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The Destinations Of Doctor Who: Toyah Transcript

August 28th, 2012

Toyah guested in the final ‘BBC America’ Doctor Who docu special, The Destinations Of Doctor Who, on Saturday night. Here’s a transcript of what she said:

Toyah on Starship UK (the spaceship/mini planet on the S5 episode ‘The Beast Below’): “Starship UK is this circular, metal planet floating through space BURSTING with skyscrapers because they’ve run out of… space… The amazing think about the people on this planet, they’re all so busy living for themselves and for the quality of their own life that they don’t realise that they’re actually being supported by a kindly, old saviour.”

On Gallifrey (The Doctor’s home planet): “It’s quite clever that the Doctor does not fit in with the map of what these other Timelords are. they’re all completely different, with very different agendas. But they’re all fighting for their survival. It’s wonderful that the immortals are threatened.”

On the destinations of Doctor Who: “The destinations that you go to in Doctor Who are always really surprising, they open out to reveal something completely different. You never quite know the reality of the destination.”

On Satellite Five (the space station in the episodes ‘Bad Wolf’ & ‘The Parting Of The Ways’): “Christopher Eccleston suddenly appears in this brightly coloured room, which is really confusing, and he’s suddenly in Big Brother, and he’s taking part in a gamshow. Of course! My favourite bit is The Weakest Link, where Ann Robinson is actually a robot and she has the power to destroy.”

• Screen caps of Toyah from The Destinations of DW coming soon. (Thanks to Paul Lomas)

The Timey-Wimey Of Doctor Who: Screen Caps

August 21st, 2012

Screen caps of Toyah from Saturday night’s The Timey-Wimey Of Doctor Who, which aired on ‘BBC America’. Click below to view larger versions. Read up on all of our recent Doctor Who documentary specials news here. (Thanks to Paul Lomas)

The Timey-Wimey Of Doctor Who: Toyah Transcript

August 20th, 2012

Toyah did, after all, guest in Saturday night’s third documentary special, The Time-Wimey Of Doctor Who, on ‘BBC America’. Here is a transcript of what she said.

Toyah on Rose Tyler in the epsiode ‘Father’s Day’: “Rose Tyler is human. She’s made like all humans, to nurture and save, and she sees her father and she has a chance to save him… So she saves him from the car hitting him, and all hell breaks loose. It cracks a moment in time, where these demons, these gargoyles, can come to life.”

On the Doctor and instant time travel, specifically from the episode ‘The Big Bang’: “He can go like that (clicks fingers) and he’s with one person, and he can be having a conversation with that, and he can go like that (clicks fingers) and he’s back in another time having a conversation with someone else. ‘Oh! I forgot to say something’ (clicks fingers), and he’s back somewhere else!”

On Doctor Who and its effect on viewers: “What the writers of Doctor Who manage is to broaden our perceptions, broaden our beliefs, broaden our horizons. They get it brilliantly correct every time.”

• Screen caps of Toyah from Timey-Wimey coming soon. (Thanks to Paul Lomas)

Toyah on TV (America): The Destinations Of Doctor Who

August 20th, 2012

The Destinations Of Doctor Who: BBC America
Sat 25th August: 9.00pm/Sun 25th Aug: 0.00am
Leave the beach towel at home and take a trip to the end of the earth – literally. From the Starship UK to one very haunted hotel, you won’t find the destinations of “Doctor Who” in any guidebook.

The Timey-Wimey Of Doctor Who

August 18th, 2012

The third ‘BBC America’ documentary special, The Timey-Wimey Of Doctor Who, airs tonight. No word on whether Toyah will be included, and there was no full-length preview trailer for this episode, but she is listed as a guest at the BBCA website: It’s The Timey-Wimey Of Doctor Who. Join celebrity Whovians – as they try to make sense of all the “wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey… stuff.

The Women Of Doctor Who: Toyah Transcript

August 14th, 2012

As mentioned a few times over the last week, Toyah guested on The Women Of Doctor Who on ‘BBC America’ at the weekend. Here is a full transcript of what she said during the 45-minute special.

Toyah on Rose Tyler: “She’s a wonderfully refreshing heroine, that sets the standard for heroines in other sci-fi series”; on Nu-Who: “Because I’ve watched Doctor Who for almost 50 years, I’m not used to this raw, human emotion that’s coming out in the modern version of the drama.”

Toyah on Martha Jones: “I love the moment when Martha Jones just turns to the Doctor and says ‘I’m not staying, I’m not gonna waste my time waiting for a man’, so good on her! Girl power!”; on the TARDIS/Idris: “Now you’d think the TARDIS, which is 700 years old, if it was to become flesh it would actually be a bloke, a man, in a boiler suit, covered in tar, covered in the muck of machinery, but no…”; on Donna Noble: “You get this scene, where they’re both kind of stuck. She’s great at Vaudeville, and that’s what this moment is. It’s classic comedy.”

