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Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #10

May 12th, 2013

• There are just a couple of weeks left of the three-month Hormonal Housewives tour, with Bristol, Dartford, Hereford, St Albans, Crewe, Newark, Southampton, Lancaster, Telford, Chelmsford, Leamington Spa and High Wycombe left to visit.

St Albans Review: Interviews: Toyah Willcox can’t remember a time when she wasn’t going through some emotional crisis, which makes her the perfect star for Hormonal Housewives, coming to the Alban Arena: Few could ever describe Toyah Willcox as a shrinking violet. The former princess of pop punk has always been a rebel – as a teen she hung out with the local Hells Angels chapter, dyed her hair “every colour of the rainbow“ and often skipped her classes at her private school.

Bucks Free Press: Toyah Willcox: ‘I was in a dressing room alone with Jimmy Savile’ (Yes, believe it or not this is an interview to promote Hormonal Housewives!!): Toyah Willcox would not divulge if she was a feminist or not. But she was able to tell me all her about her current show, Hormonal Housewives, which she is said is most definitely not a feminist show, and which has been making women (and even a few men) laugh up and down the country.

This is Bristol/The Post: Toyah promises naughty show with a big smile: Charismatic Toyah Willcox is the perfect choice for Hormonal Housewives, the comedy that plays The Bristol Hippodrome on Monday, May 13.

Herts Advertiser: The Levellers, Hormonal Housewives and Chas and Dave at the Alban Arena.

Chelmsford Weekly News: Boycie and Toyah in Cramphorn summer line-up.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #9

April 24th, 2013

Lichfield Live: Hormonal Housewives returning to the Lichfield Garrick stage: The Lichfield Garrick is welcoming back the popular Hormonal Housewives for a new production starring Toyah Willcox and Julie Coombe.

Chad: Hormonal Housewives promise naughty night at Mansfield Palace Theatre: A night of naughtiness, hilarious stories and roaring laughter is coming to Mansfield thanks to the rather risqué Hormonal Housewives. Star of the show is actress and 80s pop star Toyah Willcox, who told Chad that the show, which is on at Mansfield Palace Theatre on Wednesday 1st May, is ‘a complete scream’. “It’s a very joyful celebration of all women of all ages,” she said.

Dundee Evening Telegraph: Toyah set for a girl’s night in Dundee: Actress and singer Toyah Willcox is gearing up to treat Dundee’s women to a giggly girls night out. The British pop icon is set to star in comedy theatre show, Hormonal Housewives, which is based around everyday lives of women.

The York Press: Review: Hormonal Housewives: Toyah Willcox, Julie Coombe and Sarah Jane Buckley, a.k.a the Hormonal Housewives, descended on the Grand Opera House last night to share their experiences of modern housewifery with the similar-minded women of York… The Housewives’ style is cheeky and full of heart, not to mention completely puerile. As such, it may not be to everyone’s taste.

Newark Advertiser: Sketch show highlight of new theatre season: Toyah, who has appeared at the Palace in Steve Steinman’s Vampires Rock, said: “This is a fantastic show about women of a certain age who reveal things about themselves and others in a rather naughty way.”

Belper News: It’s ladies’ night with hit show: Starring British pop icon Toyah Willcox, writer Julie Coombe, and former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jane Buckley.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #8

April 12th, 2013

Instagram: The Hormonal Housewives entourage lunching with Toyah last week!

Harrow Times: “The food cravings! The cold feet! The weight gain! The bloating! HELL!”: Toyah Willcox is in a flush as she prepares for Hormonal Housewives at Watford Colosseum.

Wirral Globe: It’s no mystery that Toyah’s show is an ‘absolute scream’: Toyah Willcox returns to Wirral next week in a show which takes a humorous look at the ups and downs of life for women in the 21st Century.

Gazette Live: Preview: Hormonal Housewives, Forum Theatre, Billingham: Toyah Willcox might not be your typical “hormonal housewife”. With a 30-year career spanning stage and screen her life has been far from “ordinary”.

Chester Chronicle: Toyah Willcox is starring in Hormonal Housewives at Liverpool and Rhyl: It’s naughty fun and guaranteed to make you ‘howl with laughter’ according to Toyah Willcox one of the stars of a show called Hormonal Housewives on tour right now.

