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Sky News: Toyah Talks ‘Posh Pop’

August 23rd, 2021

Toyah guested on Sky News this morning, talking about her new album, Posh Pop, and more. Here are some screen caps from the programme. Click on them to view larger versions. (Thanks to Dean Beadle for the caps).

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Sky News: Quadrophenia At 40

September 18th, 2019

Quadrophenia at 40: Stars reminisce about the film for ‘every generation’

Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Toyah Willcox and other stars of Quadrophenia speak to Sky News about the film’s 40th anniversary.

Released in 1979 and loosely based on The Who’s album of the same name, Quadrophenia’s coming-of-age tale of a young mod is very much a cult classic. Forty years on, a new documentary for Sky Arts, Quadrophenia – Our Generation, explores the style of filmmaking and the movie’s themes.

But for the cast, who reunited at a screening for the documentary, the film’s wider impact could never have been predicted.

… Toyah Willcox, who played Monkey in the film, says it was emotional to look back at when it was being made. “You’re just thinking, ‘my God, it was so special’,” she says. “It was such an opportunity and a privilege because we were treated as serious actors at a time when we could have been treated very differently. “So watching the documentary, I just thought, ‘wow, I’m just so pleased that was in my life’.”

• Continue reading at Sky News. (Photo © Sky Arts)

Toyah on TV: Sky News

October 15th, 2014

skynews14aToyah is guesting on Sky News this morning, most likely for the Newspaper Review, which takes place at approximately 6.40am and 7.40am (though don’t quote me on that!).

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Sky News: Sunrise: Paper Review

August 2nd, 2014

Toyah was a guest on Sky News Sunrise on Thursday morning, participating in the Paper Review. It’s available, until next Thursday, to anyone with Sky TV ‘On Demand’ – Just do a search for Toyah. Here’s a couple of screen caps from the programme.


• Dreamscape is sending Best Wishes to Toyah for a speedy recovery – She injured her arm yesterday.

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Sky News: Sunrise: Paper Review

March 17th, 2014

Toyah is guesting on Sky News this morning, participating in the daily “Paper Review”. She appeared at 6.45am, and will be appearing again at 7.40am. I managed to take a few quick screen caps. Click on these to view larger versions.


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Sky News Sunrise: Screen Caps + Video Link

February 27th, 2014

Screen caps from Toyah’s appearance on Sky News Sunrise yesterday morning. She guested at around 8.15am to discuss dyslexia on the programme hosted by Eamonn Holmes. View larger versions of the screen caps and click on those below to watch the video.


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Sky News: Toyah on Dyslexia

February 26th, 2014

skynews14aToyah guested on Sky News this morning just after 8am, discussing dyslexia.

Presenter Eamonn Holmes tweeted: “DYSLEXIA. Singer Toyah Willcox suffers and fears that it’s used by parents who fear their children branded stupid or lazy. Agree / disasgree?“.

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Sky News/Gem106/Orange: Hundreds Trapped in Cars Overnight

March 12th, 2013

Unfortunately Toyah didn’t make it to last night’s Hormonal Housewives performance in Brighton due to the snow causing tailbacks of up to 30 miles in Kent and Sussex.

Toyah tweeted several times from her car that she had been on the A23 a few miles from Brighton for more than six hours attempting to reach the theatre!

Overnight there have been numerous news reports, including Sky News, Gem 106 and Orange News, who mention Toyah being caught up in the chaos and also publish one of her tweets.

Hundreds of motorists have been trapped overnight in their cars for up to 10 hours after heavy snow brought traffic in Sussex to a standstill… The worst affected areas were the A23 between Crawley and Brighton and the M23 around Handcross Hill.

Cheryl Baker, the 1980s pop star with the Eurovision-winning group Bucks Fizz, was among those stuck on the roads as she tried to make her way along the A23 to Brighton to her children. In a series of furious tweets she said: “8 hours and still at a complete standstill. Bloody ridiculous. And they KNEW snow was coming. “Could have flown to NY by now. Was it the wrong kind of snow?”

Toyah Willcox, another 1980s pop star also found herself stranded on the A23 around 15 miles from Brighton tweeted: “Still on A23, not moved yet northbound is moving freely. 6 hours! Come on snow isn’t that bad.”

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