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Releases: Toyah & The Humans – Four Albums on Coloured Vinyl

May 2nd, 2020

These look gorgeous! Following the fantastic solo Toyah vinyls earlier this year, come four Toyah & The Humans vinyls. All four vinyls are also released on July 3rd 2020. Click below for order links.

The three studio albums by Toyah & The Humans – We Are The Humans, Sugar Rush, Strange Tales – make their vinyl debut on 180g heavyweight coloured translucent vinyl. Strange Tales now closes with the previously unreleased 7-minute 21st Century Schizoid Man, the last track Toyah and Bill Rieflin recorded together.

The full 2010 concert album Live At Scala is released for the first time in its entirety, featuring a cover of Purple Haze alongside songs that later appeared on Sugar Rush but were not yet recorded at the time of the gig.

Toyah & Chris Wong: Live Online Event (Updated)

May 1st, 2020

Join Toyah & Chris Wong for a special live event 11am, Sat 2nd May on Twitter (or Facebook). World Premiere of new track 21st Century Schizoid Man, Bill Rieflin Tribute, unseens videos, Live Q&A – ask your question using #askToyah – Click below for further details.

A Live Hour With Toyah & Chris Wong

April 30th, 2020

Tune into Toyah’s official Facebook at 11:00am on Sat 2nd May for a special live hour with Toyah & Chris Wong. There’ll be some announcements, a chance to ask questions plus content you’ve never seen before.

The Triple Door: Slow Music w/ The Humans

January 20th, 2014

humans14cSlow Music was formed in 2005 as a way to create live ambient/textural/environmental music in a live context. Rieflin describes how, “openness and stillness become a part of the musical vocabulary, as well as density and activity. It can be both beautiful and surprisingly intense. And, being improvisational in nature, you never know what will happen next, which makes it all the more exciting.” Innovators to the core, Slow Music has no website, no band photos, nor commercially available music. The best way to listen is to show up. It’ll be worth it.

Featuring: Bill Rieflin keyboards & percussion (Bill has played drums w/ R.E.M., Swans, and is a member of the newly reformed King Crimson); Robert Fripp guitar, guitar-like things, soundscapes (Robert’s guitaring is legendary, and is a founder of King Crimson): Peter Buck guitar and things (Peter’s guitaring in R.E.M. is singular; he’ll probably play some of these shows with a butter knife); Matt Chamberlain drums and drum-like things (Matt has played with almost everyone in the world, such as Pearl Jam, Edie Brickell, Critters Buggin, SNL house band; look him up – it’s impressive); Fred Chalenor upright bass (Fred is at home with both Hughscore & Hans Eisler).

The Humans making their first ever west coast performances!

The Humans are: Toyah Willcox – voice, voice loops; Chris Wong – bass, and occasional guitar; Bill Rieflin – bass, and loopy percussion stuff.

Toyah – a hugely successful English pop singer, film & stage actress, and writer – formed The Humans in 2007 after being invited by the Estonian ambassador to tour Estonia and to perform for the president. With both a strong pop sensibility and playful experimental streak, this creative formation marked a radical departure for Toyah. Eschewing the conventional rock band line-up, the core of The Humans focuses on her voice flanked by two bass players. Although the records & live shows include a wider range of instrumentation, Humans music centers around singing and bass. Their third CD, to be released later this year, is the most catchy and danceable record yet.

Monday April 14, Tuesday April 15: 7.30pm. Tickets: $25 advance // $30 day of.

• Continue reading at The Triple Door.

Happy Birthday to ‘Sugar Rush’

February 7th, 2013

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Sugar Rush: The Humans Fansite. The site is one-year-old today – All the best to Paul, and congratulations. Here’s to future Humans days!

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The Humans: Live, Up Close & Personal

September 14th, 2012

THE HUMANS: TOYAH WILLCOX vocals, BILL RIEFLIN guitar/bass, CHRIS WONG guitar/bass, IGOR ABULADZE percussion: were LIVE, UP CLOSE & PERSONAL: Recorded at HMV Institute, Birmingham, Monday 10 October 2011. Sound: PAUL NICHOLSON

The albums SUGAR RUSH and WE ARE THE HUMANS available from iTunes &

• Check out Toyah’s Official Twitter for regular updates and photos from The Humans third album recording sessions, direct from Toyah in Seattle.

Toyah News Briefs

September 8th, 2012

• Trey Gunn’s The Third Star album, originally released in 1996, was reissued in a remastered/extended edition last year, with six unreleased tracks. Toyah, of course, co-wrote and sings vocals on the brilliant ‘Symbiotic’. More info here.

The Burbank Leader: DVD review: ‘Quadrophenia’ gets remixed: The visuals have been nicely restored, but the greatest effort has clearly gone into the creation of a 5.1 surround track.

• Toyah @ Twitter: Lots of tweets over the last few days from Seattle, and the recording sessions for The Humans’ third elpee!

Shapers Of The 80s: Are giving The Changeling Resurrection II a great ‘plug’ at their website: ✱ Sep 19–Nov 3: Expect new sounds and new styles as Toyah Willcox celebrates various 30th anniversaries with her Changeling Resurrection II Tour, roaming the UK from Middlesbrough to Brighton.

• The Official Toyah Facebook is getting ready for The Changeling Resurrection II.