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In Memory Of Keith Wainwright

April 25th, 2024

In memory of Keith Wainwright.

Photos 1&2. Taken the day Toyah had her Blue Meaning hair cut off, and had the style that she kept for Sugar ‘n Spice and through Autumn 1980.

Photo 3. Taken the day Toyah had her Rebel Run/Love Is The Law haircut in 1983.

Photo 4. Taken the day Toyah had her Don’t Fall In Love (I Said) cut and colour in early 1985.

All of these polaroids were provided by Keith at Smile, who began cutting Toyah’s hair at the time of Jubilee and created most of Toyah’s best known hairstyles during the 80’s. These were intended for a Toyah fanzine that never happened and I was kindly allowed to add them to Dreamscape.

Please click below to view larger versions at Instagram. (Huge thanks to Keith and Andy)