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Toyah At Home: Episode #8

August 12th, 2020

Song of the week, on Episode Eight of Toyah At Home, was Dance In The Hurricane.

Toyah also gave viewers an exclusive sneaky peak at her character in the new film, The Ghosts Of Borley Rectory. Click below to watch the episode, which ended with an archive acoustic performance of We Are.

Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch: Tea For Two

August 9th, 2020

Tea For Two in the garden for this weekend’s Sunday Lunch.

Dear Toyah & Robert: Agony Aunts Episode #3

August 9th, 2020

More of your social, emotional and physical predicaments are addressed with care and attention by the deeply unqualified Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp.

Official Toyah: August 2020 Blog

August 7th, 2020

Toyah’s August 2020 blog is available to read at

Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch: When I Fall In Love

August 2nd, 2020

Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch this weekend brings a rare performance. Robert Fripp on vocals with Toyah on keyboard for a special performance of When I Fall In Love.

Dear Toyah & Robert: Agony Aunts Episode #2

August 2nd, 2020

More of your social, emotional and physical predicaments are addressed with care and attention by the deeply unqualified Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp.

Toyah At Home: Rebel Running This Saturday!

July 30th, 2020

Episode Seven of Toyah At Home airs this Saturday at You Tube and Facebook. Submit your questions at Instagram or any of Toyah’s other social media spaces.

Toyah At Home: Episode #6

July 27th, 2020

Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard) was song of the week on the sixth episode of Toyah At Home, which aired at Toyah’s official You Tube channel on Saturday.

Toyah performed a live version of the anthemic 1982 song, the third single release of that year by Toyah. She also talked about the song.

There was another cameo appearance from Robert at the beginning of this episode. Toyah also talked about the secret to a happy marriage; does she ever regret not having children (what a personal question!!); does she ever consider giving up her career; being a female icon in the music industry; appearing on This Is Your Life; taking a TARDIS trip to revisit any concert or moment of her life; potentially playing a part in Doctor Who; singing songs by The Beatles; memories of working with Kenny Everett; playing with The Stranglers in 1980 at the Rainbow Theatre; Patti Smith; the story and meanings in the song Bird In Flight.

• Click below to watch/re-watch Toyah At Home: Episode #6, which closes with an archive live performance of, the wonderful, Bird In Flight

Toyah & Robert Fripp: Socially Distancing With Handbag

July 26th, 2020

The question has come up… how do women socially distance at a King Crimson show with just a handbag? Find out in Toyah & Robert’s Sunday lunch. Premieres 12noon, Sunday 26 July 2020.

Dear Toyah & Robert: Agony Aunts Episode #1

July 26th, 2020

Your Agony Aunts Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp are here with solutions to your burning problems and troubling questions. Keep them coming…

Toyah At Home: Be Proud! Be Loud! Ask Questions!

July 21st, 2020

Be proud! Be loud! Ask questions! It’s time to ask Toyah again. Submit your questions for this week’s Toyah At Home (Episode Six) and they could well be answered on Saturday. Weird and wonderful questions welcome. Use the hashtag #ToyahAtHome on Twitter. If you’ve any problems you’d like the deeply unqualified Agony Aunt Toyah & Agony Uncle Robert to answer, comment on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #DearToyahRobert (Photo © Toyah Willcox)

Toyah & Robert: Dance of the Sugar Plum Unicorns

July 18th, 2020

Join Toyah & Robert for Sunday Lunch with the Sugar Plum Unicorns… Premieres 12 noon, Sunday 19 July 2020.

Toyah At Home: Episode Five is Coming!

July 16th, 2020

Episode five of Toyah At Home is coming this Saturday. What are your questions? Click below to post/tweet yours to Toyah. In the meantime four previous episodes are available to watch On Demand at You Tube. Entertaining, informative and the perfect way to start the weekend!

Toyah & Robert Fripp: Sunday All Over The World…

July 12th, 2020

All over the world it’s Sunday,⁣ temperatures are soaring,⁣ runners run in the park, it all goes too fast, except for those who find life boring…⁣ Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch this week is perhaps the one many of you from ‘all over the world’ have been waiting for the most…

Video Gift: Order A Personalized Message From Toyah

July 12th, 2020

Order a customized, personalized and unique video message from Toyah. For yourself or great as gifts for birthdays, weddings, personal connections and much more. You can watch, download, share and keep the video message forever once it is received. Click below for the order page.

Official Toyah: Coming Up This Weekend

July 11th, 2020

Coming up this weekend: Toyah At Home, Saturday at 11am BST / Robert Fripp & Toyah – Sunday All Over The World, Sunday at 12 noon BST.  (Photo © Sunday All Over The World)

Toyah & Robert Fripp: When It’s A Mystery Meets King Crimson

July 6th, 2020

A number of people have asked what would it sound like if Toyah and King Crimson’s music came together. In this week’s sunday lunch, it’s no longer a mystery.

Official Toyah: July 2020 Blog

July 5th, 2020

Toyah’s July 2020 blog is available to read at

Toyah & Robert Fripp: Sunday Lunch/Dance In The Hurricane

June 28th, 2020

Today’s Sunday lunch from Toyah & Robert is for all of you who miss the ones you love. x (My Dad is a big fan of Dance In The Hurricane, and he loved Toyah and Robert’s performance of it today, and the sentiment expressed).

Toyah At Home #1: Newsy Bits

June 21st, 2020

Some info gleaned from the first, fact packed, Toyah At Home, which aired yesterday at You Tube. This is going to be a great series.

Thunder In The Mountains: was the first song of the series, with Toyah discussing the background to the song, and life at the time of the writing and release of the single in the summer and autumn of 1981 respectively.

Thunder In The Mountains: Toyah performed a live version of the classic single (Toyah’s eighth), written by Toyah, Adrian Lee and Nigel Glockler. It truly is an incredible track.

Good Morning Universe – Live at Drury Lane: Toyah reminisced about the Christmas Eve 1981 gig which aired on The Old Grey Whistle Test.

Street Addict: Toyah revealed the meaning behind the lyrics of this much loved song. The b-side of Thunder In The Mountains.

Anthem: Yes, there are plans for the 40th anniversary of Anthem. The album is being re-released in 2021 and there will be an Anthem Tour in the autumn of that year. Dates will be announced once the Electric Ladies Of The 80s Tour is completed in June of next year. Toyah said: “It’s a fantastic album, and we can’t wait to revisit it and play it for you“.

Joel Bogen: Toyah revealed she has “been inviting Joel to come and join us, and hopefully one day that might happen, But let’s see“.

Strictly Come Dancing: The Toyah song Toyah would dance to on Strictly would be I Want To Be Free, “and do something really anarchic“.

Sympathy: A song, from Minx, never performed live before. The question gave Toyah an idea about the song!

• Toyah also discussed vocal warm-ups, the radio play Headcrash, the lockdown dances with Robert. The half hour programme ended with a new version of Sensational – One World In Transition, May Every Child Flourish.

• See you next week for Toyah At Home #2.

Toyah & Robert’s Father’s Day Lunch: Mosh Pit Survival Kit

June 21st, 2020

Viewers have been wondering what is inside Toyah’s red handbag….. wonder no more.