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Toyah on the Radio: Somer Valley 97.5 FM

March 25th, 2014

somervalley14aToyah was interviewed on myPod with Dom Chambers on ‘Somer Valley 97.5 FM’ yesterday. The interview is available at the station’s Listen Again page (at 37 minutes in).

The show was based around this weekend’s upcoming Great British Alternative Music Festival 2014. Toyah plays this on Sunday and she talks about what music she gbamf14awill be playing at the gig, her vinyl collection, Dexter Brown and his Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! painting, how younger generations perceive the original punk/new wave eras, the process of her songwriting in the present day for The Humans and solo, her television work including Shoestring, memories of the early music career and how punk changed things, and the line-up for this weekend’s festival.

There was also a play of ‘It’s A Mystery’ – The interview lasts for approximately 17 minutes. Listen to it here. There’s also a brief trailer for the station, recorded by Toyah, at Soundcloud. “Get ready to pogo!!