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Wimbledon Guardian: Toyah’s Story

April 13th, 2013

A new print interview with Toyah, from Thursday’s Wimbledon Guardian.

Prepare yourself for an evening of insightful observational comedy – looking into what makes women tick – and the opportunity to witness a star in action.

The irrepressible Hormonal Housewives is back and at the New Wimbledon Theatre on April 19, featuring the fantastic Toyah Willcox, who describes the show as ‘like Al Murray in drag’.

Toyah, 55, famous for 80s singles ‘It’s A Mystery’ and ‘I Want To Be Free’, describes the stage show as: “Very light-hearted, and incredibly funny. “It seems to have just caught the audience’s imagination in the right way.

• Read the full interview here. The article has also been made available online at the ‘Wimbledon Guardian’ website today. (Thanks to Larwi for the scan)

Hormonal Housewives 2013: Reviews

April 13th, 2013

A selection of recent Hormonal Housewives reviews.

Shropshire Star: Review: Hormonal Housewives, Wolverhampton Grand: A tiny sprinkling of very brave males turned out in support of their WAGS at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre last night, as 1980s pop princess Toyah Willcox and the cast of Hormonal Housewives flew into town on their broomsticks to begin a run of this hilarious comedy. It’s a light-hearted look at all things female through the eyes of three middle- aged woman, and providing you can see the humour in someone else’s sex life, PMS, bodily functions and other personal aspects of growing older, you’ll be entertained. (Photo © Shropshire Star)

This is Devon: Review: Ellie Cox sees Hormonal Housewives at the Queen’s Theatre: Lighthearted sense of humour? Check. Gaggling group of girls? Check. Lover of sparkle, pink fluff and gym lycra? Check. If you ticked all of the above criteria, then this is a show for you.

It’s On Cardiff: Hormonal Housewives: I have to say, I haven’t belly laughed like that in a long time! The show was packed with humour from start to finish as the ladies acted out different sketches on stage (with the help of their not-so-fetching male accomplice – Zeus), portraying different scenarios in a woman’s life.

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The York Press: Hormonal Housewives

April 13th, 2013

An interview with Toyah, from The York Press, published on Thursday.

Theatre: Hormonal Housewives, Grand Opera House, York, April 18

For Toyah, appearing in a three-hander is a new concept. “It’s pure comedy with the three of us playing ourselves and various characters, so we’re the glue that holds together this celebration of women,” says the 54-year-old performer from King’s Heath.

“I don’t think the show is patronising, but nor is it feminist or political at all. I think shows like this exist because feminism has paved the way for them. It’s your everywoman show, looking at aspects of being a woman, such as the competition at the school gates; dress sizes; book groups; going to the gym; and staying thin.”

• Continue reading at The York Press.

The Northern Echo: ‘Miranda meets Smack the Pony’

April 12th, 2013

Toyah Willcox, pictured below, reveals to Steve Pratt how she found her hormonal side in spite of living the kind of life that doesn’t lend itself to motherhood and being a housewife

Hormonal Housewives is the title of the show, but Toyah Willcox isn’t one of them. Only on stage every night in the show of that name. She doesn’t have children or teenagers, and has lived a life out of the ordinary, mainly in a man’s world.

She’s gone from Derek Jarman’s punk movie Jubilee to playing Billie Piper’s mother in Diary Of A Call Girl on TV, she’s flown high as Peter Pan on stage and continued to rock with her band in concert.

• Continue reading at The Northern Echo.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #8

April 12th, 2013

Instagram: The Hormonal Housewives entourage lunching with Toyah last week!

Harrow Times: “The food cravings! The cold feet! The weight gain! The bloating! HELL!”: Toyah Willcox is in a flush as she prepares for Hormonal Housewives at Watford Colosseum.

Wirral Globe: It’s no mystery that Toyah’s show is an ‘absolute scream’: Toyah Willcox returns to Wirral next week in a show which takes a humorous look at the ups and downs of life for women in the 21st Century.

Gazette Live: Preview: Hormonal Housewives, Forum Theatre, Billingham: Toyah Willcox might not be your typical “hormonal housewife”. With a 30-year career spanning stage and screen her life has been far from “ordinary”.

Chester Chronicle: Toyah Willcox is starring in Hormonal Housewives at Liverpool and Rhyl: It’s naughty fun and guaranteed to make you ‘howl with laughter’ according to Toyah Willcox one of the stars of a show called Hormonal Housewives on tour right now.

Romford Recorder: Hormonal Housewives to be performed in Chelmsford: Pop icon Toyah Willcox will be asking if your man is more James May than Christian Grey in a new edition of Hormonal Housewives.

