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Trey Gunn: Trading Boundaries/The Humans

March 21st, 2015

humans15iTrey Gunn recently played at Trading Boundaries, Uckfield. The venue The Humans open their tour at next month (11th April – three weeks today). He also recently posted about the venue at his website, and also mentioned The Humans, Toyah and Robert…

March 1, 2015 Uckfield, UK – Trading Boundaries

Great venue. Very similar to some of the Swiss shows and the the French show. More like a theater scene where there is a built in, season-ticket-holding audience who comes particularly to this venue to see what they are putting on. At least that what it felt like to me. Could be that this was a really a room full of Eigenharp fanatics who were suffering Gabriel tunes in order to feed their Eigen-Fevers.

The folks running this are super fans. I saw a poster for Toyah and The Humans for upcoming gig (with fresh Crimsonoid, William Rieflin). When I met Tracy, one of the owners, she said that Robert and Toyah had come in for tea before.

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