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Supermind: Available Now On Audible / Trailer

November 9th, 2021

Supermind is available now on Audible, Apple Books, Storytel and more – View the trailer below. See further info at

In 1930s New York, the hot sensation of the cabaret circuit is urbane illusionist Art Hardwicke, whose stage name – Supermind – hints at his real-life mentalist powers. Aided by his manager, Lady Daphne Witcombe, and manservant Frampton, he fights crime and injustice wherever and whenever he is able.

In this comic melodrama aping the earnest American radio serials of the era, Supermind manages to rescue society heiress Anastasia Del Ray from being kidnapped by hoodlums, and her gratitude comes in the form of declaring she’s going to Hollywood to make a movie of Supermind’s life – but starring herself as Supermind.

Meanwhile, Professor Fenella Vaytell, of the Institute of Brain Studies in New York, has been developing a powerful weapon to seize control of the minds of the entire country. In the employ of her Nazi paymasters, Vaytell’s nefarious scheme will not only endanger Anastasia, Supermind, Lady Witcombe and Frampton, but also the entirety of the United States of America!

Will Supermind use his prestigious powers to save the day? Will Lady Witcombe profit from them? Will Frampton faint at the sight of fisticuffs? And will Professor Fen Vaytell throw her head back and emit a wickedly evil laugh?

Starring – Colin McFarlane, Toyah Willcox, Barnaby Eaton-Jones, Julie-Ann Dean and Darrell Maclaine.

Supermind: Series 1 – The Brain Drain – Out Now!

November 8th, 2021

The Adventures of Supermind (Series 1: The Brain Drain) – the new audio drama starring Colin McFarlane and Toyah – is available now! Click below for more info.

Supermind: New Audio Drama – Toyah is Lady Daphne Witcombe

August 19th, 2021

Toyah plays Lady Daphne Witcombe in the new AUK Studios’ audio production of Supermind… – Coming to your headphones this year! (The great graphic which accompanies the announcement is a design by Robert Hammond)

“I’m your manager, not your friend. Only my mother calls me Daphne. And my husband, on our wedding night. Not a mistake he made twice.”

This is Series One, subtitled: The Brain Drain. Written by Barnaby Eaton-Jones.

Prepare to hear the brilliant Toyah in the brand-new AUK audio production Supermind, coming to your headphones this year! Set in 1930s, Art Hardwicke, Colin McFarlane is an urban illusionist – Supermind. Toyah plays Hardwicke’s manager!

Colin McFarlane tweeted: “Had a wonderful day in the home studio recording this brilliantly witty new audio series by Barnaby Eaton-Jones with awesome Toyah”.

• See AUK Studio’s tweet on this. See also Colin McFarlane’s tweet about the recording, which includes a photo of Toyah.