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Aaaaaaaah!: More Reviews: The List, Empty Screens +

September 2nd, 2015

aaaaaaaah15qThe List: List Film: Aaaaaaaah!: FrightFest 2015: Steve Oram and co literally go ape in a hilarious black comedy – Following the magnificently deranged, award-winning Sightseers was always going to be a challenge for its co-screenwriter and star Steve Oram. Undaunted, his directorial debut takes the transgression up a notch by replacing traditional dialogue with primitive grunts and shrieks, as it reduces humans to their base impulses – food, fighting, sex – while retaining the familiar trappings of modern society (lascivious cookery programmes, wild parties and ludicrous computer games) – Continue reading…

Empty Screens: Review: Aaaaaaaah! (2015): The committed and skilled cast – including Toyah Willcox and Alice Lowe – embrace the material with panache, making Aaaaaaaah! a tasty but acquired treat that never outstays its welcome – Continue reading…

Vodzilla: FrightFest film review: Aaaaaaaah!: The superb cast fully commit to the conceit, delivering brilliantly physical performances. Oram is particularly good as the aggressive alpha, swaggering and sneering up a storm, while Meeten is very funny as his craven companion. Honigman is equally good as Denise and has surprisingly strong chemistry with Oram, while Wilcox is a treat as the capricious Barabara – a flashback showing Ryan wooing her over a broken washing machine is one of several comic highlights – Continue reading…

The List: 1980s British Pop

July 20th, 2013

list13aToyah is referred to a couple of times in this, comprehensive and interesting, new article by The List on how British pop music changed through the Eighties.

1980s British pop – The ideological and musical battles of the decade we can’t seem to recover from

As Tracey Thorn and Duran Duran’s John Taylor hit the Edinburgh Book Festival, Alan Bissett explores the music of the 80s

UK music kicked off terrifically in the 1980s, drawing inspiration from three key 70s co-ordinates: David Bowie, Kraftwerk and punk. The Sex Pistols, having scoured the landscape of rock dinosaurs, cleared the way for an energetic New Wave. Lyrical wit and edgy textures were crushed into pop gems by Joy Division, Elvis Costello, Gary Numan, The Police, Adam and the Ants, Bow Wow Wow and Toyah Willcox.

… Where Toyah Willcox, at the start of the decade, had wanted to ‘turn suburbia upside down’, the Hit Factory wanted everyone to move there. It spelled out British pop’s long-term doom.

• Continue reading at The List.

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