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Christmas 2013 @ Dreamscape!

December 9th, 2013

christmas2013aThis is Dreamscape’s 14th Christmas and in years gone by the site has celebrated the festive season by bringing you the “Toyah Advent Calendar”, “Toyah @ Christmas” and “Toyah’s Christmas Pasts”. Starting tomorrow I’m entering into the spirit of the season again by adding Toyah related Christmas posts but as these probably won’t be every day I’m not going to call it an Advent Calendar, and yes, I liked the site’s little “idents” from last year so much I’m using them again :)

Revisit regularly for Christmassy updates counting down to the 25th. Aside from the Double Issue ‘Radio Times’ and Doctor Who special, another of the best things about Christmas is I, and you, get to listen to December Will Be Magic Again by Kate Bush, one of my favourite songs, for the next few weeks…

Toyah’s Official Website celebrates Christmas with another Advent Calendar this year, and if it is anything like last year’s we have lots of goodies to look forward to!

Howabout Happy Christmas From The Stars to start us off? A flexi given away by Smash Hits at Christmas 1982 and still manages to make me smile after 30+ years. Click below to listen – Toyah arrives at 4.46, inbetween Martin Fry of ABC and Steve Strange of Visage. Too-de-loo!!