7pm. First support starts 7:05pm. Toyah is on stage at 9.15-10.45pm approx. Venue curfew is 11pm.

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The Changeling Resurrection 2012: Toyah Takes London

April 22nd, 2012

An exciting time for everyone heading to Bush Hall tonight for ‘The Changeling Resurrection’ London concert. Toyah tweeted yesterday: “Waiting to play Bush Hall tomorrow is like waiting for Christmas morning! I wanna play now!“. Return, if you can, later to view amazing Toyah art created, by Andrew York, to mark tonight’s gig. I’ve named it “Toyah Takes London”. (preview below – Original photo © Toyah Willcox/Dean Stockings | Artwork by Andrew York)