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Mirror: Masked Singer Fans Think Panda Is Toyah!

January 26th, 2022

Masked Singer fans ‘rumble’ celebrity on show – but for more than one character

The Masked Singer UK fans say they’ve got clues and proof that one star is under the mask, but she’s been named as playing multiple characters

The Masked Singer UK viewers have shared their thoughts on Twitter over the latest batch of characters. One name in particular has been shared constantly with fans believing they have proof she is on the show. However, the particular celebrity has in fact been suggested for multiple characters, while one in particular.

Musician, actress, and TV presenter Toyah Willcox is tipped to be unmasked as Panda on the hit ITV series, with fans convinced it is her. That said, she’s also been thrown into the mix for Rockhopper and Mushroom, as well as Firework.

Basically, fans are convinced the vocals and clues match her for all of the characters, but she can’t possibly be playing all of them can she? While we wouldn’t put it past the double-bluffing bosses on the show, the characters have all appeared on stage at the same time at one point, or at least most of them have. It is also very unlikely they have one celebrity performing as more than one character, meaning someone else has to be the other characters.

It’s Panda that has had the most guesses as being Toyah by viewers, with many convinced the vocals gave the game away.

• Continue reading at The Mirror. NB. The Sun, Express, Independent and others have a similar story but they have Cyndi Lauper as Panda. The Masked Singer continues this Saturday evening on ITV at 7pm. Have a listen…. Definitely not Toyah but it does sound sort of like Cyndi!