Surry Comet: Hormonal Housewives to take over the Epsom Playhouse: An evening of women declaring what ticks them off has turned into a hugely successful show which rolls into the Epsom Playhouse next week.

Skegness Standard: Housewives show set to hit Skegness: Following on from their hugely successful 2012 tour, join this bunch of spirited females for a night of hilarious entertainment, starring Toyah Willcox.

Milton Keynes Citizen: Toyah has a moan in Milton Keynes: Toyah Willcox joins writer Julie Coombe and former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jane Buckley in Hormonal Housewives, at MK Theatre this Sunday evening.

North Wales Chronicle: Toyah Comes To Rhyl

April 12th, 2013

An interview from the North Wales Chronicle, published on 5th April.

Interview: Toyah comes to Rhyl for Hormonal Housewives

Singer and actress Toyah Willcox takes to the stage in Rhyl for the first time as a popular production returns to north Wales.

Hormonal Housewives comes to the Pavilion Theatre on Thursday, April 11 for what is sure to be an entertaining exploration of modern women’s lives.

Toyah explained what attracted her to the show, which also stars its co-creator Julie Coombe and former Hollyoaks actress Sarah-Jane Buckley.

• Continue reading at the North Wales Chronicle.

Leicester Mercury: From Top 10 to Teletubbies

April 12th, 2013

The Toyah Story Continues

It’s clear, as soon as she starts talking, that Toyah Willcox means business. When we say that, we don’t mean she’s forceful or forthright; it’s just, right now, Toyah’s touring the country with a show called Hormonal Housewives and she’s committed to the cause. She has to be.

“It’s 67 shows in two-and-a-half months, only one night in a place (as opposed to a week), four hours’ travel a day and two hours’ press. I’ve got a string of calls lined up after you. It’s intense,” she says. Oh, okay. Bang goes the plan for a long chat about those pink haired punk-pop days then. “I think every decade brings new challenges and new life experiences,” she says.

• Continue reading at the Leicester Mercury.

96.4 Eagle: Toyah Interview

April 11th, 2013

Toyah was interviewed by Stuart Provan on Eagle Radio last week. The interview is available to listen to at the station’s website or you can download a podcast. It’s located under “Local Theatre”.

Hormonal Housewives: Eagle Radio’s Stuart Provan chats to actress Toyah Willcox about Hormonal Housewives, which is coming to Guildford’s G-Live on Monday 8th April.

Bournemouth Daily Echo: Toyah Pampered by Student Beauticians

April 1st, 2013

Stars of the play Hormonal Housewives were treated to a special pampering session courtesy of students from Poole and Bournemouth College.

Toyah Willcox joined co-stars Julie Coombe and Sarah Buckley at Poole Lighthouse to relax before the show with the full Girls Night Out package comprising of beauty treatments, cupcakes and cocktails.

The Hormonal Housewives comedy arrived at the Lighthouse for one night on Thursday following a hugely successful tour last year. It features sketches looking at everything that makes today’s women tick – from the joys of teenagers to the insanity of DIY.

• Continue reading at the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

Bedfordshire on Sunday: MK Theatre hosts Hormonal Housewives

March 31st, 2013

Two great shows to cheer up even the coldest nights come to Milton Keynes Theatre this week

Toyah Willcox, self-confessed ‘teenager from hell’, has clearly grown up – but it’s still hard to envisage Toyah, the rock star, writer, television presenter and serious actor of stage and screen, as a hormonal housewife. Nevertheless, next Sunday, at Milton Keynes Theatre, that is exactly who she will be!

Hormonal Housewives, a series of sketches, gags and stories would appear to be one for the girls but, Toyah says, it’s actually a great night out for all.

• Continue reading at Bedfordshire on Sunday. The article does also say there is a full interview: “Judy Riley talks to Toyah Willcox about being on tour, the show…and her iconic hair styles!” but it doesn’t seem to be available yet.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

March 26th, 2013

Dorset Echo: Hormonal Toyah: Following 2012’s celebrated reception as they caused mayhem and mania in theatres across the land, the irrepressible Hormonal Housewives are back in action and visiting Lighthouse in Poole on Thursday. Starring British pop icon Toyah Willcox, writer Julie Coombe, and former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jane Buckley, these housewives are certainly a force to be reckoned with…

Henley Standard: Teacher leads all-woman crew in row across Pacific: To cope with boredom, the team will bring an iPod loaded with audio books and their favourite tunes. The playlist will include Sarah’s favourites the B52s, Toyah Willcox and Pink Martini.

