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Song Of The Week: 29.10.2012: Thunder In The Mountains

October 29th, 2012

Where the mountains meet the sea…

I’ve always loved ‘Thunder In The Mountains’. It’s a great pop song; slightly over the top lyrics, excellently synth-driven, with a pulsating rhythm and memorable chorus/hook, “Can you hear it breaking through…“, and a huge production by Nick Tauber. I’ve always said that if this was used in a big budget movie it would easily be as massive again as it was back in 1981. Music this well produced doesn’t date!

Of course this was Toyah moving further away from their early ‘Sheep Farming in Barnet/The Blue Meaning’ “coolness”, eras that are still popular 30-odd years later with fans, but most bands and artists want to progress and reach bigger audiences.

Toyah did this by evolving and adopting a more commercial sound and embracing mainstream/kid’s television, but they still managed to retain a quirkiness that set them way apart from the run-of-the-mill popsters of the early 80s. ‘Thunder In The Mountains’ illustrates that perfectly. This was Toyah’s eighth UK single, written by Toyah, Adrian Lee and Nigel Glockler, with a spectacular promo video by Godley and Creme.

Toyah’s visuals were a significant aspect of her, and the band’s, appeal. The imagery for TITM was possibly the most adventurous yet. Why Toyah isn’t lauded far more loudly in New Wave/Romantic/80s documentaries and articles really is a mystery. Thankfully fans in their own way are ensuring the wonderful imagery isn’t being forgotten.

I’m hoping to add a new ‘Song Of The Week’ each Monday. If anyone would like their’s added here please get in touch. It doesn’t have to be a single.