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Tone Deaf: Toyah Recalls Trying To Scrap With Adam Ant

August 7th, 2021

Toyah Willcox recalls trying to scrap with Adam Ant

Toyah Willcox has weighed in on the time-honored rumours about her once trying to beat up New Romantic figurehead Adam Ant.

Toyah recently sat down with NME to discuss her debut appearance on Top Of The Pops way back in 1981. The episode saw Toyah tear through her track ‘It’s A Mystery’, alongside performances from Adam Ant and Australia’s sweetheart Joe Dolce… ahhhhh…. shaddap you face!

“Even though I knew Adam Ant and had done Jubilee with him, I was still star-struck by the whole event,” Toyah recalled of the performance.

When asked whether or not the rumours about her trying to beat Adam Ant up were true, she revealed: “Yes! He formed a band for Jubilee that was needed in a scene called the Maneaters – I was the singer for it, and Adam’s wife, Eve, was the bassist. The problem was, I was too individualistic and I already had the Toyah Band.

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