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The Destinations Of Doctor Who: Toyah Transcript

August 28th, 2012

Toyah guested in the final ‘BBC America’ Doctor Who docu special, The Destinations Of Doctor Who, on Saturday night. Here’s a transcript of what she said:

Toyah on Starship UK (the spaceship/mini planet on the S5 episode ‘The Beast Below’): “Starship UK is this circular, metal planet floating through space BURSTING with skyscrapers because they’ve run out of… space… The amazing think about the people on this planet, they’re all so busy living for themselves and for the quality of their own life that they don’t realise that they’re actually being supported by a kindly, old saviour.”

On Gallifrey (The Doctor’s home planet): “It’s quite clever that the Doctor does not fit in with the map of what these other Timelords are. they’re all completely different, with very different agendas. But they’re all fighting for their survival. It’s wonderful that the immortals are threatened.”

On the destinations of Doctor Who: “The destinations that you go to in Doctor Who are always really surprising, they open out to reveal something completely different. You never quite know the reality of the destination.”

On Satellite Five (the space station in the episodes ‘Bad Wolf’ & ‘The Parting Of The Ways’): “Christopher Eccleston suddenly appears in this brightly coloured room, which is really confusing, and he’s suddenly in Big Brother, and he’s taking part in a gamshow. Of course! My favourite bit is The Weakest Link, where Ann Robinson is actually a robot and she has the power to destroy.”

• Screen caps of Toyah from The Destinations of DW coming soon. (Thanks to Paul Lomas)