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The Daily Courier: A Comic Look At Ageism and Sexism

June 26th, 2013

A new article on The Power Of Three. The film has its Canadian premiere this weekend.

Getting The Power of Three made into a feature-length film on a shoestring budget was a labour of love for all involved.And according to its Lake Country-based writer/producer, it’s also a case of art imitating life.

“It was basically a decision of three friends to make a movie that people our age would like,” said Ann Cameron, who wrote the screenplay and produced it. “So before we wised up and knew any better, that’s what we did.”

Set for it’s Canadian premiere June 29 at Creekside Theatre, The Power of Three is a feel-good comedy about three 50-something actresses who reunite after many years apart, with the idea of making a film and resurrecting their moribund careers at the same time. Filmed in and around Hampstead, London, England in 2009-10, it stars British actress Toyah Willcox as Michelle, South African native Brumilda Van Rensburg as Olivia and Cameron’s first cousin, Torontonian Robin Craig of Wind at My Back and Degrassi fame as Lizzie.

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