Toyah on Sarah Jane Smith: “What is lovely about their bond, it’s not a sexual magnetism, it’s a genuine, eternal loving bond”; on Rose & Sarah Jane: “This moment where they realised they’re united in how special they are for having had those experiences, and they start laughing. Quite madly”; on River Song: “River Song is beautiful, glamourous… She is better at operating the TARDIS than the Doctor is, and for the first time you see him actually being quite put out at that… A lovely twist, is when River Song is about to be shot by Amy Pond, and suddenly she says ‘I’m doing this because I am your daughter’, and there’s this wonderful moment of recognition.”

Toyah on Lady Cassandra: “There’s this wonderful scene where all these dignitaries from around the universe are coming together, they’re converging to see the death of Planet Earth… She has been stretched so far that she is, literally, like a pinned piece of leather. Drying out… She arrives with all these medical staff who have to spray her and keep her moist”; on Joan Redfern: “You can see that for the first time the Doctor is falling in love as a human being, and he falls in love with her”; on female companions in general: “They have their vulnerabilities, and perhaps it’s because of those vulnerabilites that Doctor Who can experience human emotions a bit more.”

The Women Of Doctor Who: Screen Caps

August 12th, 2012

Screen caps from last night’s The Women Of Doctor Who, which aired on ‘BBC America’. Toyah appeared numerous times throughout the 45-minute docu special, talking about Rose Tyler, the TARDIS, Martha Jones, Sarah-Jane Smith and Donna Noble. No word as yet on whether Toyah will apear in the next two specials: The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who (18th August), and The Destinations of Doctor Who (25th August). (Thanks to Niall)

The Women Of Doctor Who: BBC America Preview

August 10th, 2012

A preview of tomorrow night’s The Women Of Doctor Who special, airing on ‘BBC America’, is now available to view at You Tube. Guests discuss the character Donna Noble, including a brief clip of Toyah.

Click below to watch and here for larger versions of the screen caps. There’s also another, shorter, preview trailer. View that here (This doesn’t feature Toyah).

Revisit the Tenth Doctor’s beloved companion Donna Noble in this exclusive sneak peek at BBC America’s All New Special The Women Of Doctor Who. Don’t miss the World Premiere, Saturday Aug 11 at 9/8c. Who’s the greatest woman of Doctor Who? Vote here!

NB: Toyah may also have guested in last week’s The Science Of Doctor Who. I’ll let you know when I’ve watched it. If she does it probably means she will be appearing in all four specials.

BBC America: ‘The Women Of Doctor Who’ Special

August 6th, 2012

It looks like our recent report on the new BBC America Doctor Who documentaries, and Toyah’s involvement, was correct. Toyah is one of the guests in this weekend’s special, The Women Of Doctor Who.

Featured Characters & Guests & Monsters: Toyah Willcox: Toyah Willcox is an actress and singer who fronted the new wave band Toyah and appeared as “Monkey” in the film version of the Who’s “Quadrophenia” (1979). Since then, she has appeared in over forty stage plays, ten feature films, and numerous television shows, including the 1993 documentary “Thirty Years in the TARDIS”.

• View further info on the documentaries at BBC America. (Photos © BBC America)

Toyah on TV (America): The Women Of Doctor Who

August 6th, 2012

The Women Of Doctor Who: BBC America
Saturday 11th August: 9.00pm

Behind every great time lord there’s a great woman. Whether they’re busting Daleks or the Doctor’s ego, the women of ‘Doctor Who’ prove that you don’t need testosterone to save the universe.

BBC America: Doctor Who Documentary Specials

August 5th, 2012

Toyah recently mentioned that she was filming a Doctor Who documentary, “talking plots, facts, Daleks and Cybermen“, for American television. It’s possibly these? BBC America are to broadcast four new special documentaries in the lead-up to their premiere of the next series of Doctor Who. Forming part of their ‘Supernatural Saturday’ themed evenings, the first documentary will be broadcast on Saturday 4th August. (Yikes! That was yesterday!!)

The Science Of Doctor Who: BBC America: Saturday 4th August: 9.00pm
Explore the real-life science behind the biggest concepts and most iconic ideas in the incredible Doctor Who universe.

The following weeks will see documentaries on The Women of Doctor Who (11th August), The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who (18th August), and The Destinations of Doctor Who (25th August). [Thanks to Doctor Who News & BBC America]

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Toyah for Doctor Who (US Docu)?

May 14th, 2012

Toyah tweeted today: “Ooooh! Just been asked to do a Dr. Who documentary for America! I’m such a fan! Tee hee“.

Anything that links Doctor Who and Toyah is fine by me. This gives me yet another chance to ask the question that has swirled through the time vortex and all of space… for centuries and evermore… it has sometimes been whispered, and other times roared… they ask: Why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why… hasn’t Toyah been in Doctor Who? Sort it out Mr Moffat (or maybe even RTD ;))

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