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Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #7

March 21st, 2013

This is South Wales: Toyah Ready To Rip: The neat and sweet pink dress from the promo photos might make Toyah Willcox look like a Stepford Wife or an extra from The Hour, but Hormonal Housewives, she says, is far from sugar-coated. She and her sisters-in-theatre, Julie Coombe and Sarah Jane Buckley, will let rip on everything from domestic chores to challenging teenagers in the show, at Swansea Grand Theatre on Monday.

Swindon Wyvern Theatre: Toyah Willcox, Julie Coombe and Sarah-Jane Buckley perform a sketch from Hormonal Housewives. Listen at Soundcloud.

Shropshire Live: Hormonal Housewives visit Telford as part of national tour: Hormonal Housewives are in Telford as part of their Spring Tour 2013 and you are in for a treat with this hilarious show presented by British pop icon Toyah Willcox, writer Julie Coombe, and former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jane Buckley.

This is Surrey Today: Understanding what makes women tick: Pop princess Toyah Willcox and Julie Coombe take you on a journey through everything that makes women tick – or ticked off.

• Toyah tweeted yesterday: “Since steve wright this afternoon the box office for Hormonal Housewives has gone bonkers! Thank u SW“.