Toyah News Briefs

May 22nd, 2012

• Something to look forward to: It looks likely that Toyah’s 1987 album ‘Desire’ will be reissued, on download, later this year. Toyah’s Official Facebook said on Sunday: “There are no plans for a CD reissue of Desire. Plans for a digital release later in 2012 however.”

• Thanks for the feedback on Stevie Bray’s interview, and to everyone who has visited the feature so far.

• ‘I Was A Teenage Toyah Fan’ has now been available for over six months. The Kindle version, from Amazon, can be bought for the very bargainesque 80p. You don’t even need a Kindle to read it! View all of our IWATTF news here.

Stylish Elegance: Toyah Willcox is 54 today…