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Guitar.Com: Sunday Lunch – The Movie… More Press!

September 16th, 2023

Toyah Willcox says a Sunday Lunch movie is in the works

She says there’s a documentary crew following her and her husband Robert Fripp and “quite a big” production company working on an idea.

According to a new interview with Toyah Willcox, a Sunday Lunch movie is in the works.

Willcox and her husband, King Crimson‘s Robert Fripp might be accomplished musicians in their own right, but they shot to prominence with a new audience at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when they began uploading videos to YouTube.

Entitled Toyah and Robert’s Sunday Lunch, their videos feature covers of well-known songs, with their cover of Metallica‘s Enter Sandman receiving over 8.4 million views to date.

They’ve been on tour with it, and now it looks as though there’s even going to be a movie too. Speaking to eonmusic, Willcox explains, “Well, the Sunday Lunch phenomenon, which is a worldwide phenomenon which a movie’s being made about, it’s basically, we picked up on classic rock, and our treatment of rock is; if you can teach Mozart and Beethoven in schools, then why can’t you teach classic rock? Because that’s what it is now; rock from Led Zeppelin, rock from Black Sabbath; it’s classic, it’s never going to go away. And it’s something that I think, kids would really love learning about.”

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Classic Rock/Louder: Sunday Lunch – The Movie

September 15th, 2023

“It’s a worldwide phenomenon!” Toyah reveals that talks have begun to make Toyah and Robert’s Sunday Lunch: The Movie a reality

Who’s ready for Toyah and Robert Fripp’s Sunday Lunch on the ‘silver screen’?

Toyah has revealed that discussions have begun on making a movie of the hugely popular YouTube series Sunday Lunch she hosts with her partner, Robert Fripp.

The series, which sees the former punk heroine and King Crimson’s leader cover songs from their kitchen in Pershore, Worcestershire, started life during lockdown, and has grown into a “phenomenon”, according to the singer. There are currently 147 videos filed under the Sunday Lunch banner.

Toyah made the revelation while speaking to eonmusic’s Eamon O’Neill ahead of her performance at Rewind South in Henley-on-Thames in August.

On how the YouTube series has taken off, Toyah says, “Sunday Lunch came about because we posted one clip, 28 seconds, something like 19th of April 2020, and we had 100,000 replies within five minutes from people who were just desperate, absolutely desperate. They were on their own. They were in lockdown. They didn’t know when they’d be able to leave their apartments, and we, Robert and I realised that this was at that particular time, a very lonely and frightened world. So we decided to keep posting, and it grew from there.

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