• Pink News: Amelia Lily to headline Northern Pride: Former X Factor singer Amelia Lily has been announced as the headline act for this year’s Northern Pride in Newcastle, along with 80s artist Toyah.

FSB 2013: The video of Toyah’s full 45 minute appearance in Leicester on Saturday is also now available to watch at the FSB website.

Bournemouth Daily Echo: Toyah Willcox, The Hormonal Housewife

March 25th, 2013

Toyah talks health, touring, Bournemouth, Hormonal Housewives and more to the Bournemouth Daily Echo in an interview published Saturday.

If Toyah Willcox is describing it as ‘outrageous’, there’s a fair chance her new show, Hormonal Housewives, doesn’t fall into the realm of vanilla-coloured.

The former punk princess has never been one to happily slink under the radar. From being a rebellious teenager she morphed with astonishing fluidity into roles including huge rock icon (she’s had 13 Top 40 singles and released more than 20 albums), successful actress, writer and even Songs of Praise presenter.

On Thursday she’s coming to Lighthouse with the comedy sketch show she describes as ‘celebrating modern womanhood’.

• Continue reading at the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

Journal2: Toyah Willcox On Being a Hormonal Housewife

March 25th, 2013

Toyah is the cover star of the latest Journal2, the ‘North Devon Journal’ magazine. It’s likely that the accompanying interview is the one, by Rosanna Rothery, that we mentioned on Friday.

Rosanna Rothery chats to Toyah Willcox ahead of Hormonal Housewives

Hormones can wreak havoc with your life. Just ask Toyah Willcox. The singer and actor visits Barnstaple next week with the hilarious show, Hormonal Housewives.

• Read our previous post about the accompanying interview, or view it at the North Devon Journal. View a larger version of the cover here. (Thanks to Owen Jones)

Wales Online: Toyah Willcox Prepares

March 22nd, 2013

Toyah talks family life, her varied career, Hormonal Housewives and much more to Wales Online.

Toyah Willcox prepares to bring the Hormonal Housewives to Wales

From punk princess to pantomime, Shakespeare to the Teletubbies, Toyah Willcox has certainly had a diverse career. Abbie Wightwick chats to her about it and discovers why she’s happy to be hormone free

She may be appearing in Hormonal Housewives but Toyah Willcox is happy to be free of pesky monthly mood swings.

The former high priestess of punk cheerfully announces she has had a hysterectomy, been through the menopause and, as she approaches 55, has never felt better. “I had everything removed four years ago,” Toyah declares as she prepares to tour to Wales with the stage show.

• Continue reading at Wales Online.

North Wales Daily Post: Toyah Willcox Stars in Show

March 22nd, 2013

Another new, Hormonal Housewives related, interview. This one from today’s North Wales Daily Post.

Toyah Willcox stars in show at Rhyl Pavilion

It’s naughty fun and guaranteed to make you “howl with laughter” according to Toyah Willcox one of the stars of a show called Hormonal Housewives on tour right now.

Former punk icon Toyah joins writer Julie Coombe, and former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jane Buckley, in a follow-up to a much-enjoyed 2012 production which starred Margi Clark and Carol Smillie.

• Continue reading at the North Wales Daily Post.

North Devon Journal: Rosanna Rothery Chats To Toyah Willcox

March 22nd, 2013

A new interview with Toyah, published yesterday, by the North Devon Journal.

Rosanna Rothery chats to Toyah Willcox ahead of Hormonal Housewives

Hormones can wreak havoc with your life. Just ask Toyah Willcox. The singer and actor visits Barnstaple next week with the hilarious show, Hormonal Housewives.

Throughout her thirties, the former punk icon was plagued with severe PMS. “I have not one positive thing to say about PMS,” she says with feeling. “It was a complete waste of my youth. I can’t look back and say, ‘ooh I was wonderfully creative during that period’. I wasn’t. I was frustrated. I was emotional. Probably not the best person to be near.”

For Toyah the intense monthly madness could only be described as “sheer hell”.

• Continue reading at the North Devon Journal/This is North Devon.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

March 22nd, 2013

Daily Cruise: Stars battle with snow: Toyah’s weather/travel woes even made it to the ‘Daily Cruise’ magazine, available onboard the QM2. Toyah Instagrammed this photo – View the full version here.

• The Hormonal Housewives sketch, mentioned yesterday, by Swindon Wyvern Theatre is also available at iTunes.

This is Dorset: Preview: Toyah Goes Hormonal: Toyah Willcox, actress, former punk star and wife of Robert Fripp, is one of the stars of the Hormonal Housewives UK tour, coming to Poole’s Lighthouse on Thursday 28th March.

