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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

June 27th, 2013

Rock The Stadium: Another great photo of Toyah onstage in fantastic Falkirk at the weekend. (Photo © Rock The Stadium/Emma Gray Photography)

Toyah @ Twitter: WHY? – This is sad but it really doesn’t surprise me. There is no respect for anything these days.

Ekspress.ee: Weekend Guitar Trio/Toyah Willcox/Jan Bang – “Live at King’s Place”: A review of the album (in Estonian, I think!)

Wave 102: Interviews: Dave chats to Toyah Willcox – Not me, Dave from ‘Wave 102’. A recent audio interview, scroll down the page to listen.

DVD Active: Doctor Who: Regeneration (UK – DVD R2): Toyah is mentioned in this, frankly, massive review of the new Doctor Who box set – The last couple of scenes with William Hartnell have a sense of eeriness to them, as you can see that The Doctor really isn’t well and he cryptically says something to Ben and Polly before heading off into the TARDIS and falling over shortly afterward; it’s easy to imagine that young viewers at the time must have been scared when they watched it, as the concept of regeneration hadn’t been mentioned then, let alone stuck in the public consciousness like it is today and Toyah Wilcox said it best in Thirty Years in the TARDIS, when she said  “in my eyes, he was dying“.