Romford Recorder: Hormonal Housewives to be performed in Chelmsford: Pop icon Toyah Willcox will be asking if your man is more James May than Christian Grey in a new edition of Hormonal Housewives.

Surry Comet: Hormonal Housewives to take over the Epsom Playhouse: An evening of women declaring what ticks them off has turned into a hugely successful show which rolls into the Epsom Playhouse next week.

Skegness Standard: Housewives show set to hit Skegness: Following on from their hugely successful 2012 tour, join this bunch of spirited females for a night of hilarious entertainment, starring Toyah Willcox.

Milton Keynes Citizen: Toyah has a moan in Milton Keynes: Toyah Willcox joins writer Julie Coombe and former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jane Buckley in Hormonal Housewives, at MK Theatre this Sunday evening.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #7

March 21st, 2013

This is South Wales: Toyah Ready To Rip: The neat and sweet pink dress from the promo photos might make Toyah Willcox look like a Stepford Wife or an extra from The Hour, but Hormonal Housewives, she says, is far from sugar-coated. She and her sisters-in-theatre, Julie Coombe and Sarah Jane Buckley, will let rip on everything from domestic chores to challenging teenagers in the show, at Swansea Grand Theatre on Monday.

Swindon Wyvern Theatre: Toyah Willcox, Julie Coombe and Sarah-Jane Buckley perform a sketch from Hormonal Housewives. Listen at Soundcloud.

Shropshire Live: Hormonal Housewives visit Telford as part of national tour: Hormonal Housewives are in Telford as part of their Spring Tour 2013 and you are in for a treat with this hilarious show presented by British pop icon Toyah Willcox, writer Julie Coombe, and former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jane Buckley.

This is Surrey Today: Understanding what makes women tick: Pop princess Toyah Willcox and Julie Coombe take you on a journey through everything that makes women tick – or ticked off.

• Toyah tweeted yesterday: “Since steve wright this afternoon the box office for Hormonal Housewives has gone bonkers! Thank u SW“.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #6

March 18th, 2013

• There’s a previously unseen photo of Toyah from the Hormonal Housewives session (the one with the wine) at the Poole Lighthouse website. The show plays there on 28th March.

• The Lighthouse also have a special offer: Come early and join us at Lighthouse for a ‘Girls Night Out’ event before the show. We will have cocktails, cupcakes and FREE beauty treatments all available before the show. See their Facebook page for more info.

• Great post about Hormonal Housewives by LDE Creative who saw the show at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax last week.

• Toyah’s Hormonal Housewives interview on ‘BBC Three Counties Radio’ is available at BBC iPlayer until Friday (interview begins 3hrs 7m into the programme).

• There’s also a full transcript of the interview at The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive.

• This week the Hormonal Housewives play the New Victoria Theatre, Woking; The Castle, Wellingborough; Leeds City Varieties; Beck Theatre, Hayes; Hawth Theatre, Crawley and the Carmarthen Lyric. Click the links for full ticket info.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #5

March 4th, 2013

• It’s Dreamscape’s final pre-tour Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives. It’s been a busy build-up…  and begins in Bromley tomorrow. View all the updates here.

• Toyah is one of the cover stars of the Scunthorpe Theatre Spring Season 2013 Guide. Hormonal Housewives plays Scunthorpe Bath Halls on 2nd May.

• Wolverhampton Grand Theatre also feature a small photo of Toyah on the cover of their Spring 2013 brochure What’s On. The show visits Wolverhampton on 2nd and 3rd April.

• Toyah tweeted on Wednesday: “Just run entire play for 1st time. Oooohhhhh I think this is going 2 b a whole lotta fun.” and on Saturday: “Had a producers run thru y/day! The team laughed in all the right places and more :-) ………now we need the audience“.

• Toyah’s been talking Hormonal Housewives in more interviews, both print and radio, this week: On BBC Radio 4’s Ramblings, the Yorkshire Post, EADT24, What’s On magazine, and BBC Radio’s The Late Show.

Kings Lynn Corn Exchange: The Hormonal Housewives Are Coming: A new page with great publicity photos of Toyah.

• The Hormonal Housewives tweeted and Facebook-ed their final message from rehearsals on Friday afternoon: “Final day of rehearsals before the Tech on Monday and the Housewives are really looking forward to starting this wonderful tour! We’re excited to see as many of you along the way as possible.”

