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The Older Woman: BBC Radio 4 Extra TOMORROW!

May 22nd, 2013

A reminder that the first episode of, the 1993 radio comedy/drama, The Older Woman airs tomorrow at 7am and 5.30pm on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

You can listen to the 30-minute programme live online or at BBC iPlayer post broadcast.

Just as the series was about to air in 1993 Toyah told ‘Radio Times’: “I don’t regard the different things I do as seperate careers. I’ve always combined music with acting. All my work makes different demands on me, and that keeps me interested.”

Toyah tweeted earlier this week: “I’m thrilled BBC RADIO 4 EXTRA is repeating comedy series THE OLDER WOMEN with myself, Zoe Wannamaker, Martin Clunes details at my homepage“.

The Older Woman: BBC Radio 4 Extra: Thursday 23rd May: 7am/5.30pm
The Older Woman: BBC Radio 4 Extra: Friday 24th May: 5.30am
Episode 1 of 6. Local hack journalist Roy Hitchcock tries to win the heart of his former teacher. Stars Zoë Wanamaker, Martin Clunes and Toyah Willcox, with David Troughton and Nicky Henson. (A BBC Radio 4 Extra debut). The Older Woman is written by Tony Bagley.

• Here are a couple of Radio Times clippings from when The Older Woman originally aired in January 1993. (Thanks to Anthony Lewis)