This is Somerset/Western Gazette: Now if you fancy a giggle and a night out with the girls then you won’t want to miss the Hormonal Housewives who are back on tour and visiting The Octagon on Wednesday, March 27. The show is almost sold out so you will need to be quick to snap up those last few tickets. This year the show will star Toyah Willcox and promises a very funny evening.

It’s A Mystery: Another cover of Toyah’s 1981 hit. This was recorded 10 years ago by Chris & Graham but has just been uploaded to You Tube.

• A full transcript of Toyah’s interview on Steve Wright’s ‘BBC Radio 2’ show is also now available to read at The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #7

March 21st, 2013

This is South Wales: Toyah Ready To Rip: The neat and sweet pink dress from the promo photos might make Toyah Willcox look like a Stepford Wife or an extra from The Hour, but Hormonal Housewives, she says, is far from sugar-coated. She and her sisters-in-theatre, Julie Coombe and Sarah Jane Buckley, will let rip on everything from domestic chores to challenging teenagers in the show, at Swansea Grand Theatre on Monday.

Swindon Wyvern Theatre: Toyah Willcox, Julie Coombe and Sarah-Jane Buckley perform a sketch from Hormonal Housewives. Listen at Soundcloud.

Shropshire Live: Hormonal Housewives visit Telford as part of national tour: Hormonal Housewives are in Telford as part of their Spring Tour 2013 and you are in for a treat with this hilarious show presented by British pop icon Toyah Willcox, writer Julie Coombe, and former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jane Buckley.

This is Surrey Today: Understanding what makes women tick: Pop princess Toyah Willcox and Julie Coombe take you on a journey through everything that makes women tick – or ticked off.

• Toyah tweeted yesterday: “Since steve wright this afternoon the box office for Hormonal Housewives has gone bonkers! Thank u SW“.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

March 19th, 2013

• A rare contact sheet of photos, taken at the Nordoff-Robins Musical Therapy lunch in 1983, is currently up for auction at ebay. Toyah is included in some of the photos.

The Wrath Of Blog: Review #595: ‘Jubilee’ (1978): One particular group, consisting of, amongst others, Amyl Nitrate (Jordan), Mad (Toyah Willcox), Bod (Runacre in a dual role), Crabs (Nell Campbell) and Chaos (Hermine Demoriane), tend to spend their time smashing cars, having sex, participating in the odd murder, and generally giving the two-finger salute to anything resembling conformity.

This Blackmore Vale: Have a girls’ night out with Toyah Willcox at Poole Lighthouse: Rock star and actress Toyah Willcox heads the cast of Hormonal Housewives at Poole Lighthouse next Thursday, 28th March.

Noel’s House Party: A clip from the 1990’s of Toyah guesting, and being gunged, on Noel’s House Party, alongside John Stapleton and Nick Owen.

Jelly: Troubador, Wizard, Queen and Machine – The band launch their debut album on 11th May at the “Punk ‘N’ Roll Rendez Vous” at The Unicorn in Camden.

Northampton Chronicle: Housewives Show is Back With Toyah

March 18th, 2013

Pop icon Toyah Willcox is to star in the latest production of Hormonal Housewives, which will arrive at The Castle in Wellingborough on Tuesday.

A spokesman said: “Charismatic, outspoken and impossible to categorise, Toyah will be bringing the laughs to Wellingborough this spring.

“Ideal for a girls’ night out, Hormonal Housewives is guaranteed to be a hilariously funny evening.”

• Continue reading at the Northampton Chronicle & Echo.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #6

March 18th, 2013

• There’s a previously unseen photo of Toyah from the Hormonal Housewives session (the one with the wine) at the Poole Lighthouse website. The show plays there on 28th March.

• The Lighthouse also have a special offer: Come early and join us at Lighthouse for a ‘Girls Night Out’ event before the show. We will have cocktails, cupcakes and FREE beauty treatments all available before the show. See their Facebook page for more info.

• Great post about Hormonal Housewives by LDE Creative who saw the show at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax last week.

• Toyah’s Hormonal Housewives interview on ‘BBC Three Counties Radio’ is available at BBC iPlayer until Friday (interview begins 3hrs 7m into the programme).

• There’s also a full transcript of the interview at The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive.

• This week the Hormonal Housewives play the New Victoria Theatre, Woking; The Castle, Wellingborough; Leeds City Varieties; Beck Theatre, Hayes; Hawth Theatre, Crawley and the Carmarthen Lyric. Click the links for full ticket info.