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Somewhere In The Distance: Toyah’s Fantastic Past

October 25th, 2018

Years and years and, yes, years ago this website had a feature called “Somewhere In The Distance” – sporadic posts revisiting past Toyah events, releases and happenings. Now seems like a good time to resurrect it. Click below to browse all of Dreamscape’s Toyah news and updates from a busy February 2011. More “Somewhere In The Distance” soon.


Remember When… Toyah Released ‘Fallen’

September 3rd, 2012

You probably do as it was only a year ago. In fact exactly a year ago, Toyah’s collaboration with Yomanda, ‘Fallen’, was released in September 2011. In retrospect it was quite a big deal, with the premiere performance at ‘Manchester Pride’, a great promo video, press articles, ‘Vintage TV’ interview, a live PA at Wig Out, and even a Dreamscape fan advert…

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