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Dreamscape: A Website… In Locomotion!

January 2nd, 2024

On 10th March, this year, Dreamscape will enter it’s 25th year online – which I’m astounded by, the time has passed so quickly and a lot has happened, but I’m particularly proud that Dreamscape has always been an active website, with constant updates. This site was started in the internet’s infancy and predominantly as a way of supporting Toyah’s career when no one else seemed to be. Over the years it’s been a delight to see Toyah’s popularity grow and grow online to the point where a fan website isn’t actually necessary, but I continue with Dreamscape, essentially because I love doing this as a hobby and celebration of my all-time favourite music artist!, but also we still welcome a lot of visitors each and every day, so we haven’t yet become irrelevant. The week leading up to Christmas, Dreamscape – despite technical issues – had well over 8000 page views!

NB. Apologies the site has been a bit wobbly since the beginning of December. It’s an ongoing issue with the database and I’ve been working on sorting this and also have some changes planned – yes, I know I said that this time last year…

Dreamscape: Site Stats

February 13th, 2020

Dreamscape is almost 20! In my spare time I’m slowly bringing the Press Archive, Features and a few other slightly neglected site sections up-to-date.

I’m also planning on installing an SSL Certificate to the site. Though it isn’t necessary as Dreamscape does not collect any info on visitors or sell anything. But a secure site seems to be the way to go these days.

Whenever I sporadically question whether a “fan site” is still pertinent, appropriate or even relevant in 2020, when social media seems to be all, I check the hit stats for this site and I always find it mindboggling that so many Toyah fans from so many areas of the planet visit here.

It’s been almost a year since the last stats update, so… In the last day there have been visits from the UK, Australia, South Africa, Germany, United States, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Philippines, China, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Japan, Turkey, Poland, New Zealand, India, Hungary.

Toyah has such a global fanbase. Thanks to everyone who still takes the time to visit.

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Dreamscape: Site Stats

April 18th, 2019

stats19aOne of our sporadic looks at which countries are visiting this website, and thus interested in the latest news on Toyah and, currently, In The Court Of The Crimson Queen

As always the majority of our hits are from within the UK, but there are numerous other countries checking in, including a significant total from the USA.

The last 500 visitors to are from: United Kingdom (371), United States (51), South Africa (11), Finland (8), Canada (6), Netherlands (5), Italy (5), Ireland (5), Germany (5), Denmark (4), Australia (4), Estonia (3), Russian Federation (2), Korea (2), Spain (2), Luxembourg (1), France (1) and China (1).

Interest is truly global and not strictly limited to the digital world. The latest fanzines were posted out to the UK, US, Australia, Norway, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Switzerland, Spain and France.

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Dreamscape: Site Stats

December 9th, 2018

stats18aHey! It’s Christmas, an ideal time to take one of our, very sporadic, looks at the visitor stats to this website.

In these times of social media essentially becoming the internet for many people, this site is still very busy and continues to receive 100′s of unique visitors each and every day.

Even on the quietest day of the last couple of months, which was Saturday 20th October, there were still 130 unique visitors. I have friends who run well-known Madonna, Doctor Who and U2 fansites and all say social media has seriously affected their visitor stats over recent years.

In the last 24 hours alone there have been visits to Dreamscape from: United Kingdom, United States, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Australia, France, Thailand, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Poland, Jersey, Estonia, Germany and Austria.

View a larger version of the stats graphic here.

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Dreamscape: Site Stats

August 15th, 2015

Haven’t did this for a while. Maybe some of them just got lost on the interweb, but it’s good to see interest in Toyah is truly global.  The last 500 people to visit Dreamscape came from…


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Dreamscape: Site Stats

October 7th, 2014

stats14aI must confess, I haven’t looked at Dreamscape’s stats for a good while. Just been too busy with other things.

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the stats at Stat Counter tonight (just 20 minutes ago to be precise) – In these times of Facebook, social media and everything else but the kitchen sink, this site is still very busy and continues to receive 100’s of unique visitors each and every day. Even on the quietest day of the last couple of months, which was Sunday 14th September, there was still 190 unique visitors.

In the last day alone there have been visits to Dreamscape from: UK, USA, Australia, France, Ireland, Germany, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain, Kenya, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Finland. Russian Federation, Singapore, Poland and Latvia.

Interest in Toyah is truly global – View a larger version of the stats graphic here.

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Dreamscape | Toyah.Net: Site Stats

April 28th, 2013

Something we haven’t done for a while… a look at which other places in the world people are visiting Dreamscape from. Toyah fans are all over the globe.

As always the majority of visits are from the UK, but as you can see, over the last 24 hours there have been visitors from France, USA, Germany, Australia, Spain and numerous other countries. This is just a snapshot of the last day or so, no doubt the list of locations will be quite different tomorrow or the next day!

Hello to everyone out there! What was the last album you played? I’m currently listening to the playlist I put together a few months ago.

•  Click on the screenshot to view a larger version. Previous stats updates are available to view here.

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