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Toyah News Briefs

November 26th, 2012

Apologies! My tv guide had the first showing of Toyah’s Christmas At The Zoo on Vintage TV as airing this Thursday but it was actually broadcast tonight between 7 and 10pm. Luckily there are numerous other opportunities to watch. View the dates and times here. (Thanks to Kevin McNamara)

Baby Satellite: A demo of the track ‘Baby Satellite’ which samples the fabulous Toyah Willcox. The song it samples is Homeward from Ophelia’s Shadow. (Thanks to Dave Powell) 

• Toyah on Tour 2013: Love Is The Law 2013 Tour is already in the planning, and dates are going in thick and fast for late Sept/ Oct/ early November. The tour will be called LOVE IS THE LAW & GREATEST HITS……. bit of a mouth full but promoters want all ages to come! (Source: Toyah’s November blog)