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East Anglian Times: Singer Toyah Willcox Visits Sudbury Tearoom

February 16th, 2022

Singer and actress Toyah Willcox has been spotted in a tea room in Sudbury.

The It’s a Mystery and Thunder in the Mountains singer posted a tweet showing her with a group of people at the Strawberry Teapot in Sudbury.

This comes after she performed at the Sudbury Quay on Monday and Tuesday night as part of her tour for her new album Posh Pop.

Owner of the Strawberry Teapot, Amanda Richardson said: “Toyah came in and had afternoon tea, with I think her band or her crew. I kept looking at her, thinking I must recognise her, I know her from somewhere. I was talking to her, and one of the crew said ‘thanks boss’, and then another said ‘thanks Toyah’ and it dawned on me. It was a missed opportunity to tell her how fabulous she is. I was a huge fan when I was growing up.”

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EADT24: Regent-Bound Toyah…

March 1st, 2013

Another new interview with Toyah, by EADT24, in which she discusses an event from 1979 that she last spoke about in her autobiography, ‘Living Out Loud’, in 2000.

Regent-bound Toyah on how she ended up in the middle of the street in just her underwear

Toyah Willcox has been hormonal for as long as she can remember. Taken to see The Sound of Music for the seventh time by her even more hormonal mother in the hope it would make her more lady-like, the then eight-year-old just wanted to rebel against the townsfolk below.

As a terrible teen her parents asked her to invite her elusive friends round for tea; imagine their horror when 30 members of the local chapter of Hells Angels roared round the corner. When she was 21, a very bad case of PMS and 15 Babychams led to a massive brawl during which she broke her record company boss’ nose.

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