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Weekend: My Tube

December 12th, 2012

Toyah was featured in ‘Weekend’ magazine’s “My Tube” last Saturday (8th December).

Singer and actress Toyah Willcox, 54, lives in Worcestershire with her husband, musician Robert Fripp.

My favourite programme when I was about five was FIREBALL XL5, a Thunderbirds-style puppet show. Some of it was a bit scary for me at that age though, and I remember Mum having to cuddle me when she was meant to be cooking dinner.

I was so gripped by SKY – a children’s drama about a boy who’s really an alien stranded on Earth – when I was at drama school in my late teens I wrote to the producers asking for a part. They called me in for a chat but I didn’t get the job.

Joanna Lumley was brilliant in THE NEW AVENGERS. I was 18 when it started in 1976 and a hair model at a department store, and I remember having the Purdey ‘Pudding Bowl’ cut. But then I discovered punk rock…

In my 20s I was a big fan of Trevor Eve’s private eye SHOESTRING, so I was delighted when I got to appear in an episode as a singer called Toola. Six of my songs were featured, and soon after my single It’s A Mystery entered the charts.

I’M A CELEBRITY is unmissable. When I was on it in 2003 we only had nasty trials towards the end, but now they get them from the start. I’d be too terrifird to do it today.

• As told to Richard Webber | Toyah is in Sleeping Beauty at Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre until 20 Jan, tel: 01227 787787 (Thanks to Ann-Marie Farran)

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