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Love Is The Law: The Complete Lyrics Collection

September 4th, 2013

Over the next few months Dreamscape will count down to Toyah’s Love Is The Law & More Tour by compiling “The Complete Love Is The Law Lyrics Collection”. Continuing with songs three and four from the album: A double dose of rebelling… Rebel of Love and Rebel Run. I’ll put together a page for the collection once a few more are ready. Please click below to view full versions of each.

Remember ’83: Toyah Talks ‘Love Is The Law’

January 20th, 2013

Dreamscape is ‘Remembering ’83’ all through 2013, with sporadic updates related to Toyah’s career in 1983, in the build-up to the ‘Love Is The Law & Greatest Hits’ tour in the Autumn.

Toyah talks ‘Love Is The Law’ in 1983: “For the first time I’ve written real love songs, a field I’ve never ventured into before. The songs are all inter related. There’s a loose story behind it but I’m not telling anyone that. There’s a very emotional feeling to the whole thing.”

Toyah talks the ‘Love Is The Law’ and ‘Rebel Run’ imagery in 1987: “This is the Rebel Run look. I was into armour. A friend, Simon, made a bronze headdress based on the skeletal structure of American football players. What I wanted to put acros was The New Woman. I believe we’ve got into a new kind of feminism. Women’s bodies are becoming more muscular, more streamlined. They’re not based on having babies. I won’t be having babies. By now I’d changed from a girl into a woman. Everything is based on becoming the Ultimate Woman.” (Thanks to Andrew York)

BBC Tees: ‘Dave Llewellyn Show’ Toyah Interview

August 30th, 2012

Toyah guested on The Dave Llewellyn Show on BBC Tees on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon. A great interview that was recorded a couple of weeks ago and dominated the first hour of his show.

The first part of the interview begins around 19 minutes into the show and runs for approximately 12 minutes. Toyah talks her favourite cities (Glasgow) and travelling round the UK, gigs, five-year-old Toyah fans (Dave’s daughter), and recording The Changeling 30 years ago and returning to it this year. There’s also a play of ‘I Want To Be Free’.

Part two starts at 34 minutes, and runs for approx 12 minutes, with Toyah talking about how she is perceived (by critics) in comparison to Kate Bush and Siouxsie, Minx, The Humans and their evolution and playing in Estonia, and the King’s Heath Walk of Fame. Plus a play of ‘Thunder In The Mountains’.

Part three is at 51 minutes in, running for approx 10 minutes. Toyah talks the Hare & Hounds gig, The Changeling Resurrection II (fans will be able to vote for particular songs on the set list again), the BBC4 Love & Marriage documentary, what bonds Toyah and Robert, and more. With the magnificent ‘Rebel Run’ rounding off the chat.

Dave was a Toyah fan back in the day so this is an interesting interview. It’s available to listen to for the next five days here.