• A great advert for Hormonal Housewives on the Home Page of the Beck Theatre website. The show plays at the venue in Hayes on 21st March.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #4

February 27th, 2013

• The Hormonal Housewives are now into their third week of rehearsals. There are now only six days until the first show at The Churchill Theatre, Bromley. Info here.

• A new Creative Team page has been added, and updated, at the Official Hormonal Housewives website.

• Toyah has tweeted a couple of updates about rehearsals over the last couple of days: “Starting 2 get 1st night nerves! Just a week 2 go. Rehearsed bizarrest dance I’ve ever done“, and “ran ACT 1, 4 1st time today. It’s really good fun, but wait 4 my madonna dance end of act 2! Its the weirdest thing!

The Cresset What’s On: The Show Everyone’s Talking About: A great page dedicated to Hormonal Housewives, which plays at The Cresset Theatre, Peterborough on 12th March.

Term Times Family Magazine: Win A Pair Of Tickets To See Hormonal Housewives: To win “Like” the Term Times Facebook page and share this post.

• Toyah has also been discussing her involvement with the Hormonal Housewives tour in various recent interviews, including Woman’s Weekly, Birmingham Mail and This is Sussex.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #3

February 21st, 2013

Tons of activity for the Hormonal Housewives, in the second week of their rehearsals.

• Toyah has tweeted a couple of photos from the rehearsals: “dear ray, the only man on the Hormonal Housewives tour has decided he needs a bigger pair of balls :-)“, view photo here, and “Ray had the balls 2 wear a Playboy t-shirt 2 rehearsals….now he’s knackered! :-)“, view photo here.

• A new article on Hormonal Housewives by Cheshire Today: Toyah Willcox and Julie Coombe to star in Hormonal Housewives at the Liverpool Empire: The irrepressible Hormonal Housewives are back this spring with a second national tour, stopping at the Liverpool Empire for one night only on 10 April 2013.

• A new interview with Toyah, focusing on Hormonal Housewives, by This is Sussex: Toyah Willcox is going to pull no punches. Toyah explained: “It’s a sketch show with three acts and we play ourselves in between. It’s a comedy, and it’s not political – but it is very rude and naughty.

• Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone have a Hormonal Housewives competition: (Be quick, it closes at Midday today!!) We are giving away 10 pairs of tickets to come and see Hormonal Housewives at the LCH on Saturday 9 March 7:30pm! For your chance to win email your name and contact details to by 12pm today. The lucky winners will be picked at random and contacted after the closing date. Good Luck!!

• Keep updated with all the official Hormonal Housewives news at Twitter and Facebook.

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #2

February 15th, 2013

It’s the second instalment of Dreamscape’s new Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives. There are now just 18 days to go until the tour begins, with the first show at The Churchill Theatre, Bromley.

• Toyah tweeted this week: “Started Hormonal Housewives rehearsals! Very funny! Very rude! Absolutely no phone reception @ venue….heaven” and also “Down deep in the bowels of churchill theatre, bromley, rehearsing HH. world could end we wouldn’t know!!!!

• The Hormonal Housewives have been tweeting and facebooking over the last couple of days too, keeping everyone updated. View their Twitter and check out their Facebook.

• Get your tickets for the first week’s performances: Churchill Theatre, Bromley (5th March), Regent Theatre, Ipswich (6th), Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn (7th), Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage (8th) and Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone (9th March).

Keeping Up With The Hormonal Housewives #1

February 12th, 2013

Welcome to Dreamscape’s new “Keeping Up with the Hormonal Housewives” strand: Regular posts in which we will endeavour to keep you updated on what those Hormonal Housewives are up to (I know the title is self-explanatory and didn’t need explaining but…). Here goes:

• Toyah tweeted on Sunday: “So much 2 do! Not packed yet! Start Hormonal Housewives tomorrow! Can’t wait :-)

Hormonal Housewives tweeted yesterday: “We are starting today with our rehearsals!!! Happy Monday to everyone! #laughingladies

Hormonal Housewives also linked to News Shopper‘s ticket competition yesterday, at Twitter and Facebook, and kindly gave Dreamscape a namecheck! (Thank you!)

• Visit the Official Hormonal Housewives website, and check out Dreamscape’s dedicated page.